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Chapter 1: "Type-III" (Draft)

Some said that the corporations, when they took over, were evil...some said our freedom was in jeopardy, and that progress was not worth the cost...little did we know...they were right. The corporations had roots that went far deeper than anyone could have imagined, EuroCorp was actually the public face of the Teutonic Knights, which put atheists in power just to kill them all and sieze control of Europe when the time was right , looking like heroes for the Christians of the world once again, using ancient artifacts to attain unfathomable powers. Memelland Pharmaceuticals was the public face of the Order of the Dragon, led in reality by a devilish woman named Erzevet Waldheim, and the Guild was actually run by the Order of St. George, a English Christian chivalric order, trying to bring America back under British control as a Holy Theocracy...we found out too late, that chivalry was NOT dead...but we now wish it was...if anyone reads this, let them know that we are alive...and still fighting for freedom...

Arthur Welsburg, guerilla fighter, circa 2070 A.D.

2065 A.D.

Prologue-Sinking Ship

This is Admiral Jake Haas, the carrier is in position to attack, Chief.” The CO of the huge aircraft carrier U.S.S. Liberty and its battle group, which consisted of 3 Montana-class cruisers, a New York-class AA ship, and 2 Eisenhower-class guided-missile cruisers, radioed on the SATCOM to Hawaii Pacific Command at Pearl Harbor. “Perfect, here’s a little air support in the form of 3 hypersonic aircraft strikes, ETA 5 minutes.” “Ah, the wonders of technology. 125 years before, during WWII, when the last major confrontation took place in the Pacific, it was impossible to call in air strikes from Hawaii when you were about 300 miles from the Philippines. However, in 2065, a golden era for the United States, aircraft, more often than not, were the size of a compact car, unmanned and flew at Mach 35. These planes were launching from their catapults at Pearl Harbor and would strike the Greater Korean Federation positions at Manila; North Korea had unified Korea a few decades prior into a massive Pacific power, it had annexed Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and was now closing in on the Philippines, which had resisted Korean intrusions because of the U.S. presence there. Korean hypersonic aircraft strikes were sinking ship after ship, forcing the U.S. to rely on submarines, which weren’t too effective in invasion scenarios. Admiral Haas was taking a big risk here, they were confident that the Battle Grid in orbit was scanning at 100%, looking for Korean hypersonic launch systems or nuclear weapons silos. The Korean Navy was the premier power in Asia, and Korea was now just as brutal as ever. Most people that Korea conquered were sent to labor camps, brainwashed, tortured and slaughtered outright, it was a thoroughly Stalinist state, a sinister and extremely powerful, but anachronistic state. Having purchased huge stocks of weapons from China, Korea was a major military power. The Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army and Supreme Leader of Korea, Kim Jung-Moon, a descendent of Kim Il-Sung, now controlled a huge communist Empire. However, the rest of the developed world, meaning Europe, Russia, as well as all the former USSR republics, and North America, was under the control of enormous mega-companies, or “Trusts.” Three Trusts ruled over the three regions, Russia and the former USSR states were controlled by Memelland Pharmaceutical Industries, based in St. Petersburg, the European Union, having lost the Baltic States to Russia again, consisted of the entirety of Europe, from Portugal to the border with Ukraine and Belarus, from Denmark to the Balkans, this was under the control of EuroCorp, a huge, German technology and scientific research syndicate that researched and developed any science branch you can think of, from psychology to neurological medicine, and had advanced technology to a ridiculous level, thanks to lack of regulations, virulent suppression of religious objections, and budget constraints. The CEO, Rudolph Von Der Tan, was a 50-year old German technology genius who had many German artifacts in his office, including a Fredrick the Great-era Iron Cross medal, a Teutonic Knight helmet and sword, a Hohenzollern flag, a Nazi-era SS flag, Prussian infantry swords and various cuckoo clocks made in Bavaria, as well as marionettes and beer steins. As Supreme Leader of Europe, his technology was the most advanced ever seen, the continuation of the European tradition from the Middle Ages; what started in 1300 as a stirring in the dark soul of a backwards continent had evolved by 2065 as a unified Imperial state, every country on the European Continent, minus the Baltic States, was under the control of the European Corporate Council in Berlin, Germany. Von Der Tan was not afraid to gloat about his Empire’s technological achievements, he had invented anti-matter engines for spacecraft; which could be used to generate a “dark mass-effect,” allowing faster than light travel, and these were currently in testing stages, room-temp superconductors, starting a Second Industrial Revolution, the Age of Magnetism, and creating the most advanced weaponry ever seen. However, there were other, more persistent and troubling rumors that threatened this supreme power, economy and prestige, such as the rumor that the government had abducted 29-year old weather forecaster Kathryn Selene from her home and killed her fiancĂ©e for “sedition,” and using Kathryn as a guinea pig for a new brain-stimulation serum injected through her skull without anesthesia. However, that was “mere slander” according the European Council, and there were also many other under-the-rug secrets that the government was trying to hide…terrible ones of torture, humiliation and tyranny, as well as arbitrary justice and cruel punishments, such as forced slavery for young women and labor-camp relocation for young men; the girls were rated as Tier 1, being the prettiest, sweetest and most attractive ones, or as Tier 2, meaning all the others. Both Tiers were often used in the same way, more often as house slaves or, occasionally, for hard labor, such as at enormous construction sites for huge skyscrapers and factories, often while being demeaned and cruelly treated by the foremen. Not only European citizens were vulnerable to this, some American women were occasionally shipped off to Europe if their arrestors could make a profit off of them. Even more disturbing was that this was legal; anything that made money is what the corporate governments looked for. Men often faced torture and labor as well, as crime in the European Empire was treated the same way as it was in the ancient Roman Empire: brutally and savagely. Rudolph would have no crime in his Empire. Not to mention, Rudolph was the biggest and most virulent atheists ever, Jews, Christians and Muslims, however, were treated as second-class citizens, often refused jobs by their employers, victims of violence, and even deportation, at least, according to rumor. Bible-burnings, anti-Semitic sentiments and discrimination against Muslims, as was always the case in Europe even before the corporate Imperial takeover, It was Christians that took the brunt of the government’s attacks, they were called “idiots, vermin, filth, subhuman and backward-facing Bible thumpers,” and that conservative, Christian values worldwide were a curse on this planet, they were only good when dead, as their preachy-preachy nonsense against the progression of science and technology into evolution, genetic research and abortions, as well as drug-testing on human beings. The scientific, atheist government called Christians “barely even human” for what they considered to be “evil.” In the government’s eyes, the Christians were evil for blocking the research on scientific principles that could only help humanity, with scant regard for the sanctity of human life or morality. To make matters worse for religious people, most of the European Empire’s citizens shared this view, so there was no place for Jews, Christians or Muslims to hide. Occasional pogroms happened, like the one in Breslau in 2063, where a young, wealthy Jewish woman was caught kissing a “loyal” follower of the European atheist policies, and a mob of angry citizens formed a militia to destroy every Jew in the city, as well as every “Jewbag” business in Breslau. The government actually awarded the riot leader, a European patriot and atheist named Erik Miezko, age 24. The pogrom was started not just because of the Jewess having a relationship with an atheist, but because Erik was the young woman’s fiancĂ©, she was being unfaithful; Erik found out about it and used the racial and religious connotations as an excuse to kill her and every other Jew in Breslau. Though Erik was born Jewish, he had renounced his faith and became atheist out of choice, not by government mandate. The pogrom was made into a propaganda film, called “The End of Faith.” Poland, which still had a large Jewish population, was the site of most of the Empire’s medical research labs, and these labs were not above using “social deviants” as test subjects; nor were religious people anywhere else truly safe. the European Navy, headquartered in Copenhagen, with various other ports, such as Kiel, Brest, Nordkapp, Lisbon, Portsmouth, Venice and Seville, was a truly global force, spearheaded by its huge aircraft carriers, SSBN submarines and fast-missile cruisers, two of which, the ECS (EuroCorp Ship) Scharnhorst and Gneisenau, were perhaps the most vicious non-carrier warships in existence, at 900 feet long and 45,000 tons, with nuclear propulsion and more missile launchers and cannons that you could shake a stick at, they were also the largest non-carrier surface warships in service; they had sunk 14 pirate vessels in the Indian Ocean…14 each. Using anti-ship missiles, machine guns, rail guns and directed-energy weapons, most ships didn’t have a chance, even hypersonic missiles were rendered all but useless against the two ships, as their laser-based point defense grid stopped any projectile coming in with 98% accuracy, not perfect, but still very powerful. Even more frighteningly, Europe was organized into a Darwinist state…the government provided no assistance to its people, allowing for total self-sufficiency and business opportunities. Finally, North America was unified into a vast corporate Empire with the lead governing body, called “The Guild,” which consisted of a bank, an entertainment company, a technology company, an industrial company, and a pharmaceutical corporation, each with their own flag, ruling over the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The man that Admiral Haas was on the SATCOM with was the CEO of one of the Big Five Companies in government, Quantum Industrial Productions, who was in charge of making every weapon, ship, vehicle or military hardware that the U.S. used, CEO Logan Barclay. What kept the corporate nations together was a computer chip, implanted in the brain of an individual, who’s mind would be altered to receive orders from the corporate government, and would actually instruct and alter a person’s thought patterns to live a happy and prosperous life, their lives were pre-programmed into their bodies at birth. If a person deviated, the company would take control of the person, forcing him or her back on the proper path to benefit the company and maximize profit. It wasn’t much in the way of liberty, but it kept the machine running smoothly. Just a few minutes after the hypersonic aircraft were launched, they came zooming in and dropped precision-guided munitions on Korean positions, destroying the opposition to the U.S. landing barges. “All right then, begin the air strikes from the carrier, and launch the drop-ships, we’re gonna’ kick some commie ass!” Just as the Ares supercommandos, an evolution of the Delta Force squads used by the U.S. before the corporate takeover, donned their “ODIN-III” blue and white, shielded exoskeleton armor, complete with active camouflage devices, jet packs and backpack-mounted missiles, fired directly from the backpack-jetpack itself, concealed lasers and Taser darts; the armor was also resistant to radiation, EMP grenades and the vacuum of space for about 30 minutes. A wrist-gauntlet blade made the soldier almost invincible, though bullets, lasers and rockets could still bring the recharging shields down, making the commando vulnerable to damage, and armed with M-30 SOPMOD assault rifles with “corner shot” technology, the torpedo alarm blared loudly. “Incoming enemy torpedo! Activate the point-defenses!” It was too late; the Admiral had made a critical error. Assuming that the carrier was too powerful and that a threat would easily be detected by SONAR scans, Haas had neglected to activate the anti-torpedo defenses. The explosion not only ripped through the 3-meter thick hull like a hot knife through butter, it shut down the ship’s power grid. The explosion had triggered the nuclear reactor’s panic switch, and an apparent EMP charge turned the U.S.S. Liberty into a slowly-sinking 103,000-ton hulk of metal. “Activate the pumps! Seal the watertight doors!” “Negative! Power is completely fried! That EMP fucked us up completely!” “ENEMY TORPEDO SPOTTED!” “SHIT!!” Admiral Haas screamed as a second EMP torpedo ripped his ship apart, the emergency klaxon blared a warning. “Initiate Protocol 44, we’re abandoning the ship. “Oh my God…Oh my God…” one of the bridge crew yelled over the roar of water pouring into the ship and the klaxon blaring. One drop-ship had launched already, but the dying Liberty was not the only ship being hit. As the listing of the ship to port became more pronounced, it became clear that the ship was going to sink…then, the huge carrier capsized with a massive, 100-foot splash wave. The other ships in the battle group were sinking as well. There were no survivors of Battle Group Liberty, save the one drop-ship that escaped, now stranded in the air, with absolutely nowhere to run or escape to…

“What the fuck is going on?!” the commander of the squad, James Slate, codenamed “Cardinal,” for his deep Catholic faith, said though his helmet communicator. “With all due respect, sir, it’s obviously a Korean submarine.” Robert Sandler, codenamed “Holy Land,” for his Israeli nationality, “Are you kidding, Jewboy? Korea has nothing even close to what that did to our ship! Two torpedoes sinking a supercarrier? I doubt that was Korean, to say the least.” Colin Sykes, codenamed “Psychopath,” retorted. “Then what was it, then?” “We’ve got a missile locked!” the pilot yelled, just as a missile zoomed out of the water directly at the dropship, but thankfully, the four-man squad’s armor protected them from debris and the explosion, as the blast only hit the cockpit. Nevertheless, they were going down. “Lock your armor and brace for impact!!” Cardinal yelled, as the dropship plummeted into the ocean with a ground-shattering thud…then, everything went black...

About 3 minutes later, the squad came to, right next to a massive submarine; this had surfaced right next to the burning wreckage, and almost as long as the carrier that it presumably had sunk. Their armor had prevented injury, and, as such, the four men climbed up on top of the sub; it looked unlike any warship ever seen before, it was made of brown titanium armor, with a huge acrylic sphere at the bow, allowing the crew full-panoramic views of the ocean world, as well as a conning tower a few yards behind them. Presumably, the ship was armed with torpedoes and missiles as well. “Well, I guess we’re performing a boarding action…” “What? Four men can’t take a supercarrier-sized submarine!” “Can’t” is not in my vocabulary. There’s nothing we can’t do Now, get aboard this boat. There’s the conning tower, let’s move. Gun safeties off, we’re likely going to run into armed hostiles. Prepare for hard contact.” The squad climbed the ladder into the conning tower, and descended into the ship…into unknown dangers.

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