Friday, November 6, 2015

Excerpt from 'Sojourn': 'Takada's Dark Fantasies involving the Prophet Mohammed..."

“Well, the example I gave from my own life was the fantasy I have about the Prophet Mohammed and his wives. In the dreams I have, I travel back in time using Republic warp technology and entering the Prophet's home in the dead of night. As I enter, I sneak into the chambers of his wives, dressed in my finest Draconis Marunae Tropica styles, holding a knife in my hand. I lean down to each woman as she sleeps and put the blade to their throats, slitting them cleanly and licking... the blood from the knife edge. Once they lay dead, I creep into the Prophet's chamber and awaken him with a whisper in his ear. Within a few seconds, he is under my spell, and all night long I violate him in every possible way, cleansing the filth of Islam from his body and changing the history of the world for the better. The point I try to make here is that humans have the same animal instincts as any other species, however, our society and culture has dulled these instincts to the point where we think of ourselves as superior to all other forms of life. My stories and actions prove that we are not. Any species that has the arrogance to call itself anything more than an animal is rather ridiculous to me.”
Ai Takada, 'Sojourn.'

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