Friday, October 30, 2015

Character profiles, 'Sojourn'

Character Synopses of The Two Main Characters in “Sojourn”

    1. Munraito Hikari no Sukui (Moonlight of Salvation)

Physical Appearance: He stands more than 6 feet tall, like most of the male colonists on Oumi, but, as his name suggests, his skin is extraordinarily pale, like the purest light from a silver moon. He has azure blue eyes and neatly-combed black hair. He is usually clad in the modest yet imposing outfit of the Lightbringer Order, but at festival times, he wears the ceremonial regalia of the Lightbringer High Priests. The Lightbringer Order is an ancient order of monks that lives in Heiei Castle on Oumi, a colony world in the Heaven's Gate Galaxy, the only permanently-settled world this far from Earth, the center of the United Human Republic.

Character Description: Munraito Hikari no Sukui is a young man with extraordinary powers, but a very dark secret. Born on Oumi, more than 500 million light-years from Earth, he lives on one of the most distantly-settled planets in the Republic. Few ships ever come out that far from Earth and the Inner Colonies, giving Oumi a very close-knit dynamic that is unlike anything else in the Republic. Munraito received his honorific “no Sukui” as a result of his phenomenal dedication to the Lightbringer Order. At the age of 25, he became the youngest Grand Master of the Order ever, having mastered Hyperspace Meditation and Quantum Jumping. This ability allowshim to travel to any place in time or space in an instant, observing the Universe through a lens all his own. He is very young, but truly wise beyond his years: he carries himself with the sophistication and poise of someone twice his age, whichcan make him appear arrogant to those who do not know him or are unfamiliar with the culture on Oumi, a world tidally-locked to a red-dwarf star, Amaterasu. On Oumi, a level of manners and sophistication is expected from every member of society, politeness is valued above all, and men are expected to be gentlemen to everyone they meet. Munraito’s bearing and conduct are the epitome of adherence to Oumi social code, and he is admired by all who meet him. However, this radiant young man is not who he seems to be. When he was growing up, his family noticed that he exhibited very odd behaviors that did not seem normal for a child. He would aggressively seek the brightest source of light in his home and simply stand under it, as if he was absorbing luminescence like a plant. He also showed profound leadership skills and talents at a very young age.Above all, he did not tolerate being bullied or made fun of., Munraito made sure that anyone who chose to mock him never bothered him again, and the teachers were never able to figure out exactly how he dealt with bullying. One thing was certain, however: anyone who bullied him or his closest friend and classmate, Haruna Otohime, deeply regretted it for the rest of their lives. No one, not even Haruna, could comprehend the true power contained within this young man, and how it would forever reshape the Universe.

    1. Haruna Otohime

Physical Appearance: She is six feet one inch tall with long, silky orange-red hair and blue eyes, just like Munraito's, athough her skin is not as pale. She usually dresses in simplistic, yet stylish outfits that reflect a European upper class, thanks to her teenage years spent traveling aboard the New Berlin Space Colony, a gigantic starship that endlessly travels through space, serving as a home for more than 35 million people. While aboard the New Berlin Space Colony, she has become fully naturalized into the European culture.,. This ship is just one of thousands like it, serving as homes for billions of people, endlessly traveling through Republic space; most citizens of the Republic live on a space colony, rather than a planet. Despite the Republic's size, very few planets are actually permanently settled, and humanity has adapted very well to life in space. Haruna lived aboard this colony for more than 15 years, spending her teenage years there and attending University aboard the ship, getting a job with the Republic Planetary Science Commission before she was reunited with Munraito, her childhood friend, upon her return to Oumi at the time of Sakura Matsuri, the Cherry Blossom Festival. She and Munraito standing next to each other are a very imposing couple, to say the least; with her long, striking orange hair and Munraito's chalk-white skin, there is no one quite like them anywhere else in the Republic.

Character Traits: If Munraito is a man of great power and prestige, then Haruna can be best described as a warrior, a product of a tortured existence. Less than a month after Munraito left for the Lightbringer Academy on Oumi, Haruna's parents were brutally murdered as she watched from the staircase in her house; the assailant was about to turn his gun on Haruna, when suddenly, he was felled by an overwhelming, unrelenting force that seared the flesh from his bones...all while Haruna watched helplessly. Orphaned by the crime, she had no one that was willing to take her in, except the Viceroy of the Orna Cyl Imperium, Lord Annunaki, aboard the New Berlin Space Colony. The lordly Viceroy told the 11-year old Haruna that her arrival on New Berlin was a new beginning, and that she would one day meet the being who saved her from her parents' murderer. She was raised by Lord Annunaki and the Baron-Administrators of the New Berlin Space Colony, finding a new life aboard the starship and staying in touch with the being who saved her from her parents' killer, whom she called “Angel.” However, life was still very difficult for her, reaching adolescence and seeking romance like most teenage girls did, but with far, far more baggage than your typical teenage girl, and with a much, much more mature, somber outlook on life as a result. After 4 failed relationships, two of which were highly abusive, Haruna gave up on romance for good. By age 25, she was already immensely successful, despite her early struggles, obtaining a prestigious position with the Republic Planetary Science Commission and working on the Intergalactic Species Catalog, trying to catalog ever form of life known to Mankind throughout the known Universe...that is, until she was reunited with her childhood friend, Munraito Hikari no Sukui...and embarked on a journey with him across the stars, knowing nothing of what they would find on the various worlds where Haruna had visited for the past 14 years.

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