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Chapter 1: 'Tears of Blood' (Draft)

Tears of Blood

May the clouds of the Legion Storm blow away the scenes of our crimes, may the hero born of purity crush the animosity between us, and may the spirits of the just shine like stars…”

Toyotomi Kubodera wrote in his journal, written in his own blood. The battle was more intense than anything anyone could have ever imagined; Kubodera had a gash in his arm, inflicted by an enemy soldier’s katana. His blood was all he had to write with, blood and a piece of straw. Still, he continued to fight on after he wrote the passage, jumping onto his gigantic, elephant-sized Hercules Beetle and ordered the 12-ton insect to charge headlong into a crowd of enemies, goring and mangling their bodies with the insect’s horns and huge, trampling feet, sending the remaining enemies into a panic. Still, the Basilisk Warrior Code demanded that the soldiers fought until their dying breath. Some of the soldiers, armed with rifles, sat on the ledge overlooking the Forlorn Valley Gorge, with their rifles trained squarely on Kubodera’s head. “Both Eyes Open…” one of the snipers whispered, as he pulled the trigger, but missed as he let fly with his rifle. Kubodera jerked his head around, his distinctive antler-decorated kabuto helmet pointing in the terrified sniper’s direction. Drawing his bow and arrow, Kubodera launched three arrows and once, each one hitting their respective target’s head; they paid the ultimate price for their inaccuracy. Urging his huge beetle on, he drew his pole-arm, a pole-sword, lowered it and charged directly at an enemy horseback cavalry; as formidable as the mounted cavalry was, it was nothing compared to Usagi the giant beetle. Using his huge horns, Usagi smashed the cavalry; one unfortunate horseman was impaled on Usagi’s huge upper horn; Usagi threw the poor sod nearly 500 feet in the air. What Usagi didn’t kill, Kubodera cleaned up. The Owl Creek, running through the center of the gloomy Forlorn Valley, was red with blood and bodies. Bloody weapons, stained with the blood of their enemies and their users lay scattered all over the battlefield. Usagi and Kubodera ran back in front of his troops’ lines for the final charge against the dwindling enemy presence. Upon massing his troops, he drew his naginata, pointed it at the enemies and let out a massive war cry. Charging across the Owl Creek, Kubodera’s troops slammed into the remaining enemies, and within just 5 minutes of brutal slaughter, none remained alive. “GLORY TO THE SINGING MOUNTAIN CLAN!!!” Kubodera yelled, as all of his troops shouted in exaltation. That battle was critical to Kubodera’s cause, with that victory, he had broken the back of the rival Roaring Storm Clan, and put him one step closer to unifying the Kingdom of Hime as Shogun. In the glory of his victory, Kubodera began treating his wound, to prevent infection, as the army marched triumphantly onto Kio, Kubodera’s base of power. As they turned to march on, with Kuroda and Usagi carrying the standard, they began singing a song:

There once was a wooden tavern in Hana-town, a place of known and great renown, where knights came to drink and sit down, our leader burns the whole place down, cleansing the earth of enemies now, we fight on with the dreadful sound, of blood being spilled and blades clashing, we give the foe a good slashing, the souls are reaped, to the underworld they go, o’er the dark river to Emma-O…Goodbye, goodbye, Sweet Land of Peace, we’ll be gone for a year at least, if we return to our home so sweet, the cicadas will sing and the birds shall tweet, and if we fall in battle, look for us at the top of a tree, blooming like a cherry blossom for all to see…Goodbye, goodbye, Sweet land of Peace, we will strike without a wail or peep, and when we die, oh damn my eyes…we look into Paradise.”

Rain began to fall gently as the gloomy clouds that gave Forlorn Valley its name opened up, just as Kubodera’s forces arrived at the gates of Hana, a peaceful, walled town that had no weapons and was relatively untouched by the Basilisk Wars, the arrival of Chief Kubodera’s army in full armor and standard, not to mention Usagi; as the army marched to the gate, the reaction was one of terror and awe. The town guards sounded an alarm, and the sound of panicking people emanated from the town itself. “We mean you no harm; we need to rest here for a few hours before moving onto Kio.” “We want no part of the war; take your army somewhere else, Chief!” “Do you want to be destroyed by other, more hostile armies? You should feel lucky that my Singing Mountain Army is asking you for passage, and not the Roaring Storm or Swift Lightning armies, they would pillage and plunder your town until nothing remained. You would do well to show us some respect.” The guards simply couldn’t refuse this offer. They operated the pulleys to open the massive, 25-ton wooden gate, allowing the Singing Mountain Army, led by Kubodera and Usagi, to enter. The townspeople were both frightened and astonished at the same time. Very few had even been beyond the city gates because of the war, and to see an army in full battle dress, as well as a live Elephant Hercules Beetle enter the town was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. “Make way! Stand clear, let us pass!!” some of the soldiers yelled at overly-curious bystanders. The soldiers continued to bang their drums and play their fifes, which were audible long before the army became visible. Usagi grumbled slightly, frightening some of the children assembled to watch the procession. Kubodera, however, had some official business to conduct with a certain individual in Hana. As the soldiers marched up to the Green Wyvern Inn, several bar patrons staggered out the door to watch Kubodera dismount Usagi and enter the tavern, flanked by 4 of his soldiers, katanas and naginatas at the ready. Most of the bar patrons were too inebriated to really notice the 5 soldiers marching into the bar, but the bartender recognized them immediately. “SOLDIERS!!” he yelled, sending the bar into a drunken panic, with men and women stumbling over one another to get to the door, only to see the rest of Kubodera’s army outside. “What do you want?! Don’t harm me! I have a family at home!” “Quiet, you idiot! Don’t fear us. We only need to find Prince Keitaro Kawabata.” “Why?” “That’s none of your concern!” Kubodera drew his katana swiftly, pointing it at the bartender’s throat. “Don’t think I’ll be as charitable if you don’t help me. I will slit your throat without a second thought.” “He’s in Heiji, meeting with some of his allies, the Roaring Storm Army Chief Ishigeru Waka.” “Blast…” Kubodera grumbled. “Prince Keitaro must be helping Waka rebuild his forces from the punishment we imposed upon his army. Thank you, kind sir, that’s all we needed to know. Change of plans. We’re not headed back to Kio. Move out, troops; we’re headed for Heiji City.” Kubodera and his army re-mounted their horses and elephant-sized beetle, and marched towards the rear gate. Kubodera, however, sensed that extracting information from that bartender was way too easy. How would he know that the Prince was meeting with Chief Waka without someone telling him exactly where the Prince Keitaro and Waka were…? The only reason for that would be that the bartender was some sort of spy for the Roaring Storm Army; and that Kubodera’s army was marching directly into a trap…but it was a trap that you knew about that could be used to your advantage. Knowing this, Kubodera felt satisfied in the fact that he could simply plan to break around the trap. That would wait until they arrived in Heiji City, however. As the town’s rear gates opened, the army marched out of town just as quickly as it marched in. The sound of the departing banging drums, flutes and fifes slowly melded with the pattering of the warm, summer rain. As Kubodera’s army marched onward; he realized that in order to navigate and launch a sneak attack into Heiji City, his Army would have to pass through the Lexiia Forest, which was notorious for the ancient spirits, many quite hostile, that lived there. The spirits, known as Gaia-Kami, were not taken lightly by Kubodera’s soldiers; many of them were very superstitious, as the spirits didn’t like intruders, especially soldiers. The Gaia-Kami hated war, and viewed humans as a plague on the planet. Fortunately for the human race, Heiji City was doing something about them. The mayor of Heiji, Oda Samamaru, was waging his own war against nature, armed with rifles, cannons, swords, bows and arrows and fire, Oda and his militia conducted raiding parties into the woods, hunting the marauding Gaia-Kami and attempting to bring down Titanus, the King of the Gaia-Kami, who appeared as a huge, black and white furry snake with a golden halo around its body and a golden face mask, covering its 4 glowing eyes. The Gaia-Kami King routinely sent his subjects to raid human settlements near the Lexiia Forest.

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'Sojourn' book update

Just submitted my latest draft of my manuscript for Book 1 to my editors and publishers. My editor showed me an amazing (and somewhat terrifying) feature of the latest computers, namely Microsoft Word for Windows 10. The average home computer has become so advanced that it can now correctly guess your age range, sex, race, education level and employment potential JUST by analyzing a piece of writing on Microsoft Word. Another reason why I use Open Office. The computer overlords can't be far off now.

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'Sojourn' update

I am currently working on a screenplay version of 'Sojourn,' so far, that is coming along very well.

'Sojourn' character profile 'Gwenlynn Stormweaver, a.k.a. Moonrise'

Gwenlynn Stormweaver, also known by her stage name 'Moonrise,' is the Director of the Imperial Society of Human Antiquities in the United Human Republic government, based on Stronghold, well within the Inner Colonies. She stand more than 12 feet tall as a Hyperborean Avatar, and is a brilliant archaeologist, cunning diplomat and musician, performing under the stage name 'Moonrise.' She considers her music to be a form of philosophy, and she has a very strong sense of pride and justice, as well as a very distinct ideology that claims that radical reform in the Republic is needed if humanity is ever to truly flourish. She travels with Munraito on his mission across the stars and becomes an instrumental part of Munraito's battle against Societas Polyphilae and Countess Toni.

Character Profile: 'Baroness Stina Ermell'


Full name: Stina Ermell

Height: 6’ 2”

Weight: 128 lbs.

Age: 26

Occupation: Pharmaceutical Research Baroness

Appearance: Very pretty, with long, silky brown hair, blue eyes, very pale skin and a wide variety of extremely elegant and beautiful dresses and other outfits, as well as a unique necklace called the Star of the Orient, worth more than $30 million, she’s always wearing it.

Positions held: CEO Ilex Pharmacy Corporation and 18 subsidiary companies, Senior Council Member on the International Journal of Medicine, and 50% stockholder in 15 other pharmacy corporations

-Invented a series of drugs that cured all illnesses, pathogenic and genetic, and made everyone forever young by reversing aging.

-Religions are founded in her name

-The world is so radically altered by her presence that it becomes akin to her own puppet state

-Statues of her are everywhere, in every museum, hospital, school, university and doctor’s office in the world

-Armies rise to fight for her ideals

-Orders crumble, religions fall and ideologies are radically altered

- A new series of Crusades begins to destroy her opposition.

-Stained-glass images of her are everywhere on Earth.

-Children pledge utmost allegiance to her research every day in America, as well as the Pledge of Allegiance.

-Paintings of her are everywhere too

-The symbol of her emerging “New Order” is a huge eagle, similar to the Roman vellexoid, holding the Aschephalus motif in its talons.

-“HAIL! HAIL! THE CLEANSER OF SINS!!” they shout, upon her arrival in Manhattan to unveil the gigantic bronze statue of her, twice as tall as Lady Liberty.

-Primitive societies in Central Africa view her as a god when she appears in the village in her full regalia.

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'Character Ideas'

Shatter point-History of Magic in the Milky Way

-Fuhrer Eisenstein-Supreme Leader- (gives sentience to non-sentient organisms, and they’re always racist.)

-Jester, Fuhrer’s apprentice

-Lord Eon Shah-Minister of State

-Anton Cnyrim-Minister of Information

-Wilhelm von Ludendorff-Minister of War

-Lilliana Seniba- Secret Assassin, model

-Celeste Teuriine,-Secret Assassin, famous singer

-High Inquisitor Licht Kelenken

-Baron Klimt- CEO of Aryan Drive Yards

-Rayn Morgon, CEO of Imperial Trade Syndicate, after Recchia’s death and nationalization

-Lyn Kraus, Director of Night Hammer Secret Police Forces

-Roan Mannford-Minister of Justice

-Erich Heckolocker-Medical Research and Pharmaceuticals Chief

- Silver Araun, Director of Science Corps

-Frederick Sind, Chief Overseer of the Prison System

-Arch-Judge Hermann Zupfgeigenhansel, Head of the Criminal Justice System

-Chief Architect Kraal Nordkapp

- Seto Klemm, Chief Diplomat and Negotiator

-Master Johann Guggenberger the Blind-Sage

-Master Veek the Cruel-Sage

-Master Nicholas Eisner the Mad,-Sage

-Master Cervantes Del Inferno,-Sage

-Master Mehmet III the Sly, Sage

-Master Roderich Konrad the Bizarre, Sage

-Master Radu the Bloody, Sage

-Master Isaac Stuyvesant the Rich-Sage

-Master Hosni bin Abdullah the Robed-Sage

-Master Oliver Knowles the Wise-Sage

-Master Daisuke Morimoto the Slanted-Eye,-Sage

-Master Santiago Espinoza the Wiry-Haired-Sage

-Master James “Mathematician” Sloane the Genius-Sage

-Master Rika the Brutal- Sage

  1. Rise of the Nova Sinh

Following the end of the Great Xaati Conflict, which killed off more than 330 trillion beings 500 years before, the United Federation of Ordered Governments was faced with a long restructuring and rebuilding process, which created various new government structures, such as four Intelligence Agencies and greater monitoring systems, to make sure that the UFOG was never attacked on the same scale ever again. The war had been truly horrific. The Xaati crusaders, coming from an alliance of smaller warlord clans, united under a Grand Master, named Yau’Ung, who urged all men, women and members of any species willing to join the cause for conquest of the UFOG, who was expanding into Xaati space; they built a huge fleet of ships, such as the Massif-class heavy cruiser, the Teuthis-class super-cruiser and the Kanga-class carrier and obliterated world after world, several planets were completely destroyed, and the UFOG, the White Wizards and other allied sects were brought to the brink of extinction. Only because of one White Wizard’s gallant acts at the Battle of Klaipeda V broke the back of the Xaati fleet by killing Yau’Ung. When the war ended, everyone who remained breathed a sigh of relief. However, as the UFOG soldiers and White Wizards on Earth and Majesty, respectively, celebrated the end of the most horrific conflict the galaxy had ever seen, dark forces were afoot...

Around 200 years after the end of the Great Xaati Conflict, the UFOG was flourishing in a Golden Age of 5 Presidents; it was a time of unprecedented prosperity, however, on a backwater planet called Morgensonne, an Ouirrlok mother gave birth to a son, whom she named Rudolph; he was a healthy newborn, but it quickly became apparent that he was very different from his peers. He could sense things before they happened, telekinetically move things, and animate inanimate objects. His parents were concerned about their son’s powers. Though he was very young, he continued to hone his skills with magic and the Dark Arts, until, by age 13, when he started growing his species’ characteristic set of antlers; he decided that his parents were too ignorant and weak to be his family anymore, but by this point, his parents were so terrified of their own son that they were trying to send him away to a family that could handle him. This was finalized when he destroyed his family’s house with a massive telekinetic spell; with no friends and a family that refused to have anything to do with him, Rudolph decided to look for a new place to live, but being a non-human species, he was rather rejected by those who he tried to find refuge with. However, he was in luck…sort of. Eventually, a huge, imposing man with a jet-black robe and a hood that covered most of his face found him one day, begging for money on the streets of Morgensonne, a notoriously crime-ridden planet. Immediately, he was able to see that Rudolph wasn’t a normal individual…but liked that. He told Rudolph that his talents made him better than anyone, anyone else at all…and that planted the seed for later chaos. The man that rescued Rudolph was named Mortis Kraal, one of the last fully-trained Sinh wizards in existence. He had such knowledge of the dark arts that he could do basically anything at all, no matter how impossible it seemed. As far as the White Wizards were concerned, the Sinh had been wiped out at the Final Battle of Forlorn Valley, the last great Light-Dark wizard war. That was more than 1000 years before, and the Sinh, who formerly possessed a vast Empire with grand, proud heritage, tradition and culture, were now barely even a ghost of their former power. Unless Kraal did something, with his death, the Sinh would pass into extinction. Luck had smiled upon Kraal that day…but at the expense of the remainder of the galaxy. Rudolph was to be trained as a Sinh Sorcerer.

Upon arriving in Kraal’s lair, which was a huge, Tudor-style mansion on the Hudson River within the UFOG itself’s capital, Earth, Rudolph was taught the Sinh motto:

There are no lies, only interpretations.”

However, the easy part ended there. Rudolph was first indoctrinated in the perception that the Sinh were inferior to no one, no man, bird or beast, and that all life comes from chaos, and that chaos and chaos alone lead to order.

If virtue be sin, if piety be guilt, all the principles of morality, justice and love be perverted, so be it. We must confess to ourselves that those we call “Invalids” are a pestilence and plague on our society. These loud, offensive hooligans that call themselves “Christians” “Jews” and “Muslims” believe in what they think is a certain, divinely-ordained universe where those who follow the Lord, God, or Allah, will not perish, but find eternal salvation. What else can you expect from an inferior human mind? Some may call us demons, devils, misguided followers of Satan, or even harbingers of the Anti-Christ. No, these lambs are the misguided ones. They fail to see that the purpose of the NSSDAP is not sorcerer equality, it is sorcerer SUPREMACY. We do not wish to be ruled over by a heap of God-fearing, religious buffoons that come straight from the great, black, shit-filled pit of ignorance and despair, and therefore must be obliterated. Christianity preaches that a Judge will come down to perform the Last Judgment, just before casting the sinners to Hell, and delivering the saved. They are correct, but the Judge is not God or His Elders, the Judge is ME, and YOU are my disciples! I shall send the hoard, the swarm, my scourge and my sword upon the bigoted wizard-haters, the Christians, the Jews, and the Muslims! In regards to all three religions, Christianity has been the self-proclaimed “true-religion,” when in fact; more wars have been fought in the name of God than any other reason! The greatest war the Milky Way has ever known, the Great Watari Conflict, was fought over the Watari denying Christianity as true! As for the Jews, they are filthy conspirators, an offshoot of the ancient Judaic-Semitic line, and they permeate the entire galaxy, even non-humans have embraced Judaism, which is quite disturbing. For us, anti-Semitism is a tool to de-louse the galaxy. The Jews are using the Christians, Blacks and any other inferior race, either human or non-human, meaning non-wizards, to absorb a disproportionate amount of the galaxy’s wealth, sabotage our economies and start every war since time immemorial, as greed is the root of all war. The Muslims are all filthy child-rapists, murderers and terrorists, serving their false god and preaching against sorcery. All religion opposes sorcery, not because it is evil, not because it is immoral, but because the mainstream religions are terrified of it. Why, you ask? The little lost sheep fear the wolves, so to keep the wolves in line, the sheep disguise themselves as even bigger wolves, yet they remain sheep at heart. Christianity is only a conspiracy invented along with the Jewish Race by corrupt, ancient governments to undermine beneficial practices such as alchemy, Wicca, Voodoo and other forms of witchcraft, the historical documents I have displayed will give more information if you need such reinforcement. These documents, such as “Are Jews Real?” and “On the Creation of the Jewish Race,” written more than 98000 years ago, were distributed at Anti-Semitic rallies and right-wing political assemblies; such that the followers of these ideals spread the ideas of racial purity. Also critical to our society is the scientist. He locates, discovers, proves new ideas, and disproves old ones. Religion, on the other hand, doesn’t change. It falls further and further behind as science advances. Through science, we will enact more efficient policies, such as the end of pointless, impractical animal experimentation; it gives us skewed results and does not demonstrate the true effects of a pharmaceutical drug on a human. I will streamline medicine and science by putting criminals and deviants to good use: Use them as test subjects instead. Undesirables only weigh society down. Useless people must be made useful. Here, science, alchemy, secularism, atheism and wizardry will control the Milky Way, not religious and moral dogma that has shackled our society for so long to a bunch of bungling religious leaders and pseudo-demagogue preachers, who spread lies to our children through their evil ministries of God, weakness and submission. This is not their galaxy anymore. They belong to US, the true and original masters of our plane, the sorcerers, alchemists, secularists and scientists! Destroy the churches! Burn the synagogues! Ravage the mosques and temples! This is our revenge! Now, all those who attempt to stop the ascension of a Galactic Fourth Reich, built in the name of witchcraft and wizardry, alchemy and science, will feel the wrath of our magic! DEATH TO RELIGION, ALL HAIL THE FOURTH EMPIRE!!!”

HEIL!!! HEIL!!!! HEIL!!!!!!

Speech by Rudolph Eisenstein to his constituency, upon taking the title of “Das Fuhrer” of the Fourth Reich of Nova Sinh, just before the Great Cry, which executed defunct President Saul Yudaev and lynched his four daughters and son, as well as half the Congress, the entire Light Order of White Magicians by utterly destroying their ancient home of Majesty, and hundreds of thousands of “deviants” in a colossal, galaxy-wide pogrom, officially called “Section 44.” The Congress was reorganized into the Ministry of State, a totally loyal legal body devoted to the Fuhrer and his will, and an age of darkness began. However, sorcerers ruling huge Empires were nothing new. The ancient Sinh society, or society of dark wizards, went back nearly 130,000 years, to the era known as the Pleistocene to the human race.

The term ‘magic’ is a misnomer, it is really an enhanced brain mutation that all sentient species are prone to; though some can use it, and others can’t, hence wizards and non-wizards. Wizards also draw power from the “Haze Realm,” a dark parallel world containing immense power. However, to trace the history of dark magic in the Milky Way Galaxy, the first dark wizards are paramount.

Most magical civilizations and organizations were founded about 100,000 years ago, but on one planet, called Orlan Ru, a bizarre, redskin species evolved. They lived in a state of what Voltaire would call “noble savagery,” by practicing their strange witchcraft, they lived in harmony with their barbarism, living in a social-Darwinian state, where murder of the weak was acceptable in relation to the strong. That their society wasn’t burdened by elderly, sick or lame individuals was their advantage, and because they were unified as one society, they could rise above their rivals and dominate the planet in an agrarian societal system. This worked well for about 70,000 years, until another species encountered the primitive species, called the Sinh: humanity, and the rise of the United Federation of Ordered Governments. The human diplomats, Jack and Philip Langston, both brothers, were quickly crushed and killed by the hostile Sinh, and about 30,000 ago, the once primitive Sinh had spacecraft…and knowledge of the outside world. Using this power, the King of the newly-formed Sinh Empire of Sorcery began to expand into what was becoming known as Sinh Space. Their capital, Orlan Ru, was built up with the great wealth they found by settling and colonizing other planets. A number of these Sinh even set up a library-temple, which later became the Dark Tabernacle Library, the dark-magic equivalent of the Great White Library on Majesty for the White Wizards. The reign of this first “Sinh Kingdom” was short-lived, with the death of the last King, Shee Hann, plunging the Sinh into civil war for more than a century. Still, the fragmented Empire continued to expand into new planets, but without a rallying figurehead, the future for the Sinh seemed bleak. Around 7,000 years ago, however, after the various Sinh kingdoms had rebuilt themselves as separate entities, when other dark sorcerers, fleeing from UFOG and White Wizard persecution, fled to Orlan Ru and so amazed the Sinh that they declared themselves Emperors without argument. Over the next 500 years, dark alchemy allowed the mostly human dark wizards to interbreed with their Sinh species counterparts, to the point where the Sinh title applied to all practitioners of the Dark Arts. The first Supreme Lord of Magic, or Emperor of Sorcery, was Lumen Ash. Ash was a human being, and was a rather isolationist ruler. He believed that the wishes of his Convent to re-engage the White Wizards and the UFOG that drove them out were too rash and overzealous, and denied his Royal Fleet the permission to re-engage; however, a rebellious commander named Shanak Tagger took a fleet division with him anyway into Federation space, was defeated in the Battle of Teotihuacan V, but thanks to poor preparation on the Federation’s part, they were unable to see where the dark wizards were coming from or connect them to the long-lost exiles; in response, Lord Ash was very quick to cut his empire off from the rest of the Milky Way, which reaffirmed the motto of the Sinh Empire: “Ignorance is Wisdom.”

This was a very wise thing to do indeed, as it clearly affirmed all authority in the Sinh Empire with the Supreme Lord of Magic and his Convent. The Golden Age of the Dark Empire had begun. Using the powers of dark sorcery, Supreme Lord Ash had conquered and ruled a vast, rich and powerful Empire of 151 worlds, each one named after a demigod from Sinh mythology, darkness powered all of their weapons, they needed no guns, grenades, snipers or swords, only their magic wands, staffs and scepters, or even incantations. The legends of the ancient lineages of the Sinh, the exploits of the Dark Gods and the march of science and technology ruled the ideologies of the Sinh, who believed that they were the chosen…and only, inhabitants of the galaxy, after the end of Ash’s reign and the rise of the even mightier Milko Ragnarok, whose coronation took place in a dark ceremony on the Imperial Capital of Orlan Ru, there was no one left in living memory within Sinh space that knew that there were other citizens of the galaxy; however, the UFOG had largely forgotten about the Sinh as well…both societies grew and prospered completely ignorant of each other’s existence. Sinh mothers would tell their children that anything unknown to the Sinh didn’t exist, as they were the knowers of all knowledge. However, their main ideology stemmed from complete superiority. A Sinh was inferior to nothing, they believed in total power, total supremacy and a particularly virulent form of racism, xenophobia and purging all non-Sinh, or enslaving any race that did not immediately submit to the Supreme Lord, and their society was a purely Darwinian one. Any individual not fit to contribute was killed within 3 minutes of taking his first breath; the witch and wizard-doctors were capable of determining a child’s life from the moment it was born. Their universal Imperial language, Sinhish, sounded like a cross between German and Ancient Egyptian. If an individual couldn’t produce, he or she was killed. It was that simple. The Great Lawgiver, as Supreme Lord Milko Ragnarok would become known as, would rule over a century of prosperity, an Imperial Century. In that time, the Sinh Empire would expand to 300 worlds, envelop more than 7500 races and species, and be the epitome of architecture, science, technology and Magocracy, or the Rule of Magic, not to mention military power. However, as Ragnarok aged, his power began to wane, and this brought about rising unrest amongst Ragnarok’s barons, which came to a head with the rivalry between the liberal reformer Nein Sheen and the rather conservative Luda Udalov, both with conflicting opinions on how the Empire should proceed after Ragnarok died. Lord Lumen Ash’s remains were buried in the Valley of the Emperors, in a huge mausoleum, and it looked as if their “Iron Emperor” Ragnarok would soon follow. Eventually, Ragnarok did die, as all beings do, and the grandest funeral that the galaxy had ever seen, his body was interred in the Valley of the Emperors in a colossal procession, but no sooner had the last funeral prayed concluded that chaos erupted within the High Imperial Court. In-fighting and rivalry between barons threatened to rip the Empire to shreds, until Nein Sheen defeated Luda Udalov in a vicious wizard’s duel and proclaimed himself Supreme Lord, ending 7 brutal months of interregnum. Sheen, the liberal reformer, began to issue a number of government changes; the Empire moved away from Ragnarok’s complete and utter totalitarianism to a more relaxed, but still very much dictatorial state, allowed more freedom for writers, artists and movie producers, as well as reducing government censorship. However, his most controversial reform was his aspiration to challenge the extremely conservative, isolationist system and make the Sinh’s presence known to the galaxy in a glorious fashion; feeling like the Empire, despite its power, was lagging behind the rest of the galaxy in political and technological power, which was true; the UFOG democracy was doing much better in all areas of measure. Unfortunately, this was not taken well by most of the barons, who were still loyal to the ideals of the Great Lawgiver. However, Sheen’s policies were law. He had most of the old guard barons assassinated or sent to work camps, and replaced them with loyal advisors. He also ordered the military to boost its production of warships, introduced UFOG economic policies, and educated the people of his Empire that beyond Sinh space lay a Promised Land, one ripe for conquest. He also said they needed “Denken,” a word in Sinhish meaning “will.” Many citizens were beginning to get it. After 3 years of consolidating power and reforming the Empire, the Sinh Empire had taken on a completely new face. The Sinh Empire had gone from an isolated but powerful Empire with a backward, cult-theocratic, medieval mentality into a fully-industrialized, well-equipped, educated and militarily colossal magocratic state, and its people were fully behind their Emperor and his ideals, and they viewed the rest of the galaxy as ripe for the slaughter. The Empire was going to make its first push into UFOG space in more than 250 years, to the planet of Lone Pine Peak in the Redwood System.

The inhabitants of Lone Pine Peak had no warning. Sheen’s Fifth Imperial Fleet, led by the heavy cruiser Klemm, attacked the planet with full force, using a combination of dark magic and orbital bombardment burned the planet until it yielded. A song called “Cruiser Klemm” was written about this battle. The Empire’s presence would soon be known.

For the next 200 years, the Empire and the UFOG had several proxy skirmishes on the border between Imperial and UFOG space; however, the White Wizards were stunned, shocked and appalled. How the ancient Exiles could build an Empire on that scale without anyone in the UFOG government knowing about it was deeply disturbing. With the successive Supreme Lords Skell Conrad and Octavus Baryonyx carefully conquering and consolidating their gains, the Empire gained a further 50 UFOG planets., however, this balance of power couldn’t last forever. Eventually, a young Sinh warlock named Tulari Pall had grand ideas…ones that would eventually bring the galaxy to near-complete destruction.

Tulari Pall, a huge-antlered Ouirrlok species, was a consummate sorcerer of darkness, namely voodoo. He came from a very privileged background, one in which his father was a Baron-Superintendent of Schools for the late Octavus Baryonyx. He was an amazing writer, and wrote many dark books, manuscripts and grimoires, and ran a very successful voodoo emporium on Orlan Ru. Using the power of magic idols, talismans, amulets and spirits, Pall had voodoo mastered, as well as alchemy, sorcery and necromancy, and even wrote the Sinh Empire’s National Anthem:

Fine tradition, dauntless and pure, a blood-red sun appears from yore, shining a path of radiant heat, for us on a path to beat, tomorrow is a new era, and we will decide the fate of the galaxy. Who remains in the hands of the coward, will pay a dear price, they will perish like crawling lice, rise up, people! Rise up, people! The storm breaks loose!!!”

However, Tulari Pall was not content with simple wealth. He wanted power, and his father was one of the candidates to succeed Baryonyx. However, realizing that the government would make exceptions for shows of superiority, given the ancient Sinh philosophy, Pall had no choice. He had to make his father look weak or ineffectual. The only opportunity he had was about to present itself. At the Totenkopf High School, Pall had a cruel idea. Another young Ouirrlok witch, her name being Joanna Kale, was very sensitive and really had no spine at all; something frowned upon by Sinh society. She always doubted herself, yet she was very attractive by Ouirrlok standards and was very good at illusion spells…exactly what the scheming Pall needed. One day at school, Pall, a very tall, handsome young specimen, approached Joanna and asked her to walk to class with him; he had a favor to ask of her, to show him how to perform a certain curse. Very happy to be receiving attention from one of the most popular guys in school, she performed the curse that inadvertedly killed herself, and blamed the “suicide” on poor surveillance on his father’s part, which, as Superintendent of Schools, was his responsibility. As lack of responsibility and failure was punishable by death, the interim ruler, a sorcerer named Leonard Binood, had the elder Pall executed for gross incompetence, and when Binood found out that Tulari Pall had framed his father and lied about it to further his own cause, he was delighted, and gave Pall the position of Baron-Superintendent, and was excused from school. Normally, a true Emperor would never give a 17-year old such a high rank, however, Binood was young and naïve, and gave a position to someone who may or may not have had the wherewithal to run the Imperial School System.

Pall did not disappoint. He quickly raised test scores through brutal methods, turning schools into enclaves of totalitarianism. He played off of high-school clique rivalries, making the “popular, queen-bee” girls into legal authorities with full police power in the school, dressed in long white and red dresses with patches on their arms, these “Storm Ladies” would make sure that everyone knew their place…any dissident, or individual that violated the “Social Stereotype Laws” posted everywhere in the school was promptly arrested by these Storm Ladies and turned over to the Inquisitors in Imperial City, the capital of the Sinh Empire. Tulari Pall became famous for his ability to turn people against one another; he even engineered a scenario where two best friends killed each other…without the use of magic persuasion, something that was easy to do in a high school. However interested he was in his job, he still wanted more. However, in order to become a political leader, Tulari Pall had to impress the other Barons enough to appoint him as the Supreme Lord of Magic. However, he needed an excuse to gain more prestige…he looked no further than the high school he once attended. In the school, there were three Storm Ladies, all three of them sisters, by the names of Kyrie, Lilliana and Desiree; they were all seniors, but didn’t need college, as fame and fortune almost certainly awaited them. The family name, Morgana, was synonymous with wealth and magic power. They had their own expensive clothing line, called Morgana Mayhem, and Lilliana was the next supermodel; Kyrie and Desiree were gorgeous too. They performed their jobs well, having arrested more than 40 “deviants,” and all three of them had received medals from Tulari Pall himself, therefore, like many teenagers; they believed themselves to be invincible. They were quite wrong. For the sake of gaining power, Pall engineered yet another diabolical scenario. Pall engineered a scenario where a young man, secretly a Baron-Superintendent aide, purposely broke a law, just to get the Morgana sisters to arrest him and send him to prison…which is how they buried themselves alive. By arresting a disguised government official, the Morgana sisters were entrapped into committing a capital offense: treason. The following day, a group of Night Hammers, dark-wizard stormtroopers, marched into the school and proceeded to kill every single Storm Lady, in an event known as the “Day of Sorrow;” the girls’ families were killed too. This had the exact effect that Tulari Pall needed: he was praised and rewarded for his clever, shrewd and diabolical schemes. His set of antlers, characteristic of his species, were growing very quickly, until he reached the point where he was a 13-pointer, one of the largest sets of antlers ever seen by his species. In Ouirrlok tradition, he tattooed his face, this time with blue and black color designs, and his antlers were a sign of power; even at age 17, barely even a full-fledged adult, as his species could live for 500 years at most, he commanded respect. He was also developing a sense of racism, especially toward human religions, like Judaism, Islam and Christianity, for their persecution of sorcerers since time immemorial. He especially didn’t like non-humans adopting human religions, claiming that “Imperial Earth, the capital of the UFOG, was using human beliefs as muscle against alien nationalism.” This intolerance, Pall claimed, was splitting the UFOG apart. The only way to prevent collapse was to seize power in the Sinh Empire…and the UFOG, completely.

Book 1

Prologue: Rise, Ye People!!

President of the United Federation of Ordered Governments and people of the Congress, a tragedy has occurred! Thanks to the massive tax hikes and tariffs on major galactic trade routes throughout the Milky Way, the paradise planet of Emerald Cove has fallen under the blockade and oppression of the Commerce and Trade Syndicate! Where did this horror originate, you ask? Right here in New York City, in the UFOG Congress! We voted on these trade route taxes, and now we pay the price. We have no military, our Type-III society is at peace with itself, but the Trade Syndicate is using its freighters as instrument of oppression! The panic on Emerald Cove is rising, and the planetary governor is desperate for assistance that we can’t give. The only warships used today are personal defense fleets, with limited range and not enough weapons. The people of Emerald Cove need our support! Send the diplomats in now!”

Congressman Rudolph Eisenstein of the United Federation of Ordered Governments, consisting of both human and alien species roared as the emergency session of Congress was called to address the sudden blockade of the tropical vacation world Emerald Cove by Commerce Syndicate freighters. A stern, stoic Ouirrlok species, he was a very imposing figure with his red and black face, cheek-horns and two horns coming out of his bulbous head. Alien species, non-humans, were everywhere, more than 40% 0f Congress was alien, with Eisenstein being the most vocal and powerful voices for non-human races. He was rumored to possess voodoo powers, as well. No shots had been fired, even though it had been known for a very long time that the Syndicate was rumored to be using a few of its colossal freighters as converted warships with limited military capabilities for its private defense force military, which was substantial. At 3570 meters long, 3019 meters wide and 1040 meters tall, the Avalon-class freighters were some of the largest cargo ships ever built. The Syndicate was run by the Recchia family, human Italian tycoons that had come to dominate entire star systems and all major commerce routes. As for what it traded, if it existed, it was sold. Mass-market capitalism had become ridiculously influential; by assuming that the galaxy was always going to need the Syndicate’s products, the company gambled that the “popular” people, especially younger people still in high school or college, would buy their high-end trade goods, such as $600 shoes or a $400 purse. This gamble paid off handsomely, but the trade tariffs and space-lane tax hikes had raised the cost of labor, cutting into profits. This blockade violated almost every Federation law in the books, but there was very little the Federation could do about this mess, except try to negotiate with the Recchia family about leaving Emerald Cove alone. The Federation diplomats, identified by their black robes and tall, black hats, were masters of negotiation, but when company profits were on the line, companies usually refused to even let the diplomats onto company property, despite orders from the government. However, Emerald Cove had a small but well-equipped Self-Defense Force, with unique and extremely powerful Starfighters manufactured nowhere else. Armed with laser cannons and energy torpedoes, as well as shields, they were well-equipped for patrol duties, but not against huge capital ships. Besides, the blockade came at a very poor time for Emerald Cove: the height of Spring Break season for college students all over the galaxy, costing the businesses there millions of dollars in losses. The blockade’s goal was clear: Strangle Emerald Cove until the Federation conceded and yielded to the Syndicate’s demands; the trade tariffs repealed; legalize corporate sovereignty on planets with heavy corporate influence, and the taxes abolished. Despite the dire situation, the only thing the President could do, as per the Constitution, was send diplomats to the main command ship in orbit around Emerald Cove to meet with Vincent Recchia, the CEO of the Syndicate.

Just then, a group of Syndicate representatives in Congress, dressed in orange and black company uniforms, capes and hats, the uniforms of high-ranked officials in the Congress, buzzed in, “This is outrageous! The Syndicate only wishes to negotiate fair trade! You’re making us look like bloodthirsty barbarians!” “The Congress does not recognize the Syndicate at this time.” the moderator, an eerie, sallow-eyed “Nocturne” species said.

And I conclude; the Syndicate must be persuaded to relinquish its hold on Emerald Cove through non-confrontational diplomacy.” Congressman Eisenstein said, in his very powerful, authoritative voice. President of the UFOG Thomas Worley considered the statements of the congressmen and, considering the urgency of the situation, President Worley announced his plan of action. “We will send two diplomats, under armed guard to Emerald Cove, in a consular-marked vessel under diplomatic immunity, they will negotiate a truce. Session adjourned.” The Congress stood up and filed out the exits, and the only action that could be taken was finalized. President Worley hoped that it would be enough.

I don’t see what the fuss is about. There are only 5 ships in orbit; this is probably just a complaint filed by some naïve, rich white settler that the Syndicate was blocking out her sunlight for sunbathing with their huge cargo ships.” “If that’s the case, than our government really needs to sort its priorities out.” Lawrence Smith and James Joliet, two of the senior UFOG ambassadors discussed as their ship, the Red Rose, so-named for its red paint job, made contact with the command ship in the Syndicate flotilla, the Cobalt Harvest. “This is Cobalt Harvest hangar bay 3; we are ready to receive you, Red Rose. Stay on course, and we’ll move you into position with our tractor beams.” A docking authority, who sounded stoic, guided the consular ship into position and brought the ship into the huge hangar bay, which immediately put the diplomats on edge. Instead of shuttles and cargo haulers, things you would usually find on a cargo ship, there were huge tanks, infantry transports, landing barges, weird fighters that looked like a cross between a spider and a bird, and hundreds of armed infantrymen and officers, as well as turbo-laser controls and computer systems. “I don’t like this…this is odd; it’s as if they’ve become a paramilitary force.” “Well, hopefully Lord Recchia isn’t planning an invasion…” “Don’t be ridiculous. The Syndicate wouldn’t dare go that far. It would jeopardize their trade franchise and destroy their company. Then again, however, the UFOG has no real military; it has relied on its impeccable legal system for security and stability for hundreds of years, and the Emerald Cove Defense Force couldn’t stop this even if they tried.” The consular ship landed in the main hangar as the corporate troops stood stalwartly on each side of the hangar bay; the Red Rose’s ramp opened, and the diplomats, plus their guards stepped onto the industrialized hangar floor, and met with a tall young man who looked very similar to Peter the Great’s doomed son, along with several guards. “Hello. My name is Austin Recchia, heir to the Syndicate Empire. My father is expecting your arrival. Follow me, but your guards are not necessary. Ours will suffice.” “I don’t like this…he’s up to something. This could be a trap.” Joliet said, quietly. However, it was a trap that you knew about that you could use to your advantage. As the blast doors into the main bridge opened, Vincent was standing on the bridge tower, his graying hair and bushy, Stalinist mustache, looking stalwartly at the planet below. “Oh, hello Austin. I see you’ve brought the Federation diplomats, pleasure to meet you.” “Likewise, Lord Recchia.” The diplomats and Recchia shook hands, and began discussing their business in the private quarters atop the colossal bridge tower. “So, how is business?” Joliet asked. “Excellent. Our newest colonies on a planet called Redwood have grown to be substantial trade outposts for more than 90,000 people. Profits are skyrocketing…but that’s now why you’re here, I’m assuming.” “Yes. We’re here on behalf of the UFOG to negotiate an end to the blockade.” “That will NOT happen, at least until the ridiculous trade taxes are reversed or repealed. If you can show me another way of doing business, then please, tell me.” “The UFOG will give you rights to the companies on this planet. “Most of them are already our subsidiaries. Our Syndicate is the largest company in the galaxy; your Congress may control the galactic politics, but they have no knowledge of running a galaxy-wide corporation. Besides, did you see the army vehicles in the hangar when you arrived? I have more military power that the entire Federation combined…the idea of a corporate military was a quaint one at first, but then it became clear that we would be the first company to attempt this. We now operate 500 of these huge converted freighter-battleships, destroyers, frigates and cruisers. These were all either freighters or defense-warships, just fitted with stronger shields and faster Quantum Space drives. Now, I do believe that I’ve said too much. You are now the only Federation personnel that has knowledge of this plan.” Before the diplomats could even stand up, Lord Recchia’s guards killed both of them, despite that being a federal offense to even harass a Federation diplomat. “Dispose of these bodies. Now. Our time is now.”

1. Invasion

Hello, ladies…” the owner of Midnight Sun Spa and Resort, the biggest, most luxurious spa and resort on Emerald Cove, 24-year old John Wolfe, said, upon approaching a knot of young women sitting in the Tropical Wind Bar and Grille. However, they were not exactly pleased to see him, despite his handsome brown hair, blue eyes, black suit, and red tie. “What the hell? Why are you always here?!” “I own this place, in case you haven’t noticed.” “Hey, I’ll fucking slap that little smirk off your face, creep. Leave now!” “Go ahead. Try.” The young woman, so angry, lunged at him. He grabbed her arm and flipped her over, slamming her onto the ground with a single punch, and kicked her twice. “Leave now.” he said, sternly; with the young woman crying as she staggered up and ran out the door with her friends. However, there were no police to call. Wolfe was such a powerful figure on the planet, that he was effectively above the law, and he liked to terrorize and do whatever he wanted to anyone who annoyed him. Wolfe was, however, a very…bizarre individual. In high school, he was picked on, was always picked last in gym class, never had girlfriends, couldn’t even hold a conversation, and talked to something he called his “shadow.” Once he graduated, however, it was clear that he was not a normal young man…he was a voodoo wizard. The shadow he talked to was his doppelganger, an independent entity under his control that could actually interact with its environment, such as picking something up or throwing it. That was the least of his power, too. He could do unimaginably creepy and powerful things, and most of his work was secret. He had voodoo, hoodoo and other crazy powers that no one had ever seen. When his magic was working, his eyes shone a hellish red…and he now had a new target. John walked up the stairs to his office, and activated his holovision, only to see that it was suddenly interrupted…this could mean only one thing…invasion. “No…the company’s going that far?!” John ran out of the building, only to see the sun blocked out by huge landing barges; many of the people and aliens outside in the blazing sun had run for cover, but John Wolfe watched in awe as the ships landed on Paradise Beach, each one the size of three football fields. The roar of their engines knocked trees over and made huge ripples on the water, but what came out of the landing craft was far more terrifying. Huge, hovering AAV (Armored Assault Vehicles), armed with missile launchers, a huge main cannon and two auxiliary cannons, roared out of the landing barges, as well as fully armored and armed infantry. The Capital City, Paradise, Emerald Cove, was toast. The soldiers herded the civilians into crowded buildings, while the Syndicate infantry secured every building and every house, making sure everyone was inside to subjugate the whole town, which served as the planetary capital. The city was a perfect mix of nature and human settlement, with “green” buildings and solar panels everywhere. The Syndicate troops had the Governor’s Palace surrounded within the hour, their tanks pointing their guns at the huge mansion, with almost no resistance. Inside the mansion waited the elected Governor of Emerald Cove William Jennings, who was ready to surrender unconditionally to the Syndicate. As Governor Jennings stepped out of the mansion with his staff in tow, none other than Lord Recchia’s son, Austin, was there to greet him. “Well, it appears you’re out of options.” Austin sneered. “This can all end, however, if you simply sign the treaty here. This treaty will legalize the occupation of the planet here and give corporations parity with governments in galactic politics. For every hour this treaty goes unsigned, a young person between the ages of 18-25 will die. Either you sign the treaty, or we rob you of a generation.” “The Federation will never allow this outrage!” “With what?! Your ‘Federation’ has no army, no navy and no military power! Laws are only as good as those who enforce them, and President Worley has been lagging in that regard. His biggest mistake was raising the taxes on trade to regulate the corporations, and now he, and you, will pay the price of their insolence. Just then, the soldiers brought a screaming young woman into the city square and shot her in the back of the neck, splattering bits of blood, brain and bone everywhere. “That’s one. Need I kill more?” Austin snapped; a deranged, schizophrenic look in his eyes. The tanks and Army had made their intentions clear. Austin was the spitting image of his father when he was his age; despite what Lord Recchia said, Austin was not his only child. Austin, up until about 3 years ago, had an older sister, named Lynn. She was a stunning success and stunningly pretty, she had become a major socialite and a celebrity singer, who wrote all her own songs, especially country music, and liked to portray herself as this “pretty country girl;” even though she was not from a farm at all. She performed live with her guitar at many major venues. Unfortunately, Vincent Recchia hated her. “The last thing this galaxy needs is another screwed-up celebrity who makes “music” by performing and setting a poor example for all young people, saying that it’s O.K. to express oneself and sow the seeds of “dissidence” to my companies’ will!” Lord Recchia would often admonish and lecture her on how screwed up she was and how ashamed he was to have such a useless daughter. He often told her how he hated being a father to her, yet at the same time, praised his son for everything. She was never called by her name, just “girl” or “stupid woman,” and, in conversation, referred to as “it” rather than “she.” Eventually, however, the breaking point came when Lynn put her foot down and refused to take this horrendous treatment any longer. She had her own fortune and fame, and didn’t need to live in the Recchia estate on Earth any longer. She left one day, and did not come back. Lord Recchia took this as a personal insult and a total snub, enraged, he declared: “Find this wench, search everywhere, if you have to burn the galaxy to the ground, so be it!!” Lord Recchia roared. He ordered his corporate navy to search for Lynn, who, tragically, they discovered on a planet called Aurelia. She was happily living with a young man that had fallen in love with her silky black hair, tall, slender figure, green eyes and picture-perfect smile. The corporate troops stormed into the apartment like the SS in Nazi Germany, and arrested both of them, threw them both in cages meant for animals, shoved them into the cargo bay of their shuttle and took them back to Earth for judgment.

They both received death sentences from Lord Recchia. The young man was tortured for 5 hours before being electrocuted and dismembered by the Syndicate Inquisitors; the main agents of corporate law enforcement, and Lynn received even more horrid treatment. She had her legs and arms chopped off while she was still alive, with hundreds of corporate troops and Inquisitors watching with devilish, satisfied looks in their eyes. As Lynn bled to death on the scaffold, her father and her brother watched as the executioner hacked her head off, leaving just a bloodied mess of body parts. Austin and Lord Recchia clapped as if they were watching a show on Broadway, to them, she was never family in the first place…just a common criminal. Her corpse was burned and her ashes dumped into a trash can…a testament to the Syndicate’s power. Knowing this, and not wanting to see his city burn, Governor Jennings signed the treaty without the Federation’s approval, but he had no other choice. The invasion was legalized, and now the Syndicate had equal power and representation in Congress. “Thank you for your time, Governor.” Austin said…just before he shot the governor in the head. He climbed to the balcony on the governor’s mansion, and looked out over the city…with thousands of organized marching columns of tanks, troops and other support vehicles…and there wasn’t a single thing that the Federation could do. However, John and his shadow doppelganger, as well as his voodoo powers, had a plan…but how could one man possibly kick an army off of his planet?

The Syndicate has declared war on the Federation, and we are rapidly preparing a response to the murder of the two diplomats Joliet and Smith, and the occupation of Emerald Cove…” “This is outrageous! Diplomacy won’t work! You saw what they did to the ambassadors!” Congressman Eisenstein argued with President Worley, whose approval ratings were at an absolute low, only 3%, which was 7% below the threshold needed for a vote of no-confidence. Many constituents, both human and alien were beginning to think that they needed a quick change of leadership, as the Federation was powerless against companies it theoretically had control over. There were three possible candidates suspected in replacing Worley should a vote pass: Rudolph Eisenstein, a fiery alien orator from Amedda, an icy, cold planet, Leonard Morgan, an economic genius and wealthy banker from the planet Memel II, and Saul Yudaev, a Polish Jew who owned one of most prestigious law firms in the galaxy, and not to mention had 4 daughters and one son, the four girls, aged 18-24, Susana, Samantha, Silri and Sophia, and their son, Stewart, were considered by many to be the most well-taken care of, prettiest and most spoiled girls in the galaxy…even their brother, Stew, was a little annoyed by how whiny they were. Susana, or “Susie,” as her friends usually called her, often complained about something like the salad dressing being on the other table at a restaurant and not hers. They were all expressive about their faith, and had either Star of David necklaces or earrings. “I hate my family…” Stew usually groaned. However, he had a relatively good relationship with his sisters and his father, even though he was never around and usually left him with his sisters alone in the huge estate they lived on. Stewart was an expert with computers, and often designed incredibly…pointless devices, including his latest “scheme,” the “Find-A-Jew” device, allowing him to locate his sisters anywhere on the planet, to make sure they didn’t bring any more annoying idiot guys home that would drink and break his computers…his sisters weren’t exactly happy about “Find-A-Jew,” and he was forced to hide it and never take it out again. Having Saul become President would be just another prestige point for the wealthy Yudaev Law Firm. However, Stewart loved to read about history, before humans took to the stars, especially the history of the Kingdom of France, 496-1791 A.D. Having his father become leader of the human race’s galactic society would secure his place in history. However, he faced competition from political idealist Rudolph Eisenstein, who had founded his own political party just 3 years earlier, in a Vienna tavern, called the National Sorcerer Supremacy and Diligent Army Patriots (NSSDAP), which had only 4 members, Rudolph Eisenstein, Eon Shah, a crayfish-like bipedal Kolkrabbe species, and Lord Anton Cnyrim, a rare, near-human Elfin species, as well as Wilhelm von Ludendorff, a Germanic wizard. These four wizards had trouble finding supporters, and weren’t really part of a true political party, just a group of three extreme-right “magical-supremacy” radicals. They preached hate towards the non-wizards; sorcery was commonly talked about and used for simple magic tricks, but it was generally frowned upon as “strange and sinful,” especially by spoiled, rich people, like Yudaev’s daughters, for instance, of Christian and Jewish faith. The fact, however, that there was a possibility of Eisenstein becoming President of the United Federation of Ordered Governments, however unlikely, was an opportunity to spread his influence, along with offering Shah and Cnyrim permanent positions in the Cabinet, as well as Ludendorff. For now, however, Saul Yudaev, a human, looked like he was going to be the frontrunner for the possible no-confidence vote. History was not on Eisenstein’s side, either; as there had never been an alien president, let alone an alien wizard. That was enough for Stewart and his sisters. As of now, however, Worley was still President, and he had a critical decision to make. He could move to make more attempts to negotiate, or simply submit to the Syndicate’s demands. However, just then, heartbreaking news came from the occupying forces on Emerald Cove: “We inform you that Governor Jennings, out of fear, signed our treaty. This occupation is now legal, and the High Courts are now the ones to decide whether or not we attack another planet. This puts us on parity with the Federation, as well. Good day.” President Worley practically had a heart attack. They were now the legal occupants of Emerald Cove, having effectively annexed it from the Federation…a tectonic indication that the “rule of law and law alone” peace policy, practiced by the Federation for more than 500 years, was no longer viable. Companies were becoming too powerful, and the Federation was powerless to save its own territory. Worley had no choice but to consult his Cabinet about the unthinkable…the possibility of a draft. Laws were becoming powerless in the face of an army, and he knew that a no-confidence vote was inevitable… “May God save the Federation…” is all he could say.

Back on Emerald Cove, the situation was equally bleak. The normally active nightlife of the beachside waterfront was thoroughly occupied and smothered. Tanks hovered down the streets, and huge lines of marching soldiers wearing Syndicate uniforms were treating the populace as workers on one of the company locales, Most of the people, especially younger ones, were forced into labor camps. The entire planet had become a concentration camp. The death toll was colossal, and despite the Syndicate’s promises to leave the population alone, they gleefully killed hundreds of people. The Syndicate troops, dressed in black and orange armor, raided houses and arrested people for no reason at all, except to force them into the Syndicate’s labor force, they were forced to work long, tiring hours in the burning sand and sun, paid just pennies a day. However, one man plotted a resistance movement…the voodoo sorcerer John Wolfe…but how could he possibly dislodge an army with magic tricks? Any resistance would be met with bloodthirsty vengeance from Lord Recchia and his tyrant son, so John had no hope of ever succeeding. However, he was very interested in the vote of no-confidence for President Worley, and the possible replacements, including, for the first time in Federation history, a non-human species. Congressman Eisenstein was a very frightening figure, standing 7 feet tall, sallow, yellow, reptilian eyes, a huge, bulbous head with fleshy folds coming off of its sides, tapering into flabby cheek horns, a wrinkled, scarred face, with crooked, yellow teeth and two antlers coming out of his forehead, angled slightly forward. His outfit was a cold, black robe and cape with red epaulets, and his voice was loud, deep and mighty, amplified by the vast echo in the Congress Hall. His skin was eerily pale, with red tattoos all over it, and he was, as with the rest of his species, supremely intelligent, with an IQ of 9,000. Rare and endangered, the Ouirrloks were displaced by a huge radiation accident on their home planet, long before humanity ever even developed spaceflight. They were also very talented sorcerers, using their supreme brain power to cast legitimate spells. Eisenstein was the Congress Majority Leader under the Forward Reform Party, giving him immense power. As far as Eisenstein’s political views went, he despised non-wizard domination of Federation politics; “invalids,” as he called them, united the galaxy, yes, but sorcerers were not equally represented, and in most cases, treated as second-class citizens. Not on Rudolph’s watch. He believed not just in magic power, but magic supremacy. However, out of all the candidates, Eisenstein was the most aggressive and decisive. However, simply because he wasn’t human and a sorcerer, he was unlikely to win. He would be viewed as nothing more than an alien magician- radical, with Saul Yudaev being the most likely new President. Unfortunately for the human race, the fact that a Jewish human being was Eisenstein’s nation’s leader was NOT going to fly with him and his party members, which could lead to uprisings, civil unrest and ever localized warfare. The Supreme Court was currently in the process of formalizing the impeachment/no-confidence vote. In an impeachment process, the Supreme Court acted as the judge and the Congress the jury. The Defense Attorney was the Speaker of the Congress, in this case, a rather young appointee named Lester Hyde, with little experience in legal matters, and the Prosecution was the Majority Leader…the fact that the President would be convicted and ousted was certain on that one fact. Eisenstein would go for the jugular in the prosecution argument. Eisenstein believed that Worley was an “ineffectual buffoon,” and would do ANYTHING to kick him out of office and put himself and his supporters in power, even going so far as to use magic to get his way. Worley was terrified of sorcery, despite that it was practiced by a few members of almost any species, being a God-fearing, Christian man, he believed that witchcraft was inherently evil; and that Eisenstein especially needed to be kept under close watch, especially since he practiced a particularly hideous form of voodoo, a technique he called “Faa-Waa,” a nonsense word from his species’ language in which he used a macabre mixture of “gris-gris” to alter a subject’s appearance, drive them insane, transfigure them into something else, read the future, past and present with dark Tarot cards, or even use magic for combat, casting incredibly power dark spells, ones that would slice an enemy in half, turn them inside-out or summoning dark entities from the Haze Realm, a mythological realm that all wizards drew power from. His favorite spell was “Dark Lullaby…” where he’d send an illusory, hideously psychotic clown-like face to swallow a sleeping victim’s soul, leaving him with no consciousness and casting him into eternal nightmares, as well as using their dream energy for his own twisted necromancy spells, trapping a human consciousness in another body, also created by magic, for example. He had done this several times in an old, vacant house on Earth, which remained for sale and empty for so long that the neighbors had forgotten it was there. However, eerie testaments to the spells performed in a secret dungeon by Rudolph years ago still existed, the souls of the people killed were trapped in hideous, immortal decrepit bodies, which looked like coal-eyed creatures that had gotten run over by a car; they looked like a cross between a naked man and a hairless dog. They lived in the house and only came out at night…the property was listed as $120,000, because of its history. He preferred to strike sleeping children at night, so the last thing they’d ever see is the frightening visage of the evil clown face looming over their bed. Of course, he had voodoo dolls and dark idols too, but that was kid stuff for him. Eisenstein was a master of the Dark Arts, Illuminati, according to some, and had the power to summon ancient beasts from the Haze Realm, 9, actually, the three Sacred Wyverns, Wyvern Demons, and Idolum Gods, as the Haze Realm was full of such beings. The Sacred Wyverns appeared as gigantic dragons, one a huge golden phoenix, the other a sinister, hellish red serpent-dragon with colossal wings, and the other a shining, icy-blue, frozen equivalent of the red dragon; they were the strongest beings in the universe, one contained the power of a million armies; the Demons took a similar form to the Gods, just a bit more frightening and zombie-like, and the Idolum Gods were voodoo entities that could transform into anything or any form. In command of these beings, Rudolph Eisenstein was the most powerful individual in the galaxy…the power was real, the story eternal, and the time was now. The NSSDAP with its official symbols, the All-Seeing Eye, the Compass of Freemasonry and the Crest of the Knights Templar would once more rule the galaxy, just like the sorcerers once did. More than 6000 years before, humans began plundering the galaxy, which, at that point, wasn’t unified. There were various Empires and nations in existence, but the most powerful was the Sinh (pronounced “shin”) Empire of Darkness, which consisted of the practitioners of dark witchcraft, ruled by a Supreme Lord of Magic; at that point, 6 Supreme Lords had existed, the Dark Lords Lumen Ash, Milko Ragnarok, Nein Sheen, Skell Conrad, Octavus Baryonix and the then-current Lord Tulari Pall. Occupying their capital world of Orlan Ru, they ruled with an iron hand over some 130 planets, their doctrine of “wizard supremacy” and Social Darwinism, which the weak must perish for the strong, permeated every aspect of Sinh life. However, the good news for the galaxy was that the dark sorcerers were isolated…until two human explorers from Earth crash-landed on Orlan Ru. They were promptly executed, and Lord Pall, seeing that these foreign species were going to attempt to destroy the Glorious Dark Empire, led a massive campaign; using an antimatter-nanobot replicator, they built an invincible armada of colossal warships, in a 25-year war that very nearly saw the death of the human species. The Dark Empire was defeated by a turncoat wizard named Len Ingo, who embraced white magic and finally destroyed the Dark Ones at the Battle of Memel II, where ruins of the fortifications there still stood, 5975 years ago. The Dark Empire was destroyed and assimilated into the Federation. Eisenstein viewed himself as the legitimate heir to the Sinh Empire, and would do anything he could to achieve that end. He believed that he was the reincarnated form of Tulari Pall, who was of the same species as Eisenstein. The White Magicians had organized into a modern Great Light Order, an evolution of the White Wizard Order, based on the planet Majesty, the ancestral home of sorcerers of light magic, some 70,000 years old. They were the guardians of the Federation, and fought against forces of darkness and other threats to the democracy, and they were keenly aware of Eisenstein’s sorcery practices. However, he was developing a devilish plan to destroy the Great Light Order and the Federation in one fell swoop. He wasn’t expecting to win the election, but he didn’t need to. His magic was so powerful that he could bring the entire Congress under its influence, creating a magic fog, of sorts, to the point where the Great Light Order would be unable to read minds or the future. Once that was accomplished, he would make contact with the leader of a group of very well-known aliens called the Watari, which fought a war with the Federation almost 500 years before, when they attacked from outside the galaxy, pushing the Federation to the loss of 330 trillion lives, and the reduction of the Great Light Order to less than 1,000 individuals, from 25,000 before the war. This was the last full-scale war fought in the Milky Way, and probably one of the biggest. The Watari were now largely peaceful and regretted their unprecedented barbarism, the leader of the feathered-dinosaur-like Watari civilization at that point, Supreme War Master Woork Xenon, was now even a faux pas to mention his name in public. However, just like neo-Fascist groups, there were neo-Woorkean groups as well, and Eisenstein would make a deal with one of the leaders of these groups, promising to put him in power over the Watari civilization and return to militarism and conquest in a sham war between the probable President of the Federation Saul Yudaev and the Watari civilization, all controlled by Rudolph’s magic. Once the war seemed to be over, he would strike by engineering a scenario where Saul and his family were killed, but incriminating the Order of Light; therefore, by riding a wave of support from Rudolph’s “salvation” of the galaxy from the evil, murderous Order of Light, he would be voted into power legally, with no one ever knowing that he was running the show the whole time. The final act would be the utter and complete destruction of the ancient Order of Light. However, throughout the war, he, like any other wizard, light or dark, representing the Federation, would fight against the Watari. No one would suspect a thing.

John Wolfe and the rest of the galaxy had no idea what was to come, except for about 12,000 inhabitants of the galaxy.

2. Light

I believe that our galaxy is in the gravest danger since the Watari Conflict, and we’re throwing the fight, this is unthinkable, even after 5 trials in the Supreme Court for his grievously misguided and immoral policies regarding his constituency and the Forward Reform Party, Rudolph Eisenstein is still the Majority Leader!” Head of the Council Bartholomew Bering argued to the rest of the 7 other wizards in the High Convent of the Light Order. “Not to mention, he does practice dark magic!” “That may be, but we can’t take any action without executive approval. With all due respect, patience is critical here.” Lusamgya Serpentis, an Apophis species, which looked like a huge green snake with clawed arms and a beard with tiny black eyes in the center of his face, said, coiled in his seat. “If in fact Eisenstein is voted in with the upcoming no-confidence vote, I suggest that we set up a surveillance ring around him.” Fang Shin, a small but tough Bartok species, he had huge ears, a bald head and a topknot of hair, but stood only 4 feet tall. “Lunacy! That’s treason! We can’t spy on the President!” Baa-Shu Voss, a huge “bird-face” species from the planet Avian squawked, he wore an iron mask at all times, as per his culture. “This is too important. Come to your senses, this is the galaxy at risk, not just one planet.” Kotchi Seen, an ace of ace pilots, who of a species called “C’urg,” (pronounced “Churg”) which looked similar to the Ouirrlok species, just without the forehead antlers and keratin, blade-like horns on either side of his face, instead of flabby cheek horns. The two species had evolved on the same planet, and were therefore fierce rivals, ever since the radiation accident. “This is even more disturbing when you consider that our government is so powerless to stop a company, and the fact that Eisenstein’s power is continuing to grow. He has an extremely racist, ultranationalist, xenophobic ideology that is inconsistent with the Federation’s 27,000-year democratic tradition, and his only constituents are racist ultranationalists, namely wizard supremacists. He believes in the ideals of the ancient Sinh Empire, and, amazingly, is a candidate to replace Worley! If he does not relent on his racism, he should be called for an inquiry and removed from office.” the final member of the Convent, Kish Schilling, the only other human besides Bering on the Convent Council. “To be honest, I would recommend Saul Yudaev as the next President, however, that is up to the voters, not us.”

'Chapter 1: 'After the Flood'

This series is the product of more than 8 years spent taking 17,285 “selfies” from more than 16,000 women off the Internet, from their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to create the female characters in this story. What I did was go online and hoard thousands of these pictures, placing them into my Photoshop account and twisting, distorting, and contorting their pictures into hideous, anguished shapes, and then simply writing about what came to mind from looking at these hideous, depraved images. The result were the women of the Ordo Rosarius Thelima Cult Of Love, the perfect pagan warlords of the Hyperborean Empire, in the far future world. Here is the story, I hope you all enjoy.

Appendix I: Toni-Medici Fecchiera

She is 7 feet, 5 inches tall, but looks a good bit taller than she actually is because of her outfit. Her face is chalk-white because of 4 layers of makeup, as well as thick black eyeshadow that forms the Eye of Ra symbol around her eyes, one is green, the other is blue; she has her pupils dilated specifically to look like mako shark eyes, like blue and green iridescent lumps of coal. The blank, empty expression on her face never changes, no matter what her mood is when she was in combat form, the Mithras Energy coursing through her veins. Her hair is brown, but styled like a Qing Dynasty empress, with diamond, platinum and gold-encrusted hairpieces that kept her hair in 6 pigtails, three on each side of her head, each covered in diamond, platinum and gold-encrusted armor that also kept the braid from becoming frizzy; the adornments made her hair look like insect legs, especially when she walked, causing the 6 pigtails to move like insect legs. She also had a crown made out of solid crystal, in shape of a three-headed crane with six wings on her head, adding 2 feet to her height, and behind that, a huge, peacock-fan headdress that changed color based on her mood, it was the only way to tell her emotions, as she had become so powerful with the ancient magic of Mithras that she was able to disable her physical reactions to emotion if she so desired. The peacock feather eyes changed expression and color in place of her real ones; she had a huge feather ruff around her neck made of Count Raggi’s Bird of Paradise plumes as a scarf, with pennants and silky cloth scarves that resembled the Standard Winged and Twelve-Wired Birds of Paradise plumage at the same time, and a train-like veil and cape made of Chinese silk dyed with human blood. Her dress was woven from spider silk infused with silkworm fibers, and woven on a microscopic level so that every hem of the dress was in the shape of an organism, every known organism on Earth. Covering the dress were hundreds of iridescent precious stones, each one reflecting light in such a way that viewed from a certain angle, it made her look almost invisible, just a shimmering outline of her figure was barely seen. The dress itself was red and black, with huge, yellow eyespots in the black parts of the dress and black eyespots in the red parts of the dress that seemed to blink when sunlight hit it at certain angles or shine with an ethereal, calming glow when the moonlight hit it at night. The whole dress shined an eerie, fluorescent purple in ultraviolet light, and had large roaring dragon designs embroidered on it, each with a microscopic picture of an organism consisting of each individual hem. The dress was enormous and supported by the bones of her Mithras ritual sacrifice victims, much like whalebones were used to make a corset. The part of the dress that covered her torso and chest was the most heavily decorated, with huge dragonfly wings made of woven yarn and glittered with sea salt dust and sand coming out of her back, these were folded under her cape and veil and could be spread at will, even though Toni can’t fly. Her necklace was more like an Egyptian queen’s brooch, made of solid gold with a huge sapphire in the center, just visible under the bird-of-paradise feather scarves. Her gloves, lacy white dress gloves that were veiled by delicate, red silken sleeves from her dress, each had a 56-karat gemstone covering each one of her fingernails; sharpened into a dagger-like claw, these gemstone gauntlet gloves were used to carve enemies like a tiger slashing its prey, and the rest of the glove surface were covered in razor-sharp, solid diamond blades that could slice through almost any surface. She also wore a tiara of autumn leaves on her head, on the crown of the three-headed crane helmet, whose three heads are arranged in such a way that they defy the Euclidean geometric form, therefore making her dress impossible to create without immense, physics-bending telekinetic attacks. Her shoes were huge black-velvet Gothic Lolita platform shoes, with razor-sharp dagger-high heels, but these were not visible under her huge dress. She had various dresses, and each one was an equally-elaborate Elegant Gothic Aristocracy dress, so elaborate that Toni needed to use her physics-bending powers to make them appear just right. She shows no empathy at all to her opponents, and takes pleasure in making her victims suffer as much as possible before they die…painfully.

The Italian Peninsula was considered to be cradle of Western civilization, and therefore, has a very large population of Mithras practitioners, often called “vampires” by the uninitiated, they are far more sophisticated and cultured than most typical people, and are far from mindless monsters. To call a Mithras Sage a “vampire” is taken as the same thing as calling a black man a “nigger.” One of the most attractive and colorful members of the global Mithras Order, a secret cult of sorcerers that worship the ancient sun-god Mithras, and gain their magic and immortality through consuming, bathing in and channeling energies found in human blood to harness the power of the universe itself, is an Italian socialite named Toni Medici-Fecchiera. To the untrained eye, she looks like a typical, modern, high-class beauty on the old streets of Tuscany; she has long, silky black hair, stunning green eyes, pale blue eyes and a long, skin-tight black dress with a diamond necklace and two curious-looking earrings that resemble solar helixes, she often has elegantly-styled black eye makeup and a gentle, soft, warm, sweet gaze, and beautiful, crimson-red lipstick. Her voice is sweet and relaxing to hear, however, she is best known for her unusually large breasts, which she claims are real, but most people doubt it. She has a 6’3” figure that could not look more perfect. Outwardly, she seemed to have everything to offer, money, beauty, intelligence and creativity, as well as independence and determination and was an inspiration to everyone who met her. This, however, was just what the Mithras sages referred to as the “public shape,” to conceal their true identity. Nobody, save other Mithras sages, will know that “Toni” is really Countess Toni de Medici-Fecchiera, the Arch-Sage of Tuscany and the 5th Line of the Phantasmagoria-Haidnur Hird, one of the most revered and feared Mithras Sage hirds, or clans, in the world. Her ritual gown is so elaborate and complicated that it seems to defy the laws of Euclidean geometry, only possible because of Toni’s immense, physics-bending telekinesis that is constantly radiating electromagnetic pulse signals from her brain, whose activity reaches close to 320,000 units; she cannot be around anything electronic without it frying completely. Her psychic attacks are so powerful that they can level a city with a minimum of effort. Toni is perhaps the most terrifying thing on the face of the Earth, and a good reason why you should never go into a tavern on the wrong side of a town you’ve never been to, especially if a stunning young Italian woman approaches you and tries to flirt. People say if you want to find her, look for the nearest tavern or lying topless on a white-sand beach in the Mediterranean, with the crowd of young men bringing her everything she wants like a bunch of brainwashed toadies. Rather than going over the top, she takes a carefree, laid-back, lap-of-luxury approach to everything she does, but at the same time, coldly, calmly, coolly and emotionlessly, methodically and diabolically plots her enemies’ demise. She had a particular penchant for taking women’s unborn babies, she’ll often disguise herself as a lost young woman whose vehicle breaks down, and comes into the house of a pregnant woman to “use the phone,” or some other form of communication, to call authorities. Needless to say, she does not need to use the phone, and she keeps calmly engineering situations where she can stay at the house for longer…until she gets the mother and her unborn baby. She wants that baby, she really, really does. She does not let her Mithras sorcery powers, irrational thought or desire get in the way of what needs to be done to get the baby. She wants it, she feels it belongs to her, so she takes it, and she truly believes that the baby is hers, like a sick motherly instinct taken to the extreme, for her own childhood was so wracked with horror and torment before she became an immortal sorceress with horrific body and mental distortion powers, known as Phantasmagoria, that she only wants to give the baby a loving, motherly caring home…unfortunately, her own duties to Mithraism and the need to kill and consume infant blood prevents her from ever being a safe mother, so therefore her insanity perpetuates as a result of her own power and desire. But still, she never lets this tortured psyche get in the way of her goals in government or in finding her victims…until she gets her victim right where she wants it, that is.

Countess Medici, is in one word, insane. Toni is not content with rival Germanic Wewelsburg Hird Grand Master Eisner von Richtofen’s vision of a German-Mithras Europe and has repeatedly stated that she wanted a complete, pan-European empire on the scale of Rome, but Richtofen could not see beyond the Germanic/Magyar lands of Austria, Germany and Hungary-Slovakia. Medici, despite her elegance and beauty; she was 6 feet, 3 inches tall, wore stunning outfits and had long, silky black hair, pale, alabaster skin and haunting green eyes, was one of the most feared individuals in Europe. Most other Mithras sages who knew her personally were in conclusion that she was gizquya, or very “gifted,” to say the least, she knew things that no living person could possibly know, such as exactly how many cabbages were stolen from gardens in Berlin in 1754 A.D, and doctors who measured her brainwave scans found that her REM sleep activity was near 190,000 units, while her active function was close to 320,000 units. Leonardo Da Vinci’s activity was only at 765 units, and a level of 400 units was considered “genius.” Even in the modern era, doctors were still clueless as to how Toni wasn’t killed by her own brain function levels or even managed to communicate and think in ways that typical human beings could even remotely comprehend. Unfortunately for those who had to deal with her, she appeared to have a severe form of psychosis that caused her to fit every level of insanity imaginable, artistic insanity, because her 3-story, 25,000-square foot penthouse apartment in Rome, was decorated with her own original bizarre, abstract, surrealist, often volkisch art that looked like what would result from Salvador Dali or Freda Kahlo taking a hit of acid and trying to mix a Picasso painting and one of their works together while high. They had a common theme, either depicting a form of macabre liberation, ancient European paganism that overlapped with Nazi symbolism in many cases a bittersweet message about the brevity and fleetingness of life or some sort of tormented scene, such as the picture of two murdered lovers lying on the streets of a city with a crowd of faceless people walking past, each with their shadows standing above their bloodied corpses, with the woman’s shadow in a contorted yet seemingly liberated, but disturbingly unnatural pose, and the young man’s shadow cruelly rejecting the tormented shadow’s pleas for acceptance; the blood on their bodies was arranged into words written in Latin: “Where is my love? Where is my hope? Where is my reason to live?!” Another painting showed a little girl clenching her face in her hands while riding a lonely swing set in the middle of an abandoned city, with a shadowy stranger standing behind her, another showed a young man walking along railroad tracks in autumn, surrounded by the reds, browns, oranges and yellows of the countless autumn leaves falling around him, he walks alone, not knowing where he is headed, symbolizing that the only certainties in life are death, loneliness and uncertainty, therefore, life is completely meaningless, you’re going to die anyway, so what does it matter? Like the autumn leaves that blanket the tracks, people are shining bright one day, and decrepit and old the next…Life is a beautiful lie, death is an ugly truth. One other painting shows a screaming young woman with scars on her bare legs reading a book, but the words on the book fall off the pages like a shower of black ashes, and these ashes transform into lice and ticks, which crawl up her legs in their thousands. Also, pictures of a woman carving an image of birds flying out of a cage onto her arms with a knife, as well as some pictures that had no meaning at all, such as headless chicken being chased by a tailless rat, as well as some original Picasso, Kahlo and Dali paintings, plus several volkicsh paintings by the artists Hipper and Jung, late 19th century German and Austrian painters who focused on art that reflected ancient, pre-Christian European culture as an expression of nationalism and pride, as well as a collection of weapons, specifically ones that were used to torture and kill children throughout history, old dictatorial flags, statues of sinister, robed figures and a gigantic Mithras rug and Solar Helix coat of arms on the wall, plus the lighting in the house that made the place appear as if it were in perpetual dusk, would only appeal to someone who is completely insane. She was also intellectually insane, given that her IQ and brain function levels are so high, that a lot of her psychotic actions may seem abrupt and without any rhyme or reason, much like someone with schizophrenia, but some doctors who studied her case suggested that due to brainwave scans and flash-cloning samples, the very height of her IQ scores make her appear to the layman as insane, simply because the rest of the world is too simple, judgmental and narrow-minded to understand just how fast and how advanced her brain is. She is only “crazy” because of society’s judgmental stupidity and the filthy, pop-culture Fascist dregs such as the rich girls living in places like Miami and New York City trying to set an unrealistic standard for “prosperity” and “beauty.” She uses her intellect and her own fortune to directly oppose that culture through the power of science and intellectual pursuits, as well as incorporating her obsession with macabre, distorted art into her scientific pursuits as well; she’d pay people in Europe to kidnap young, rich women travelling abroad and kill them, and bring their corpses back to her penthouse apartment for experimentation. As a Mithras Sage, Toni had a religious fascination with blood, not just for the DNA and sampling properties of it, but also in a much more metaphysical sense and as the source of her power. One of her greatest projects includes being able to cheat death by using computers; this is possible, but illegal under most circumstances, Toni creates backups of her mind on computer disks, so that even if she can no longer maintain the body she’ s lived in for 800 years, she will simply be “reborn” in an AI hologram body, with her mind and personality as a digitized set of data, but also uses bizarre ways of justifying her acts on an intellectual level, such as using mathematical puzzles to fool police forces, and using math to lead detectives to conclusions that will inevitably get them killed, just because Toni thinks that it’s a joke. The third domain of insanity, humorous insanity, is represented here. Many of Toni’s attacks on people in Europe are so twisted and sinister because she sees it as a joke, a gigantic game where she and the police are opponents trying to outplay each other, not enemies, and this type of crime is nothing but a game, a trick, and a joke in “good fun;” the drive behind this mentality is the horrific torment Toni suffered as a little girl in the 1380s, with her abusive oligarch father in Italy selling her into prostitution as a teenager to cover a bad deal as collateral with another noble family, not to mention beating her and locking her in a dark, dank closet full of weapons at age 6 for 3 days. She later escaped from slavery and brutally slaughtered her abusive masters, as well as her horrendous father and mother, who lived in a dungeon for the mentally ill. Since her escape, she has committed crimes ranging from killing people and turning their bodies into marionettes, using them as a puppet show, torturing and cannibalizing little girls and young women, turning their blood into wine and using her huge master bathroom on the third floor of her apartment as a makeshift torture chamber, holding fake T.V. show competitions just to kill the contestants one by one, the “prize,” for the winner is that they are allowed to go free, only to have Toni kill them anyway because she was “just kidding, as usual.” The fourth domain of insanity, verbal insanity, is also very much apparent here, every single word that comes out of her mouth seems to have some kind of dual meaning to it, in one particular speech to the citizens of Times Square in August of 2013 A.D:

“So simple, yet so complicated, so everlasting, yet so fragile, so easily broken, but so easily built, and so easy to speak, yet so easy to misrepresent…anyone who has lived on this planet, young or old, whether they know it or not, is aware, however subconsciously, of the four properties of which I speak. The first of which, life, in the Earthly definition, consists of amino acids, deoxyribonucleic acid and counts the cell as its basic unit of organization. Therefore, in the purest, biological sense, life is a simple affair, as soon as an organism is born, it is alone, it is small, it is feeble, unless it can adapt, it will die out. Darwin’s theorem of evolution, the first word “theorem” intentionally changed to state that Darwinian logic is proven, it is only because the individuals who are told by the Gestalt that their outdated traditional Christian dogmas are the only, absolute truth. Life is simple, yes, but it is not that simple. What if I were to tell you people that everything you know is wrong? Everything, right down to the very Platonic and Aristotelian logic that the Gestalt has been drilling into your heads from the first breath you take when you slither from your mother’s gaping cervix, is distorted by the Gestalt Field, the displaced, churned, distorted, chaotic and tormented storm of ideologies created by the development of society over the millennia of human existence, displaced by the same methodology as Einstein’s theory of relativity or a ship at sea, is a cyclical, self-destructive byproduct of societal advancement. Every society in history, from the Mayans, to the Romans, to the Soviet Union and the United States, creates its own Gestalt Field, directly proportionate to the weight the society occupies on the global stage. As the society grows, so does the Gestalt Field around it, until the society begins to corrode from prolonged exposure to the ideology that created it, much analogous to the way a ship will rust and rot away in water, even though ships are built for open sea. This eventual corrosion is what the layman would call death and me likewise. Death is nothing supernatural. There is no holy paradise for the good, and dark, hellish underworld for the evil. ‘Good’ and ‘evil’ are points of view, there is no set definition. The same goes with ‘right’ and ‘wrong.’ That is the Gestalt. The Gestalt is society and all the contagion that develops around it, the distortions of truth and space, time and lies, science and metaphysics. There is no God, there is no Devil, there is only Man, and Man, if you haven’t realized already, is capable of far more evil and judgment than any God or Devil, and it happens on a regular basis. Society rots from a plague that will never truly be cured; society seeks salvation when it will never be saved from itself. It is this never-ending Universal Cycle of Existence, a cycle of birth, suffering, death, and the temporary happiness and liberation that result, and repeating the process ad infinitum until the human extinction eventually, inevitably comes, that defines the human race. Humanity is destroyed by the very forces that create it; hence the symbol of my Order, a dragon consuming its own tail, circling the sun. That is life, simple, yet complicated. That other force, love, so everlasting, yet so temporary, has often been described as like magic, but, like any true magic, it is just as often simply an illusion of desire, and the root of that is suffering, the desire to find some kernel of happiness in this horrid, decrepit world before the calm of leaden, everlasting sleep. Love may feel as if it lasts forever, but in reality, when the brain is distorted by the Gestalt Field, time and lies become synonymous. Love feels longer and more meaningful that it actually is when reality sets in; it hurts more than anything else, so love is not an exception to suffering, and it is the epitome of human suffering and misery. There is no love; there is only malice and hate. Human beings cannot love; they cannot feel compassion or care for anyone, because of the Gestalt. The reason love cannot stand is that the foundation of which it stands consists of pillars of sand: trust. Trust is so easy to build, yet is also so easy to destroy. One day you can be best friends with someone, and the next day, you can find out that your best friend was a murderer, and you were on his or her next hit list…a fickle species, humanity is, that is why a dog or cat is more trustworthy than a person. Human beings lie, they cheat, they steal and they have no redeeming qualities. Even the kindest person could commit a triple homicide if they were convinced enough of the benefits of doing so. The truth is kindness is not a human trait. It is the superego, the Freudian depiction of societal conditioning versus the id and the ego that is created by the Gestalt Field. Kindness is a perspective, an ideal that the Gestalt uses to keep its constituent parts together, like a machine, and like any machine, the Gestalt only functions if all of its parts are working the way they should. Thus, the final property, truth, is the most difficult to find. The powers that be, namely the mass media, are so powerful that no government on Earth has any power over them; even the unfortunately deceased Attorney General stated that these companies are breaking laws, but are so powerful and so rich that to prosecute them would be economic suicide. The truth is that there is no ‘truth’ anymore. ‘Truth’ consists of whatever the multinational ultra-rich mega-conglomerates proclaim to be true, and in the words of a certain Serb nationalist and political scientist, have turned the West into an inverted totalitarian state, a form of illiberal democracy where the 0.01% control everyone else, even the elected officials are puppets. The Republican and Democratic Parties are both the right and left arm of the Gestalt, and the corporations, mass-media; popular culture, celebrities, Hollywood, social-injustice engine is the head, brain, eyes, ears, nose and mouth of this horrid entity. The legs, the ones that prop the system up and unknowingly support this murder machine, are people like you. The 99.9%, the doctors, farmers, workers, clerks, chefs, anything that is not one of the 0.01% of society is immobilized, with no way of escaping the Gestalt corpse. You don’t have to be. I am the virus, the pox that infects the Gestalt’s body and amplifies within its cells, its police and bureaucracy, the minds of its concentration camps and indoctrination centers that pass as schools, and eventually place the Gestalt at a day of reckoning. Either it wakes up and sees the magnitude of its crimes, or it faces the wrath of those it oppresses for so long. Stand by me and reject your own government and you will achieve a power greater than any University degree or Gestalt-imposed merit badge could ever grant you, one that would assure you a place in my new Empire, the Paganblut-Hexe Imperium. There is no God. There is no Devil. There is only Man, and I am His bane. Good day to you all, Carpe Diem.”

This one speech, vague and twisted, shows the extent of verbal insanity, which is an offshoot of the larger issue of intellectual insanity. The fifth domain of insanity, sadistic insanity, is the most pronounced in Toni. She takes great, almost orgasmic pleasure in other people’s pain, reveling in semi-masturbatory bliss of other’s screams and spilled blood and gore. Most of the torture methods she uses on her victims are indicative of extreme sadism, such as:

Straightforward forced sex, nice and easy, I would recommend drugging the victim with date-rape drugs first. (Not very creative…)

2. Lock victim in a cage and place spikes around his or her genitalia. They have to let you violate them to remove them, lest they impale themselves on the iron blades in the pubic area. (Original idea by author)

3. Slice their lips off with a blunt knife and sew them to the genitalia, as to make it look like “art,” this is only doable to someone who dresses in very revealing outfits, they let their sexuality do the talking, so why not make them look the part? (Original idea by author)

4. S&M fetish rape with actual medieval torture instruments, this is one of the Aryan Terrorism Klan’s favorite terror tactics, as well as a bizarre method of sick satisfaction used by the Grand Master. (Fuck Nigger Blood…) (Original Idea by Author)

5. Human meat shredder barrel, roll the naked victim down a slope in a barrel full of razor sharp spikes after violating them 88 times, 88=HH=Heil Hitler (Original Idea by Author)

6. Human puppet master, the victim is injected with a CPU microchip that turn them into a puppet, forcing them to rip themselves apart with a meat cleaver or chainsaw, after a ceremonial series of rapes in a cult ritual, surrounded by candles and swastika posters in a basement. (Original Idea by Author)

7. Suffocating a woman or man by gagging them to death with a gigantic plastic dildo is sometimes preferable to bloodshed rape-torture. (Original Idea by Author)

8. Hot candle-wax cocoon, where the victim is naked, still alive and baked in a cocoon of hot candle wax alive like a toaster pastry. (Original Idea by Author)

9. Rotary Rape, the victim is placed on a spinning wheel, and willing volunteers take turns raping the victim until she bleeds to death. (Original Idea by Author)

10. BTK rape, Bind, Torture, Rape, Kill. (Frowned upon because of lack of creativity. Will not earn many prestige points and rank may not increase as quickly as one would like.)

11. Shark-skin genitalia cover: This device looks like a condom and functions as one, but has an entire interior lining made of shark denticles, which hold the skin in place like 10,000 tiny fishhooks. The victim must perform self-castration to remove the device. (Original idea by author)

12. Extreme psychological distress and ironic, bizarre humiliation: such as having a group of gay prisoners engage in forced sex with another heterosexual Christian homophobe prisoner, only to kill all of them at the end of the act and pickle their body parts, and preserve their blood as wine by adding an oxidizer chemical that allows it to ferment. (Original idea by author)

13. Using a homemade sickle-claw finger-glove that fits over her index finger, the Grand Master punctures the jugular vein of her victims to sample their blood and body fluids. (Creepy, but has been done a few times before in history)

14. Using a machine that simulates labor pains in childbirth, the leaders use this to torture men with nearly 15 times the pain of actual labor, however. (Original idea by author)

15. Cooking a pregnant woman by burning her at the stake with a late-term baby, only to bake the woman like a fresh-caught pig and then cutting her womb open, and removing the perfectly-cooked fetus to be eaten by Countess Toni during her ancient Mithras sorcery spells; Toni abducted a North African immigrant mother, 9 months pregnant, and impaled her on a spit, slowly roasting her over a fire like a rotisserie cooker while she slowly died, her womb acted as a natural oven for the baby, cooked to a golden-brown perfection.

16. Nymphomania, but in a very sadistic, pain-inducing way. For example, she’ll take a heavy sledgehammer to a victim’s penis and masturbate the mangled, crushed genitalia until it ejaculates blood and semen in her face, which she enjoys like a warm, summer rain. She also engages in self-pleasuring behaviors that include shoving a crucifix from a Southern, Bible-Belt American church into her clitoris like a vibrator and breaking it in half with her own hands, just to show how much she despises traditional, conservative, American Christianity as well as to satiate her own “sexual interpretation” of Mithraism and blood sorcery, she gloats about how she “fucked Jesus so hard it broke his cock in half” after this episode.

17. Extreme hatred of “backward religion,” namely Christianity. She targets American and European Christians with a horrific ferocity, burning churches, defacing Christian symbolism and Nativity scenes on Christmas, and saving her worst torments for people like American “televangelists,” pro-lifers, creationists, whom she calls “Holocaust-deniers,” because denying something like evolution is akin to denying the Holocaust; the evidence saying that it does exist is so overwhelming that the Christians who deny it are “invalid lunatics without excuse;” and anyone who calls themselves “born-again.”

These 16 extreme sadistic behaviors, often combined with near-masochist tendencies, she sometimes likes to feel pain as well, are indicative of all serial killers, but the most extreme killers are usually sadistic to match. This individual, however, is beyond any and every line imaginable. She takes a nuclear-powered bulldozer to sanity and the very mention of her name is enough to give people the chills.

The sixth domain of insanity, insanity in dress, is very much a factor here as well. Toni is often seen in the most bizarre and symbolically-weird dresses imaginable, one is pink and red with hearts on it and a silky, lace, pink veil and scarf over it, as well as a gigantic, pink, fuzzy hat, one outfit is a long black dress with black high-heeled boots, black lacy dress gloves with a black and white fur coat over the whole thing and a white, fur Caucasian Cossack hat with a metal spike on top of it, like that of a German pickelhaube helmet, another is a seductive, black, strapless ballroom dress with red carnations around her waist, another being a burgundy and red 16th-century Eastern European gown and headdress, and another outfit that looks somewhat like a Ming Chinese Empress’ outfit, with a ton of eye makeup and lipstick for each outfit as well, and quite often, that makeup is made from congealed human blood or body fluids.

Finally, the seventh domain of insanity, religious insanity, is very much present as well. Her “religion,” if you can call it that, is a twisted form of European-Vedic-Indo-Aryan paganism that tries to pass itself off as Christianity, which is symbolized by the dragon consuming its own tail, and the Mithras wheel, society is so flawed that each one eventually destroys itself, and only a higher force which she calls “Gestalt,” can keep it in order, however, this force is what also destroys society by the very fact that it exists…in her mantra, it is said that there is no God, there is no Devil, there is only Mankind…and she is His bane…as the storm grows in Europe, Toni has used her position as the Supreme Praetor, the absolute authority on law enforcement in the Mithras Order, to protect Mithras sages everywhere, but she approaches this protection with the philosophy that she keeps everyone safe, as long as nobody questions or challenges her for any reason. Her biggest rival is Wotankult Hird Emperor Gustavus Adolphus von Nordheim, who is the Emperor of the Scandinavian Wotankult Hird and is a polar opposite from Toni on how the Mithras Codex is interpreted, Toni focuses more on the sexual, pleasure-seeking aspect of the religion, given her personality and tendency to just enjoy every second of the A-list lifestyle that she’s lived in for 800 years, whereas Nordheim focuses more on the conservative, militaristic, racial interpretation of the Codex; Toni is extreme left, Nordheim is extreme right, to place it in political context. Much like the rivalry between Hitler and Stalin leading up to WWII, Toni stands as the de facto leader of the Leftist factions, and Nordheim stands as the unquestioned voice and authoritarian presence on the right-wing, or Volkisch factions. The majority of Mithras Sages reject the racial interpretations, but a strong portion of them see Nordheim and his ally, as well as Toni’s other rival Eisner von Richtofen of the Wewelsburg Hird’s message of a Mithras-dominated human race, and that Mithras Sages are naturally superior to non-initiated “invalid” humans, in Nordheim’s racial lexicon, as inspiring. Most of the traditional Mithras Sages, most notably the Slovak-Hungarian Bathory-Kozak Hird and the Romanian Draculesti-Branu Hird, led by Andreii Bathory-Groznyy and Alin Draculesti-Cesucescu, respectively, see Nordheim and Richtofen as rogues and their ideology as certain to bring a three-way war between Leftists, Volkisch, and normal, un-initiated human militaries, which would, even in the case of victory by Toni’s Leftist Coalition, spell the undoubted end of the success and grand culture that the Mithras Order had built in secret for thousands of years. There hadn’t been a need for Mithras Sages to get involved in any war or interaction with the non-Mithras world for more than 400 years, not since the 30 Years’ War, which ended in 1648, did any Mithras Sages fight in any typical human war. Even during the darkest hours of WWI and WWII, Mithras actions were minimal. The previous, full-scale mobilization of Mithras Sages for war was during the Crusades, when legendary Mithras Sage Vidiun Lusankara led his army to its final sacrifice at the Battle of Manzikert, in 1076. Vidiun’s entire Hird was killed in the battle, when Vidiun was forced to detonate a “nightmare bomb” underneath the main fortress to bring the aggressive Byzantine Empire to its knees. The bomb was triggered by implanting a telekinetic charge into a sleeping person’s brain, in this case the Byzantine Emperor, the detonation causes colossal destruction that quite often kills the Sage who planted it, because of the effort needed to maintain the charge, the caster usually dies of sheer exhaustion. It is seen as the equivalent of a kamikaze attack and is the most powerful attack that any Sage can perform, but it is usually their final act. Toni, however, is so powerful that she is only mildly fatigued by the attack. With her leading the Leftists, most Mithras Sages believe that Leftist victory is certain in the event of war, but everyone hopes that war is avoided. After the Flood, however, the Mithraic Order went public with the rise of the Hyperborean Empire, and Toni made her presence known as the matriarch of the Ordo Rosarius Cult of Love...she lives in the luxury of the Midnight Sun Resort Spa, commanding her minions and manipulating galactic events with her phenomenal Sunslinger abilities.

Book 1: Hyperborea

Prologue: Mother, Tell Your Children Not To Walk Our Path

Mother, tell your children not to walk our path, tell them not to listen to what we mean or say, dear mother, of thy firstborn Son or Daughter. Can you keep them safe forever, from the truth, from the lies? Can you hide them from our reach, hide them from our eyes? For if they want to find Paradise with us, we can show them what it feels like, the sun on their skin, the cool ocean water on their face, the vast serenity of space, and the Colony Worlds of Mars, Venus, Pandora, Umbria and the Jovian Moons. We can show them the Asteroid Mines of Ceres and Vesta, the Storm Riders of Jupiter and Neptune, and the ashen, waterlogged surface of the Moon...but tonight, your children are safe in your arms...Mother, tell your children not to follow us, for they shall see the Light.”

                      Foreward: Welcome to Hyperborea

No one saw it coming. NASA scientists in the summer of 2015 during a routine sweep of the night sky saw it appear from a sunward direction, explaining why the thousand-mile wide comet hurtling directly at the Moon was never visible. Rather than fall directly into the Sun, like most comets that approached the inner Solar System did, this one, originating from far beyond the orbit of Neptune, had skipped over the Sun like a rock on a summer pond, careening directly for the Moon. The icy body, nearly the size of Pluto, slammed ferociously into the Moon's Sea of Tranquility, obliterating the silent Tranquility Base and completely obscuring the moon behind a cloud of ice and dust accretion. As the world looked spaceward in wonder, gawking at what had just been a very near miss for Earth, global governments breathed a sigh of relief, realizing that human society would survive to live another day, but serving as a wake-up call that more space-based telescopes were needed to spot these large “trans-Neptunian objects,” or TNOs, lest one actually hit the Earth, driving humanity to one realized that such an object need not hit the Earth to be deadly.

The first warning sign that something was amiss came from scattered reports three weeks after the TNO's lunar impact. Various weather stations, from Siberia to Scandinavia, were reporting record rates of rainfall. Some of these downpours could scarcely be believed, Oslo and Omsk received more than 10 inches of rain in two hours. Soon, even the driest deserts on Earth, from the Sahara to the Atacatama, where some places had gone more than 500 years without a drop of rain, were reporting buckets of rain falling in extremely short periods of time. Flash floods unlike any seen in human history suddenly submerged what had hitherto been the driest places on Earth. Soon Tokyo, Beijing, Melbourne, Moscow, and Wellington were reporting the same extraordinary rainfall rates, and after just one week, every city on Earth. As meteorologists struggled to understand what was wrong with Earth's weather, astronomers noticed an ominous development in the accretion cloud, formed when the massive icy lump collided with the Moon. The cloud had become caught in Earth's gravitational pull, panning out into a vast accretion disk, encircling the Earth, much like the rings of Saturn...immediately, the astronomers realized where all this rain was coming from, and the amount of water frozen in the accretion disk was staggering: enough to fill the Earth's oceans 3 times over...and it was all slowly falling to Earth. Human society had only decades to live.

As the sea levels began to rise, inundating the coastal cities, the scale of the disaster became apparent. Soon, the world's sewage systems began to fail, killing millions with outbreaks of cholera, dysentery and other illnesses, and displacing untold billions of people living in low-lying areas...and this was a flood that would never recede. The rain was forecast to fall nonstop for more than 700 years, raising sea levels by a staggering 25,000 feet. Only the tops of the highest mountains would remain dry. As humanity's darkest hour unfolded all around it, a group of young, forward-thinking individuals, hitherto so absent from the modern world, from the world over decided to resist, to not just survive the new Deluge, but thrive. Using the miraculous power of nanotechnology and genetic engineering, these youth, all between the ages of 20-30, augmented every cell in their body to enhance every aspect of their humanity to God-like levels; they physical height, muscle mass and weight increased by 300%, making them capable of running faster, jumping higher and giving them more stamina than any human before them. Standing more than 15 feet tall, they wore immensely-elaborate regalia, termed Jungsturm-Nordsterne, and emblazoned with symbols of Pagan power, pride and purity, from the Nordic, Germanic, Slavic and Japanese Shinto pantheons. Their nanoscale augmentations to their brain, cells and even DNA molecules made them immune to aging, all forms of infectious diseases, weightlessness, gravity, cold and radiation, they could even breathe water, a skill extraordinarily useful for the coming tribulation. Their augmented brains used 100% of their capacity, allowing them to perform maneuvers that would seem in an earlier age like sorcery...they could even survive in the vacuum of space. Dressed in their regalia and armed with nanoscale weaponry that made atomic weaponry look like child's play, they formed a new nation out of the crumbling ruins of the old society, rapidly being submerged by the rising floodwaters or disappearing into vast sinkholes in the ground...this nation, Hyperborea, was to be a Kings...only Man, and the Hyperborean Overlords, the 25 young men and women immortalized by technology and granted eternal life by their own ingenuity; they had become the true Sons of God, not some illiterate Hebrew peasant from Roman Palestine, crudely slaughtered on a cross. They were, themselves, a new species, one infinitely superior to modern man, a true Master Race. They were Homo sapiens imperia ultima, the Hyperborean Gods, and this was their world now...when the skies finally cleared, the Universe would be theirs for the taking, and the survivors of this Deluge, those the Hyperboreans deemed worthy of life, would survive to conquer the Galaxy.

                    1. The Eternal Sunshine of the Global Sea

Light, glorious Light...shine thy radiance upon the Sea of Life, and all those who call our Metropolis home...Our Empire is a true Paradise, expanding ever outward to the stars, our enormous Space Arks departing Mars, Venus, Earth and the Jovian Moons daily for new planets, discovered by our vast orbital telescopes, scanning the heavens ever-vigilantly for new worlds to colonize...some of the worlds we have found defy belief, On the warm, tropical world of Blue Aurelia, a vast, shallow sea covers the entire planet, with three large continents cloaked in tropical forest from end to end; the world has an orbiting ring of silica grains around it, gently raining down upon the planet, and staining its atmosphere a deep, navy blue color, creating the illusion of a gigantic blue sapphire orbiting its parent star, a yellow star much like our own Sun...this is a world of astounding biodiversity. Huge airborne creatures, such as Wingwhales, Skyrays, Bladewraiths, the colonial Daggerwings and the Velvet Impalers dominate the skies, with an atmosphere more than 3 times denser than Earth's. On the land, kilometer-high Fortress Forests cover every inch of habitable landmass, supporting an ecosystem more diverse than any rainforest once was on Earth, supporting species such as the Deathstalkers, gigantic, tree-dwelling squids that use their sticky tentacles to trap creatures flying through the Fortress understory, enormous Raptorial Kitegliders, hovering over the forest on the gentle breezes, anchoring themselves to the Fortress Trees with a tether, flying suspended like a kite, using their tentacles to fish for small creatures living in the Fortress Tree's sky-ponds, modified leaves with which the trees collect water, rather than absorb it through their vast, interconnected root systems. In the oceans, some truly enormous creatures lurk, such as the 200-foot long Krakens, giant squid-like creatures that prey upon the thousands of different species of Sylphswimmers, pelagic crustaceans as diverse as fish are on Earth, and the gigantic gliding Festoon Rays, huge, beaked manta-ray like creatures that jump out of the water and fly with a wing-in-ground effect. On this world, the atmosphere is so thick that normal, unaugmented humans could not survive here. Another world located by our telescopes is Mysterial, a green, verdant world of vast plains, high mountain peaks and deep, dark forests, with two huge oceans. Our colonists are currently settling on the Cantabrian Plains in the North, and our colonial overseers report a flora like no other. Plants are by far the dominant form of life on this world, with far more plant diversity here than on Earth. Any animal life is adapted to exploit this, including millions of species of insects, bird-like creatures and tiny, nectar-feeding Bat Swallows, vital to the entire biosphere, in addition to the vast, pollinating swarms of Thorn-Flies. The predators, including the large, gliding Bird-Mantis, Falconwasp and Raptorial Flower Beetle, all all evolved to prey on the herbivores...but nothing can survive without the plants...however, this is not the planet's most noteworthy feature. The planet orbited a blue, extremely hot star, releasing far more heat and energy to the planet's surface, generating weather systems unlike anywhere else in the galaxy. Tornadoes regularly grew to 6 miles wide, with winds approaching 600 miles per hour. Hurricanes grew to the size of continents, lashing the coastline with 500 mile per hour winds and 200-foot storm surges, scouring and shaping the coastline each time a storm made landfall. Because of the extreme weather, our colonists can only live on the relatively stable Cantabrian Plain, were vast, beautiful cities have sprung up, powered by wind and solar energy. Finally, the beautiful planet of Nara III, the third planet in a system orbiting a red dwarf star of the same name, is one of the most extraordinary of all. It is a tidally-locked world, on side of the planet is in frozen darkness, the other in perpetual light. At the planet's perihelion, a gigantic cyclone rages, undying and eternal spreading vast rivers across the planet's habitable zone, a wide tropical band between the storm zone and the dark, evolution has run riot, producing a profusion of life so incredible that it makes even the coral reefs of Earth's Global Sea look puny and dull by comparison. From the Doki-Doki Forest to the intelligent, pack-hunting Shinigami Birds, life takes every conceivable form on Nara III, and ever in forms we could not even imagine in an earlier age...such are the miracles of the Hyperborean Age, After the Flood...won't you join us?

Kokkoro Aoyama, Hyperborean Knight and Director of Colonial Expansion and Administration, Metropolis

Welcome to said the sign on Metropolis' vast harbor entrance, welcoming both spacecraft and ships of the sea with open arms...and what a glorious city it was. A gleaming white monument of art and edifice floating on the surface of the warm Global Sea, Metropolis was the largest city in the entire Hyperborean Empire, the unified human government, emerging from the Deluge as a supreme power in the Milky Way Galaxy. In the 700 years since the Great Collision that changed the Earth forever, humans had spread to every habitable body in the Solar System in vast, wormhole-traversable Space Arks, colossal interstellar and interplanetary colony ships that could take humans to any point in the galaxy in a matter of hours...just one of the many technological wonders of the post-Flood Hyperborean Age. In the skies above the massive, floating city, anchored to the top of the Matterhorn far below the surface, were huge, magnificent Pteropteryx creatures, animals genetically-engineered by the Hyperborean overlords to repopulate the diminished biosphere following the Deluge. That year was a momentous one for the Hyperborean Empire. The 700th anniversary of the lunar impact that served as the genesis of the New Order was approaching, August 18, 2715 A.D...and the rain has only recently come to a permanent stop. Aside from the occasional hurricane or meteor impact into the oceans, every day in Metropolis was a day spent in paradise...the city was spotless, sun-drenched and an absolute delight to live in, the 35 million denizens of this floating city truly had the entire Galaxy in their hands...all under the watchful eye of the Hyperborean Gods, those 25 men and women who made all of this possible...and standing at the epicenter of this splendor was 23-year old University of Metropolis student Andrew Wallace. He had much on his mind that day, for in a week, he would depart to Venus for a month-long course in nanoscale bioengineering and terraforming, for the vast jungles, oceans and rivers of Venus during the Hyperborean Age were a product of these miraculous forms of engineering, one of the many wonders of the New Order. Venus had become a Second Earth, a place where inhabitants of Metropolis could go to find something that only their distant forefathers had any knowledge of: dry land...and Wallace was studying to become a member of the Imperial Planetary Engineers, those responsible for colonizing and developing new worlds for human habitation. This was to be his first trip off-world, and he couldn't wait. For now, however, he was content to stroll through the Canyon of the Gods, the huge, 6-lane wide boulevard leading through the center of the city, surrounded on all sides by enormous, ostentatious architecture, meant to evoke a memory of Ancient Rome, just with a modern twist. The city's design was actually based off of Albert Speer's designs for Berlin in the event of a Nazi victory in WWII, with many of the same building designs, sculptures, murals and facades, just even grander and more imperial that the Germans could have ever imagined them to be. Andrew had much to accomplish that day, starting with a visit to the Imperial Ministry of Science, which directed the Planetary Corps of Engineers.

As Wallace walked down the spotless, gleaming-white streets, he thought about his future, and the future of his society. In the past 500 years, thousands of new worlds had been located, visited and claimed in the name of the Hyperborean Empire, and the Hyperborean overlords had even gone so far as to declare the entire known Universe as Imperial territory...and it was the PCE's job to locate and settle these new was a truly astounding time to be alive. As Wallace passed an enormous fountain in the center of Excelsior Square, he turned and faced his destination. The Ministry of Science's headquarters was truly enormous, a massive, gleaming-white building with a colossal stone facade, adorned with murals of human triumph, exploration and conquest on the outer walls. Statues by the great National Socialist sculptor Arno Breker stood on either side of the colossal white staircases leading up to the entrance, behind a row of massive, Doric style columns. Atop the facade, a massive, white marble stag-skull carving sat, with its huge, curving antlers arching towards the sparkling blue, tropical sky, high above the vast Global Sea and Metropolis, The City of Emperors. This was the famous Shinigami Staghorn Rune, an ancient symbol of Japanese imperial power, used as the personal insignia of Shen Ryujin and Silver Arronax, the two Hyperborean leaders of the Ministry of Science. These two were impossible to ignore and some of the most brilliant scientists...and military commanders, in the entire Empire. They stood 15 feet tall, like all other Hyperboreans, and dressed in regalia that reflected medieval Japanese shogun outfits, carrying their unique Hallucination Nano-Swords, extraordinarily powerful, intelligent sword weapons made entirely of nanoparticles, allowing the weapon to transform into any object, living or inanimate, honorably at their left sides. Shen was known for his crimson red, shoulder-length hair, his black cape emblazoned with the same Staghorn Rune, and his incredible, fiery oration skills, regularly speaking to the public on behalf of the Overlords, who occupied the enormous Imperial Pantheon in the center of Metropolis, a gigantic dome-shaped building more than 100 times the size of St. Peter's Basilica before the Flood, along with most of the other Hyperboreans, though now, in the Hyperborean Age, far more Hyperboreans existed than the original 25 Overlords.

As Wallace ascended the enormous staircase, he observed the many other Ministry employees, both human and Hyperborean, walking to and from the building, Truly massive Odin-class capital ships, gleaming-white, shaped like massive ginkgo leaves and the size of continents, were being constructed in the lunar shipyards of Holmgard, these ships were constructed with the wonders of nanotechnology, and possessed some of the most powerful weaponry ever conceived: devastating nanoscale weapons, gamma-ray burst and X-ray weaponry, cyclonic torpedoes, turbolaser batteries, and a fleet of 100 city-sized Loki-class assault ships, each armed with cyclonic torpedoes and massive turbolaser batteries. Powered by zero-point energy, these ships were the Iron Fist of the Empire, and the Imperial Legions, the Hyperborean military, ruled over its dominion with an iron hand. Each Odin-class ship carried more than 600 million infantry, both naturally-born humans, clone soldiers and Hyperborean Knights, the Hyperborean warriors who made all other soldiers before them pale in comparison. The Odin-class also possessed a massive planetary bombardment weapon that reduced the entire surface of a planet to a ball of glass, worn smooth as a blue marble...this “planet-killer laser” was only to be used as a last resort, as destruction of habitable worlds was not the Empire's aim. Humanity was now the true Master of the Universe, invincible, immortal and almighty...and his city, Metropolis, was the center of that Universe. Wallace reached the summit of the Ministry's Grand Staircase, walked through the Column Gate and in though the massive wooden doors, imported from the jungles of Venus. Upon entry into the Ministry's Grand Concourse, Wallace was greeted by an enormous row of statues, each depicting a famous scientist from human history, everyone from Darwin to Hooke to Newton was represented, as well as others, such as Albert Speer, Einstein and Werner von Braun. All around him, other people, both human and elaborately-dressed Hyperboreans walked aggressively to their destinations, as science waited for no man. Wallace was there to meet Dr. Artemis Rayne, a Hyperborean professor working under Shen Ryujin in locating and developing new worlds. He was greatly respected by all who met him, and young Wallace was greatly honored to be his pupil. Wallace felt extraordinarily lucky to be in this building, because were it not for his student registration status, he would not be out of his house. Throughout the Empire, a 22-hour curfew was in perpetual effect, civilians in Tier 6 or below on the 12-point Imperial Hierarchy system were subject to this curfew, and only allowed two hours a day of recreation time, and only at designated City Recreation Centers, overseen by the Imperial Night Hammer Police Force and the Hyperborean Knights. Other than that, there were no personal freedoms whatsoever for anyone at Tier 6 level, which included all rank-and-file civilians. The upper Tiers, all consisting of Hyperboreans, controlled every aspect of their lives. Babies were no longer born, they were designed, and grown from individual couples' sperm and egg cells in state-controlled birthing chambers, where the developing fetuses were augmented with nanotechnology inserted into their artificial amniotic fluid, when the baby was delivered by Night Hammer doctors and midwives, it was already fully educated, optimized and conditioned for whatever career it was assigned. All soldiers were cloned from Tier-5 templates, those people elite of mind and body, therefore making the best mass-produced soldiers. They were all perfectly obedient, they did not question orders, and they did not show mercy against dissenters, or enemies of the Empire. Because of the nanoscale augmentations, schools for children were rendered obsolete. University education was mandatory, to perfect the finer arts of the students' predetermined careers from birth. Aside for educational purposes, the curfew laws applied. Other than that, they were forbidden to be on the streets for 22 hours a day. And for anyone who even thought about breaking the law, the Hyperborean Overlords conducted a daily mind-scan of every citizen in the Empire from within the Pantheon's Inner Sanctum: the government knew what its people were thinking before they even did, and the majority of human babies were programmed to follow orders and obey authority without question with nanotechnology. As a result of this control, crime rate in the Empire was perpetually zero, everyone knew their place, and nobody questioned the wisdom of the Hyperborean Overlords...a perfect, Fascist utopia. Wallace had been grown from birth in a government birthing chamber to fulfill this purpose as an engineer, and he was honored and proud to be a sovereign citizen of the Universe, laid out before him was the true splendor of the Hyperborean Age, and his destiny was his to embrace. Taking this knowledge to heart, Wallace set out for his professor's office, on the third floor of the massive Ministry complex, built with an enormous, multi-leveled architecture.

As Wallace entered the elevator, he stepped inside with two female Hyperboreans, dressed in elaborate Japanese themed Jungsturm-Nordsterne outfits. They had long, beautiful, reddish-brown hair, emerald green eyes and stunning, shimmering gowns, which concealed their lethal Hallucination Nano-Swords. They stood on either side of Wallace, with one of them turning and facing him, her neck turning at an unnatural angle. “Hello little one...are you here to see Master Rayne about your assignment?” The massive Hyperborean said, her neck craning and extending like a bird's in a creepy, distorted, almost possessed way...nanotechnology could do some incredible things to a Hyperborean's body...they could literally transform into other living creatures, splice their own body parts and detach limbs from their bodies, controlling them remotely with their immensely powerful brains. “Yes I am, Hyperborean...” Wallace said, a bit unnerved about standing in an elevator with these two Overlords, who looked like identical twins. “Very well then, we're headed to his office as well, allow us to escort you there.” Wallace noticed that each of these women had a strange insigina emblazoned upon their outfits, looking like a German Iron Eagle bearing the Cross of Iron on its plumage, but surrounded by three other symbols, one, a swastika, two, a Tyrwaz rune, and three, a bleeding heart, with a crowned dagger impaled through it, dripping blood. As the elevator doors opened, the two Hyperborean sisters stepped out of the elevator, with Wallace following between the two of them, his Hyperborean companions towering over him. Walking down the spotless corridor, cleaned and disinfected daily by cleaning algorithms programmed into the walls and floor, the twin Hyperboreans and Wallace approached Professor Rayne's massive, oak-carved doors. Wallace knocked, and immediately, Dr. Rayne answered. “Oh, hello there you three...come in, I've been expecting you.” Wallace and the twin Hyperboreans entered the office and sat down in the massive chairs at the foot an enormous bookshelf. “Andrew, I trust you've already met Ai and Tsuruka Takada, my assistants and fully-trained Hyperborean Knights of the Ordo Rosarius Cult of Love, a chivalric order of Hyperborean women who worship dark Japanese paganism...and Volkisch sexual religion. They're absolute delights to talk to, they will tell you many stories, about their dark devotions and passions...I learn much from them, just as I encourage all my students to do, regardless of their Tier.” Wallace knew his professor was testing him, encouraging him to ask these two twins questions and use them as a source of knowledge...though he feared what he would learn. The Ordo Rosarius Thelima was one of the most depraved, violent, deviant Orders of Hyperborean Knights, known for brutal orgies of rape and terror, as well as slaughtering male victims of the lower Tiers like squealing hogs...still, Professor Rayne had always encouraged him to keep an open mind to all ideas and interpretations of Hyperborean Pantheon Doctrine, the New Religion founded on the basis of the Nordic and Japanese myths.

Wallace, taking his professor's hint, asked Ai and Tsuruka about their Cult, fully expecting them to bombard him with horror stories of dark, sexual deviance. “Oh, I am so glad you asked us about this...Our Cult rituals typically involve a distinct process, but the actual events undertaken in such rituals varies. One of our favorite ritual acts is a re-enactment of Jesus' crucifixion. We take a sacrifice victim, usually of the lowest possible Tier, a Jew, Muslim, Christian or any nonwhite person, and strip them completely naked. We then force them to carry a heavy wooden cross to the sacrificial altar, where my sister and I stand, giving the sermons at every Ordo Rosarius Convent. We erect the cross, and then begin our ritual by slathering an aphrodisiac oil all over the victim's body, forcing him or her into an endless state of orgasm, numbing them to any pain that they might feel. Then, every member of the Cult present at the sermon engages in their dark devotions...pure, liberating, truly animal-like sexual deviance...this is the heart and soul of our Order and our Cult. The Pantheon speaks of the Profound Truths...the only Profound Truths we acknowledge are sex, love, control and money. Sex, but not standard, one-on-one sexual intercourse, mind you. The sex we engage in is a form of demented religious catharsis, exuding from every pore in the Cult members' bodies as pure passion, fervor and ferocity that utterly consumes us as we revel in the throes of orgasm and our victims' agony. Like rabid, sick animals, we repeatedly ravage the sacrifice over and over again, but he feels no pain, thanks to the aphrodisiac. Love, but not love in personal sense. The love our Cult professes is the true love found in the dark fantasies and devotions held by every Cult member, we shun interpersonal relationships, for we know that our love, true, passionate, unconditional love, will never betray us. It will never disappoint. It will never stab us in the back...and it is eternal. Control, for all life in the Universe is a hierarchy, we see it in our own society with the 12-Tier system, and we see it in nature with predators and prey...the Ordo Rosarius Thelima sees itself as the ultimate predators, we view every other living thing in the Universe as our prey, to be exploited and consumed in some way for the betterment of our own person. Also, pertaining to human society, control is about the master over the slave, the boss over the employee, the Emperor over his subjects, and the Hyperboreans over all. The Hierarchy must be respected and honored, though any given individual must be willing to change roles if the situation requires it, but to never lose control of any situation...Through this philosophy, we are cunning, devious, supremely intelligent, and all-powerful. One minute, we are passive, submissive servants, and the next, we are unchallenged Queens of our dominion...which side of us you see depends on the situation. Money, because, simply put, it is the root of all that drives the lesser Tiers of society. We must acknowledge money's importance, for its use allows us to control the clamoring, depraved masses of untermensch, furthering our control over them, coercing their conformity and soliciting their submission, keeping the Hyperborean Empire a spotless society. We are a perfect blend of Machiavellian cunning and Petrarchan allure, and we use both sides of that personality to achieve our own ends...we are each a nation, free of all weakness. You cannot even begin to grasp the nature of our existence, Wallace, despite your intelligence. Books can only take you so far. At the conclusion of our devotions, the ritual's climax reaches its zenith. We take the subdued, bleeding, ravaged victim and proceed to nail him to the cross...and then, only then, do we take our fill. Tsuruka and I engage in our devotions with the man nailed to the cross, forcefully raping him over and over again, while painting our bodies with his blood, gushing grievously from his ravaged flesh...we drink the blood pouring from his wounds, the Aqua Vitae blessing us with eternal life and prosperity, and then, at the terminus point of our devotions, we step down from the cross, and end it, with our Hallucination Nano-Swords impaling directly through the sacrifice's gut. His body is removed from the cross and ritually cremated, with our entire Cult standing just beyond the fire's glow, waiting and watching until we may unleash our dark devotions once more...for our lives are eternal...and our devotions undying.”

Ai Takada's lecture did not disappoint. Here were two of the most dangerous individuals in the Empire, and they were his Professor's advisers, for whatever reason. “Wow...that is...quite intimidating, to say the least.” “Yes, the ancient Japanese Queen of Death, Izanami-sama, is our God and our Idol. Stand with me, O Izanami-Sama, and let the rays of the Abyssal Sun cast the Light of Ascendant Justice upon this world, purging all those who seek to defile it. Grant us the power to, like an eagle taking flight, spread our wings and bestride the world, beholding everything in our Dominion...Izanami-Sama, Queen of Death, hear our prayer. Ave! Ave!!” Tsuruka Takada recited a prayer from an ancient, 15th-century Japanese Grimoire, devoted to the Queen of Death and the Japanese underworld. However disturbing Ai and Tsuruka Takada's beliefs were, they were, as Professor Rayne had said, an immense source of knowledge. Wallace and his professor Rayne were more scientific in their interpretations of the Pantheon Codex than esoteric, for the Four Pantheon Pillars, the Paradox of Self-Sufficiency, the Ignorance Complex, the Doctrines of Absurdity and the Ideology Fields, seemed to suggest more of a scientific explanation to the Multiverse, the infinite continuum of Universes where all possible constants were represented, leading to the Paradox of Self-Sufficiency, where all that creates also destroys and vice-versa, the Ignorance Complex, where nothing is certain except uncertainty, therefore truly “knowing” anything is impossible in an ever-changing Multiverse, The Doctrines of Absurdity, the behaviors exhibited by all sentient life that define its sentience, and the Ideology Fields, a concept illustrated by a rolling green field, where each ideology introduced influences all others for an infinite amount of time. However, as the Takada sisters showed, there were many interpretations of this Codex, much as there had been many interpretations of the Bible before the Hyperborean Age and the Second Renaissance. One thing was certain, however. Pantheon Doctrine had washed off the Judeo-Christian taint from the Universe, and wrung out religion inferior to the Hyperborean race, those beliefs of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The Hyperborean Empire was suspiciously empty of mosques, synagogues and churches, and though the official story was that these minorities had been relocated to colony worlds well beyond the Outer Territories, there were persistent rumors that this wasn't true, and that something truly horrifying was happening...though, in Metropolis, no one dared ask awkward questions. “Aren't they simply delightful, Andrew? Such a wealth of knowledge surrounds us all...every world we discover produces complete surprises. When the Great Impact triggered the Deluge more than 700 years ago, at that moment, a New Order dawned for humanity, where science, the Nordic and Japanese myths, as well as human will and reason replaced the Christian Bible as the foundation of the New Religion, a new mythos, the Mythos of the Blood...the belief that the godly essence was to be defended through the blood and bloodshed if need be. The whole secret knowledge, of the divine, the demonic and the extraterrestrial was exposed by the rise of the Hyperboreans and the coming of the true Sons of God, and our race has swept the world clean of the Old Order, creating a millennial future, a Universe where the selfish needs of the individual appear as nothing...but enough of this philosophical pondering. I suggest you still wonder why I called the three of you here today.

Wallace and the Takada sisters looked into Rayne's unnaturally blue eyes, awaiting his instructions. “I require your assistance with a matter on Blue Aurelia, the Earth-sized, habitable moon of the gas-giant Wellingtonia, orbiting a binary star system, Lumis and Umbra in the Cygnus Constellation, some 50 light-years from Earth. About three standard days ago, three Planetary Engineers were flying over the kilometer-high Fortress Forests in an Omnicopter, when they spotted this structure in a forest clearing.” Rayne showed a digital readout of what was found, an enormous dome-shaped structure looming high out of an enormous basin, free of trees, but surrounded by huge, white, lily-like, overgrown Lady-In-Waiting flowers and Skoadeball plants, huge, hot-air balloon-like plants that grew wherever breaks occurred in the Fortress canopy, their enormous, gas-filled “skoades” tethered to the ground by horsehair-thin stems, anchored to the soil by extremely strong root systems. “What is” Wallace mumbled, looking at the schematics. “We have no idea. All we know is this...God does not build in straight lines.” Rayne said, implying that this structure was in fact artificial, evidence of a long-lost civilization hidden in the impenetrable jungles of Blue Aurelia. “You three will accompany me on an expedition to Blue Aurelia to investigate this curious ruin...but first, let me prepare you for what we may encounter. The jungles of Blue Aurelia are unlike any in the known Universe. The rainforests of Venus and the mountain pinyons of Mysterial don't even come close. This is a world where the very air is too thick to breathe or even walk though without a Vratix exoskeleton suit, at least for non-Hyperboreans, humidity hovers at a perpetual 100%, and temperatures hold steady at nearly 95 degrees Fahrenheit from pole to pole. Kilometer-high Fortress Trees and millions of species of plants cover every inch of the planet's terrestrial surface, and the animal life has evolved to thrive in the dense, fetid, oxygen-rich, humid atmosphere. Terrifying predators, such as the intelligent, colonial Daggerwings and the enormous, solitary Bladewraiths dominate the skies, preying on massive flying herbivores, the Wingwhales and Skyrays, feeding on vast clouds of airborne plankton, which forms a perpetual greenish haze in the troposphere. Huge, jellyfish-like Raptorial Kitegliders anchor themselves like kites to the Fortress Tree canopy, and dangle their tentacles into the trees' sky-ponds, modified leaves which the trees use to collect rainwater, to catch the countless species of insects that call the ponds home...they glide endlessly over the canopy, fishing for prey. In the understory, the tree limbs are draped with a veil of lethal tentacles...this is the lair of the Deathstalkers, tree-dwelling squids that trap careless prey with their tentacle secretions, perfectly evolved ambush predators. The planet's high oxygen content feeds colossal wildfires that can burn entire continents, and the Fortress Forest itself, a massive, interconnected super-organism, supports just as staggering a profusion of life as the oceans of Earth do, at all levels of the forest, from the pitch-black forest floor, to the sunlit canopy and understory. It is a dangerous, truly alien world, unlike anything most people on Earth have ever experienced or care to experience, but there is much to be learned from the jungles and the secrets they contain...and you three are perfect for the task that awaits us on this world. Our ship leaves tomorrow. You three will spend the night here, in the staff living quarters, while we prepare for departure. I wish you all the best.” Wallace couldn't believe it. He was accompanying his professor off-world to investigate a potential alien ruin! He had read all about the jungles of Blue Aurelia, the Fortress Trees were taller than the Imperial Pantheon, and were so-named because the ferocious Daggerwing swarms used them as their fortresses, the homes for their ravenous colonies that terrorized the thick, humid skies of the moon. It was going to be the trip of a lifetime for a Tier-6 like him...with the potential to do what few ordinary civilians were ever able freely within the Empire. Interplanetary travel was only permitted for Tier-5 or above, no need to give any miscreants any incentive to conspire against the Empire. If Wallace could continue to build his relationship with Rayne and the Takada twins, it might just be his ticket out of an ordinary life. There had always been an “error” in his psychological programming, determined from birth by his government growth-tank, back when he was only an embryo. The nanoscale augmentations to his brain had failed to suppress his individuality, which led to Wallace being rather “malcontent” with his “destiny,” as defined by the Empire's Ministry of Information. He had been labeled by his peers as an aberrant, an offspring that was not properly programmed from birth and therefore a potential danger, his individuality the result of a careless accident on behalf of the Imperial Ministry of Augmentation, the government department responsible for growing new citizens, and inventing new forms of life to populate human-colonized world in vast embryonic rearing facilities, containing the sons and daughters of those the government saw fit to reproduce, as well as genetically-engineered life forms, designed by the Hyperboreans to fit planetary environments and aid in human colonization and terraforming, building a biosphere fit for human habitation. The Ministry of Augmentation was a true Wonder of the World, having repopulated Earth's oceans after the Flood to their pre-industrial abundance, as well as re-introducing two of the ocean's most formidable predators in the history of the planet: Carcharocles megalodon and Levyatan melvelli, the Giant Shark and the mammoth Raptorial Sperm Whale, along with the Uroboros Dragon, a completely new species created by the Hyperboreans to serve as the Guardian of the Global Sea. This mammoth, 60-foot, eel-like shimmering blue sea dragon was, along with Megalodon and the Raptorial Sperm Whale, the top predator in the Global Sea, and all three of these monsters were occasionally seen around Metropolis, coming nervously close to the harbor and the massive bathhouse resorts on the North End of the city, overlooking the vast Global Sea. The appearance of a 67-foot megalodon by the nickname of “Submarine” had become such a regular occurrence near the Midnight Sun Resort Spa that many Hyperboreans questioned the wisdom of reviving one of the sea's most fearsome could always tell when Submarine was near, for the ocean, for miles around, would fall eerily silent, sensing the enormous, 100+-ton predator approaching from below. Submarine had caused at least 27 deaths in the past two years, most of the time, the victims had no idea the shark was even in the area...a scream, and then a person would simply vanish...with an enormous shadow silhouetting against the deep blue sea. Wallace, however, did not see the Ministry's oversight concerning his independence as an “accident.” He saw it as proof that the Empire meant him to be something more...far more than a Tier-6 planetary engineer. He just needed a chance to prove his worth...optimism, just more proof to his peers that he was a dangerous, malcontent aberrant, who would eventually grow to threaten the established New Order. He paid them no mind, however, for he had an open mind...and understood the Pantheon Doctrine far better than any of them ever would. “Professor, it is an honor to accompany you on this voyage. I will learn much from this apprenticeship, and from the Takada sisters. I must prepare myself for the journey ahead. “Very well three are dismissed. I must meet with Masters Ryujin and Arronax about this matter.”

The Takada sisters and Wallace stood up from their chairs and stepped out of Professor Rayne's office. “Well Andrew, it looks like the three of us are going to be travel partners...this is going to be DELIGHTFUL.” Ai said, her eyes growing wide and sinister. “My sister and I have a few things to teach you...things you can't learn in a textbook or a classroom, but can only be learned through experience...the experience of blind, furious passion and dark devotion, but don't worry, there's nothing to be afraid of...your life is going to change forever, for you were meant for truly great things...” Tsuruka lectured, with great anticipation. Andrew didn't know what to think. After hearing their stories of grotesque human sacrifices to occult pagan gods, Wallace didn't know if he could trust his two companions...exactly what did they have planned for him, and how were they going to do it? Ai, Tsuruka and Andrew walked up a flight of staircases past a group of scientists and gazed out a gigantic bay window, across the Canyon of the Gods and overlooking the vast, floating city of art and edifice. On all sides of Metropolis, the depths of the vast Global Sea spread out endlessly, dotted with many other cities and interconnected by vast shipping lanes. In the skies high above, enormous starships, both colony ships outward bound to worlds unknown and massive Odin-class warships loomed high and mighty, the Iron Fist of the Empire, along with the Legions of Hyperborean Knights, commissioned officers and huge armies of cloned soldiers, wearing Class-XII exoskeleton armor in battle, and Jungsturm-Nordsterne formal outfits for military function. They were the most lethal soldiers in human history by far, and they knew no fear. Armed with the cutting edge in weaponry, they made sure that any enemy of the Empire was completely and utterly destroyed. “Look at all that lies before you...what do you see?” Tsuruka asked Andrew. “Metropolis...I see the Global Sea, the ships, and the starships high in the sky. It is all I have ever known.” “And you shall know far more, Andrew. This voyage to Blue Aurelia is only the beginning...for when you see the majesty of the Universe unfold before you, your true worth will be revealed...and you shall do great things for our Empire, far more than any ordinary human...we can assure you of that. The Hyperborean Race is responsible for everything you see before you, everything from the city architecture to the immense biodiversity that once again fills the Earth's oceans...every creature on this planet owes its existence to the Hyperboreans, the true Sons of God...and our expansion into space is a mission that will never end. From the smallest reef fish to the Uroboros Dragon, Megalodon and Raptorial Sperm Whale, and everything in between, the Hyperboreans protect all...and you, Wallace, shall be one of them.” “What?” Wallace gasped, unsure if he had heard that correctly. “That unusual amount of individuality you possess is no were engineered from your parent's gametes by the Ordo Rosarius Thelima Cult of Love, to be the first male member of our chivalric order in history. Everything in your life has been engineered by the Empire, preparing you for this revelation. The enhancements to your creativity, making you cunning, devious, scheming, your extremely high level of intellect, allowing you to pursue a career in planetary engineering, and your iron-willed determination and stubborn resolve to attain all your goals are all are destined to be one of us...our mission to Blue Aurelia shall serve as your initiation rite. After that, you shall undergo all the necessary augmentations...and you shall attain eternal life. You shall become a Son of God, a true Hyperborean....and not a force in the Universe will be able to stop you. Embrace your destiny as our leader...future Grand Master of the Ordo Rosarius Thelima, allow us to show you the Path of the Abyssal Sun...Izanami-Sama has blessed this day. This night, we shall perform the ritual, inducting you into the Order...and tomorrow, we depart for the jungle moon, a world of many unknown natural wonders...but tonight, it's just us three...and the come, dear Initiate, for we will miss the nightly festivities in Metropolis...only visible from the Canyon of the Gods...the nightly Sundown Sendoff, where the Legions and the Imperial Coast Guard celebrate the sunset over the Global Sea.” Wallace did not want to miss this. He looked to the Western sky and saw the enormous orange disk of the Sun hanging low over the vast expanse of the Global Sea from the Ministry of Science's bay windows, high above the facade and the massive Staghorn statue adorning it. One either side of the immense Imperial Pantheon, three garrisons of Imperial Legionnaires, all cloned from a variety of templates for optimal efficiency in combat, stood in neat rows, wearing their full Jungsturm-Nordsterne dress uniforms, and holding their AL-779 Pulse Rifles at the ready. Lining the Boulevard of Heroes, the massive marble staircase leading to the Pantheon's front gates, were huge howitzer cannons, reflecting Imperial military power and prestige, as did the massive Odin-class capital ships in orbit far above. “ACHTUNG!!! LET AN!! MARSCH!!!” The black-uniformed Imperial Officer barked in German. The platoons of Legionnaires began their goose-step down the Boulevard of Heroes, carrying the Hammer, Cross and Crescent of the Hyperborean Empire on their standards. The enormous howitzer guns fired off a 21-gun salute as the sun dipped towards the Western horizon, as huge pleasure yachts sailed around the city, protected on all sides by enormous, nanoscale-carbon bulwarks. The soldiers began singing cheery marching songs, such as “Unsere Spaten sind Waffen im Frieden” and “Waldtraut ist ein schones Madchen.” A squadron of Shinigami-class starfighters zoomed overhead, making a few low passes over the Pantheon's massive dome, along with the colossal VTOL F-6 “Wulfhund” gunships, these enormous aircraft were crewed by over 300 people, and were practically combat airships, most were adorned with pinup art of all sorts, the crews were NEVER comprised of clones, and this was something the airmen took great pride in, striving to make their airships the most unique of all...but when it came to function, there was no better weapons platform for reducing large, stationary targets to smoldering rubble than an F-6 Wulfhund. The airship, which used the hull design of a massive 21st-century Russian cargo jet, just modernized with 28th-century technology and VTOL capablities, along with the ability to hover and maneuver on a dime. Four massive howitzers, each armed with static-plasma ammunition, were the plane's main armament, and these were clearly visible as the massive jets roared overhead. Secondary armaments consisted of just about any weaponry used by the Legions, they were truly all-purpose machines, and a workhorse in the vast Imperial Legion's arsenal. As the gigantic aircraft rumbled overhead, Wallace and the Takada sisters watched as the sun set over the vast Global Sea, just beyond Metropolis' South Bulwark, shielding the city from the vastness of the open sea. A vast pod of huge Sperm Whales surfaced on the far side of the city, feeding in the deep seas over what was once Europe, their hunting grounds now consisted of the submerged Swiss and Austrian Alps, where they hunted giant squid and many other deep-sea creatures. These were the standard Sperm Whale species, Physeter macrocephalus, not the colossal, solitary Raptorial Sperm Whales, Levyatan melvelli, which could grow to 120 feet long an weigh up to 150 tons...and unlike the Leviathan whale, these 50-foot long adults were not without their predators. Just then, the whales started acting strangely, disturbed, nervous. They formed a Margurite formation, their heads all facing outwards to face the threat, clicking and calling loudly to try and scare it off...they never saw it coming. Rocketing up from the midwater depths, a colossal force tore into one of the whales on the outer ring of the formation, dragging it under in a massive pool of blood. Storm petrels and albatrosses flocked around the mangled whale kill, and then, a gigantic, 7-foot dorsal fin emerged from the sea, along with the massive head of an adult megalodon shark...Submarine was back, the massive, adult female Meg that frequented the Northeast End of Metropolis' artificial coastline, and she had just claimed her latest victim. “SHARK!!” Some scientists yelled, observing the kill from the bay window right next to Ai Takada and her sister. “Yes, people, shark...we're on a city in the middle of the ocean, what did you THINK that was, an elephant?” Tsuruka said, annoyed that the two biologists had yelled in her ear. “Calm down, Tsuruka...just enjoy the sunset. I see Andrew is.” Andrew stood on the observation deck and watched as the military parade marched down the Canyon of the Gods, as it did every evening, as the Sun set. Soon, the Sun would set, and the denizens of Metropolis would go about their nightly business...the recreation hours for Tier-6 and below were between the hours of 8:00 and 10:00 P.M., and already, people were preparing to head to their favored haunts, once the enormous clock tower near the Imperial Pantheon struck eight...however, the Takada sisters had more pressing matters on their mind for this night...their nightly obsessions, devotions and worship of the pagan god Izanami-Sama were brewing, and as the Moon rose high over the ocean, they could feel the rays of the Abyssal Sun raining down upon them, with the Japanese Queen of Death beseeching them to her shrine and altar, in the depths of the Ordo Rosarius Thelima Cult of Love Grand Lodge, on the North End of was nearly time for Wallace to begin his initiation rite. As the sun finally set on another tranquil day on the Global Sea, the stars came out over the lights of Metropolis, and all other floating cities of the Western Hemisphere. Such cities and towns were everywhere, with the largest ones being Metropolis, the Imperial capital, New Tokyo and Nova Columbia, over what was once Tokyo and New York City,, it was time to leave this dreary Ministry building...there was much to accomplish, much to undertake, and much to indulge the Midnight Sun Resort Spa, a massive Imperial bathhouse and oceanfront resort, owned and operated by the Ordo Rosarius Thelima Cult of Love, and served as the Grand Lodge for the chivalric Order of female Hyperborean Knights...and Andrew was to be the first man ever to witness their devotions...and live to tell about it. This was going to be a truly eye-opening experience, Wallace could feel it, though he was a bit anxious...perhaps they were simply using him as a human sacrifice? There was only one way to find out. He would perform his duty to his Professor and his mentors, as he always had. The Takada sisters led Wallace away, towards the elevator to the Ministry of Science building's exit. That night was to be the end of Wallace's existence...and the birth of a true Son of God.