Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Major Concepts in 'Sojourn:' Transhumanism

One of the biggest concepts explored in my upcoming book, 'Sojourn,' is the ability to upload one's mind to an artificial carrier; I.E., transhumanism, something that will be possible some time this century. Some of the technology needed for this already exists, and there are hundreds of very intelligent people that take this idea very seriously. Take, for example, the 2045 Initiative, founded by Russian mogul Dmitri Itskov. The majority of the characters in 'Sojourn' occupy avatar bodies very similar to the ones the 2045 Initiative is currently developing, and the only issue with creating these things is currently funding. This is going to cost more money that even Itskov has, and he is going to need generous funding from many other sources. So far, this has not gone over well. However, I think my book could change all that. The problem with this concept is that most people have no idea what it even is. Whenever I talk to anyone about 'transhumanism,' they think it has something to do with transgendered people, or something like that. I think that if people see it in movies, books and popular media, they will start to get more and more interested in the concept and therefore be more likely to support such a venture as the 2045 Initiative or Ray Kurzweil's plans for Google, both of which are aiming for a 'Singularity' by the mid 2040s.

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