Friday, October 30, 2015

The Dark, Disturbing Nature of 'Sojourn's Main Antagonist...and Why I Will Probably Never Have a Girlfriend as A Result.

'Sojourn' is an epic science fiction space opera series, set in the far future where Mankind has become almost completely inorganic as a result of exponential technological growth. As such, as humanity's abilities grew, their humanity shrunk. leading to some truly dark and disturbing elements of this future society. The greatest of these, depicted in the series, is the main antagonist character, Countess Toni-Medici Fecchiera, an inhuman amalgam of technology and Mankind's darkest horrors, all rolled into one demented package. She resembles Frida Kahlo's worst nightmare after taking a hit of acid, according to some who have seen the character sketches for this character, and what she does to people, especially children, is nothing short of nightmarish. As a result of this character, I have had several difficulties in real life, ranging from death threats, police investigations, false rumors being spread about me and having every single woman I have ever tried to start a romantic relationship with think I'm a complete psychopath and never return a single phone call or Facebook message, ever. Still, the character has literary merit in the fact that it shows that no matter how advanced technology becomes, the only truly human thing about Countess Toni is her capacity for evil.

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