Monday, November 2, 2015

'Sojourn' character profile 'Gwenlynn Stormweaver, a.k.a. Moonrise'

Gwenlynn Stormweaver, also known by her stage name 'Moonrise,' is the Director of the Imperial Society of Human Antiquities in the United Human Republic government, based on Stronghold, well within the Inner Colonies. She stand more than 12 feet tall as a Hyperborean Avatar, and is a brilliant archaeologist, cunning diplomat and musician, performing under the stage name 'Moonrise.' She considers her music to be a form of philosophy, and she has a very strong sense of pride and justice, as well as a very distinct ideology that claims that radical reform in the Republic is needed if humanity is ever to truly flourish. She travels with Munraito on his mission across the stars and becomes an instrumental part of Munraito's battle against Societas Polyphilae and Countess Toni.

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