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Chapter 1: 'Mourning Soul' (Draft)

Mourning Soul

After the 1905 Revolution, things changed dramatically in Europe, to say the least. After the Russian Empire’s catastrophic defeat at the Battle of Tsushima, the Revolution destroyed the Old Empire, breaking Poland and the Baltic States free from Russian rule. By 1906, the catastrophic collapse of Russia left Eastern Europe in tatters, only adding to the drama that culminated in 1914, when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, after Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by Black Hand operative Gavrilo Princep. Without Russia to stop Austria-Hungary, the German Empire attempts to bring the German-speaking parts of Switzerland into the fold, which upsets France and Britain, dragging them into the all-out war rapidly roiling on the European continent, eventually Germany annexes all of Switzerland, and Austria-Hungary annexes all of Serbia, and both Britain and France are fighting on a huge Western Front by 1915. In July of 1915, Germany captures Paris without incident, and the Italian Empire joins on the side of Germany; after a bloody series of battles in France, all of France falls and the French colonies are awarded to Germany and Italy in the Treaty of Munich, signed in 1917, ending the First World War. France becomes a German protectorate, much to the chagrin of the French, and even more so, the British. The Royal Navy boxed in and crushed, Britain surrenders to the Austro-German Entente, and the Empire is partitioned, giving Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary the largest colonial Empires the world has ever seen. Austria-Hungary declares war on Romania. By 1918, Austria-Hungary crushes Romania and conquers it as a territory of its ever-expanding Empire, but in 1920, the United States calls upon the Council of Salzburg to proclaim a permanent peace, like after Napoleon’s war. France is returned to its pre-war borders, minus the colonies, of course, but Germany stays in control of Belgium and the Netherlands. Austria-Hungary and Germany are to unify into one massive “Greater Germania,” under the command of the Hohenzollern family. The unification boosts Greater Germania’s population to over 220 million people. By 1927, Poland’s three “Princess Regents” win power in the newly-independent Polish state, and the three leaders annex Lithuania and the Baltic States, intent on prying power away from the slowly reorganizing Russian state, now ruled under Marxism. By 1931, the Empires are at the peak of their power…but now a new threat appears on the horizon. Britain and France, slighted and deeply resentful of their defeats in WWI, organize themselves into Fascist states, and create a “London Axis,” terrifying Sweden, Norway, Turkey, and the smaller countries of Europe, and allowing them to flock around Greater Germania and Italy. By 1939, the USSR, the newly-centralized Communist Russian state, sides with France and Britain. The Second World War has begun, and it rages with twice the ferocity of the First World War. Greater Germania attacks France and Britain, while the Russian Red Army overruns Poland and Finland easily. The war turns in 1942, with Poland, Turkey and Greater Germania smashing the USSR’s borders with Sweden recapturing Estonia and Norway, Finland and Denmark becoming German protectorates. By 1943, Sweden destroys Leningrad, Poland marches into Kiev, and Germany advances onto British soil. The Monarchists conquer Moscow, triggering the USSR’s surrender in 1944; now all that remained was Britain, which fell in May of 1945. By 1946, Russia becomes a monarchy again, merging with Poland, creating the Empire of Greater Slavia, Hungary breaks off from Greater Germania, creating the Balkan Empire, but leaving the rest of Germany and Austria under Hohenzollern control. By 1950, the French monarchy is restored, as is the British one; Scandinavia unites into one Nordic Empire, and peace is finally restored to Europe under a new Imperial system, one moderated by the U.S. and, increasingly in the early 21st century, China. Now, in 2013, the global system is changing in ways no one ever thought possible, yet those changes might not be for the better.

  1. The Awkward Feeling…

“All rise for the entrance of the Grand Emperor of the European Council of Monarchs, Emperor Ludwig IV of the Greater German Empire and acting Grand Emperor of Europe!” The anthem “Hail to Thee in Victor’s Crown” played loudly as the European Council brass band saluted as the German Kaiser and temporarily-appointed Grand Emperor entered the room in a veritable lightning storm of camera flashes. Grand Emperor Ludwig IV was the youngest Grand Emperor ever to be appointed by the ECM, and he had just succeeded his recently-deceased father Rudolph V, from the House of Hohenzollern. This was to be his first address to the people of Europe and the other two Great Powers, China and the U.S., and as the cameras began to roll, his face appeared on every news channel in Europe, as the huge crowd of parliamentary representatives, nobles and aristocracy watched:

Greetings, my fellow European brethren, with the departure of my father to the green Earth, it is now time to open your eyes. A new era for European dominance is beginning; the Decolonization Act of 1988 forced the European powers to relinquish their hold on colonies that they possessed since the 17th century, and since then, what have the colonized peoples experienced? War. Terror. Disease. The myriad numbers of problems that have gripped the African and Asian continents since our departure have grown severe enough, that I see only one alternative: we must increase our presence in Africa and Asia again. Why not? Europe has always been the bastion of Western splendor, just as America has been for democracy and China for Eastern tradition. The German Imperial Navy contains 6 supercarriers and 500 other ships, from the Maas to Memel, from Vienna to Berlin, the Greater German Empire must unite and bring peace to this world. There is only one truth, and that is the hope our Fatherland brings. The Nordic Empire, the Slavic Empire, France, Britain, Italy, the Balkan Empire, Spain, Portugal and Germany, as well as the European Council of Monarchs, will make sure that peace is restored to Africa, but only to maintain order. The African people are necessarily inferior to Europeans; they are clearly unable to govern themselves and must always be subservient to other, more powerful and wiser men. All men are NOT created equal. Some are stronger, some are smarter, some are faster, and some are better looking than others. ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ ‘Thou shalt not steal.’ ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery.’ These ‘Commandments’ are little more than scare tactics written by the ancient Zionist conspirators, conquered by the Egyptians for the same reason that the African Negroes were conquered by the Germans. They were weak, inferior and frail in the face of their masters, which is why the Egyptian kingdom lasted so much longer than the Jewish one. There is only one truth: science and evolution, survival of the fittest and natural selection. Was this not the case, everyone would be equal. Therefore, atheism and science are not wrong; EQUALITY is wrong, unnatural and evil. Europe is headed in a new direction: a direction of order, reason and peace.”

The broadcast ended, and in response, the Imperial leaders cheered thunderously. “ALL HAIL EUROPA! ALL HAIL EUROPA!! ALL HAIL EUROPA!!” Not since the days of Communist Russia had Europe had completely atheist leader; most of Europe was extremely secularized as it was, except for one country: the Slavic Empire. With his deep Orthodox traditions, Czar Oleg III was extremely wary of the new Supreme Emperor, appointed to serve a 10-year term before the next monarch was rotated in. Even if he wasn’t Supreme Emperor, Ludwig was still the German Kaiser. Germany, China and the United States had the largest economies on Earth in 2013, and, despite Russia’s size, Germany was by far the strongest country in Europe, both militarily and economically. Germany’s industrial production was second only to China’s, and its military prowess stretched from Cuba to New Guinea, with ports, bases and naval stations all over the world. China, being a Marxist state, welcomed Europe’s secularization, but in the U.S., it was whole different story…

I, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge these duties; So help me God. Strength through unity, strength through faith, My battle will set me free.”

June 2013 in the United States came like any other high school graduation season, but the Loyalty Oath just recited in unison by every high school student across the U.S. was brand-new. This oath, that was compulsory in order to graduate high school, was just one part of a package called “The Loyalty Acts” directed at Americans, in a dogged effort to revive conservative, Christian traditions in the U.S. Other parts of package included a law that forced all public buildings, that is, those that receive public funding, to display a plaque on their door acknowledging the existence of a Christian God, emphasis on Christian. The laws also made it illegal to not say the Pledge of Allegiance in school every day at exactly 9:00 A.M. in its entirety, even Jews, Muslims and atheists were required to say “Under God” or be arrested and imprisoned for no less than 5 years for treason; 10-year olds were being arrested and dragged out of class for not saying the Pledge properly, and everyone else in the class was ordered to “look away” and “move along” in these cases. Synagogues and mosques, forced to place the “Christ Plaque” on their doors, were being bombed and torched by fanatical Christian patriots, and “Jew-hunts” were common in states like Florida and Texas, where citizens organized raiding parties to hunt and kill Jewish people for sport, as if they were some kind of game animal. In Miami-Dade County, Florida, a spring break celebration turned into a horror show when a group of armed men marched into an upscale neighborhood, carrying a list of every “slimy kike” in Miami. More than 33 Jewish people died in the raid, most of them between the ages of 15-35, before the massacre was ended by police. Though murder of Jews was still illegal, anti-Semitism was far more prevalent than had ever been seen before in America. In addition to the National Defense Authorization Act, and SOPA, the U.S. was beginning to resemble a Fascist dictatorship more and more every day. At this particular high school, the student that would have been the valedictorian was forbidden to graduate and actually expelled because he was atheist and refused to say “So Help Me God” in the Loyalty Oath. America had become less of a democracy and more of a Christian, conservative oligarchy, whose momentum had been building ever since the defeat of Communism at the end of WWII and the return of the European monarchies; even though constitutional, the American people strongly disapproved of a monarchical system in the 21st century. Christianity had always been used as a way to distinguish American virtue from European vice, at least since the 1950s and the creation of the European Council of Monarchs. As the graduation ceremony began, a nationwide message from President John O’Hara, a staunch Republican, began playing on the huge projection screens surrounding the green…just then, however, the screen fizzled a bit, and then, a very different individual appeared on the screen. She was tall, very pretty, had long, black hair, green eyes, a sapphire Celtic cross necklace, diamond earrings, a gold bracelet around her right wrist, and a huge red and black dress. Mozart’s Lachrymose” played in the background, out of the speakers.

My fellow American scientists, now is the time to open your eyes. In a stunning move that has civil libertarians and the rest of the developed world stuttering with disbelief, the U.S. Senate has just passed a bill that effectively ends the free practice of science in America. The Intellectual Parity Act is being called the most anti-intellectual act ever witnessed in the Senate, and the language of the bill is clearly designed to make you think that it doesn’t apply to anything other than government-sponsored research, but towards the end of the bill, it states that the Act can apply to independent research if the government wants it to. The bill declares the U.S. to be a ‘safe zone’ for all beliefs and creeds, which is not objectionable, but what is objectionable is that federal law now requires teachers to teach religion in science classes and give a separate grade to students based on their religious piety. This grade, called the “God Mark,” is given based on a student’s current religious beliefs and potential to grow spiritually, but the outrage is that this grade cannot be increased, only decreased, and the God Mark is now looked at with just as much weight as a student’s SAT scores or academic grades in college application. The passage of this law is the final nail in the coffin for any atheist aspiration of success in America. As if forcing conservative American dogma on high school students to earn their diploma wasn’t Fascist enough, the U.S. Senate wants to prevent anyone who may sneak through the cracks from ever advancing past high school. The passage of this law is no less than an outright declaration of war on American science by the politically, religiously, economically and militarily-connected power elite. As a Christian and a scientist myself, I can say that once this is signed into law, it will shred the remnants of the Bill of Rights and unleash upon America a total Christian dictatorship, complete with religious indoctrination, secret police forces, and no human rights at all. The U.S. government doesn’t want me to speak; I suspect that even now the Secret Service will soon be on its way. Why? Because while oppression is used in lieu of scholarly debate, words will always retain their power. Words offer a medium to strike back against an oppressor in a way that no military or police force can stop, and where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have priests and government officials telling you that if you do not follow their rules, you will die in a fiery pit of Hell. How did this happen? Who’s to blame? Well, there are certainly those more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable, but truth be told, if you’re looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror. I know why you did it; I know you were afraid…who wouldn’t be? War. Terror. Economic ruin. There were myriad problems that served to corrupt your reasoning and rob you of your common sense. Fear got the best of you, and in your panic, you turned to the now President in Command and former Police Commissioner of New York City John O’Hara. He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent. Now, as the spring turns to summer again, I say that we take the fight right to them in the greatest revolution the world has ever seen, because none of us are as cruel as all of us.”

By this point, the police were already on the scene, watching in rage. Who was this idiot, and who was she to suddenly interrupt the President’s speech to America’s youth?! She was directly quoting a message by the hacker group “Anonymous,” which had come to the defense of Internet freedom and freedom in general. Regardless of what the police thought, the message was seen at every high school in America, and like the woman had said, words, once said, couldn’t be unsaid. The police immediately had that awkward feeling, one like the kind you get when you know that you’re completely fucked. “It’s going to be a loooooong day…”

  1. If I Was Dying of Terminal Cancer, No One Would Care.

“Well, it didn’t take us long to figure out who she is…” FBI director James Henry said to the Department of Homeland Security Director Aaron Giles, in regards the hacking case. Henry placed a file on a table and opened it. “Her name’s Nathana Pineau, she was a pharmacist who earned $170,000 a year at age 28, had a house in Miami and in New York, and, judging by her appearance, could probably have any man she wanted.” “Why would she want to give all that up just to mouth off to a bunch of high school graduates?” “Apparently, she grew weary of what she believes are American ‘injustices’ and decided to launch her own campaign against us. It’s amazing what psychosis can do to someone.” “That or being the daughter of a convicted Irish Republican Army operative. Patrick Pineau was arrested and thrown in prison for 10 years for the mere suspicion of conspiring against the British Crown, the European Council of Monarchs viewed him as a threat, and it appears that the family tradition lives on in America. Therefore, she must be viewed as a threat to the O’Hara administration and the American people. That’s why we’re putting her on the Most Wanted List.” Henry said. “Psychotic terrorists that spread messages of hate and disloyalty to our children deserve no mercy. The American way is the only way. That’s why the FBI will pull out all stops to see that this criminal is brought to justice.” “Do we know where she is?” “Yes. She’s in Berlin.” “Shit…they’ll never extradite her. The German Empire is deeply resentful of the United States, and someone who opposes us will be protected. Keep in mind that this is not some third-world dictator or warlord we’re dealing with, this is the German Empire and the entire European Council of Monarchs, not to mention Kaiser Ludwig IV is the acting Supreme Emperor of Europe, and a virulent atheist. China will likely get involved in this as well, but our only real solution here is the Slavic Empire. If the United States can form an alliance with the Slavs, we might be able to turn the ECM against itself. Either way, I’ve got a bad feeling about this…” “Don’t. If they won’t turn her over, we’ll get her ourselves. President O’Hara is already aware of the situation, and he’s got Delta Force troops going into Germany now. We’ll hit her where she least expects it.”

“In the name of our Lord in Heaven, as God as my Witness, I pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride.” Nathana and her longtime boyfriend, Daniel Maldonado were married that day in Berlin, just hours after Nathana delivered her address to the students in America. Her bridesmaids, the members of her sorority in college, looked on with adoring eyes, as did the groom’s best man. Little did they know what was about to happen…just then, gunshots rang out in the crowd as people began to yell and panic. “They’re here!! American Delta Force!!!” The wedding turned into a bloodbath. Nathana’s sorority sisters were shot dead in pools of their blood, as was Daniel. As the massacre raged, the wedding photographer snapped a picture of the massacre, with Nathana, wearing her bridal gown, standing in the center of the carnage, screaming, with tears streaming down her face. Moments later, Nathana was shot dead. The Delta Force commandos beat a hasty retreat, and as the German authorities arrived, they found the camera, and the photo of the massacre.

“Horror.” “Unspeakable act of terror.” “Wedding War.” These were the words that appeared on newspapers and news Web pages all over the world the following morning. The picture of Nathana screaming appeared on the covers of the newspapers, and enraged the world.

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