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Chapter 1: 'Deus Ex Boyfriend' (Draft)


5 years after the super-eruption on Earth forced the humans to the new planet of Aurelia, 14 new nations were carved out, the largest being Wolfe, formed by British colonists as a massive continental and naval power on the scale of the old USSR, being comparable to the size of North America and occupying a whole continent in the rainy Northeast Quadrant of Aurelia, with a climate not unlike that of London on Earth, However, unlike the USSR, Wolfe’s entire territory is heavily settled and industrialized, with residential areas stretching for miles and miles, huge skyscrapers in the various cities all over the country. Flying the Union Jack flag with a howling wolf’s shadow superimposed over it, Wolfe’s population is close to 500 million, the whole population of North America before the eruption. It is rivaled in size and power only by the Empire of the Intellectualists, founded by Russian settlers, and the Columbia-Felix Republic, settled by American colonists. These three countries cover massive amounts of territory, Columbia-Felix covers 22 million square miles, the Russian Intellectualist Empire covers 25 million, and Wolfe covers a whopping 30 million square miles. These three countries got the lion’s share when it came to resources, with the other countries forming a patchwork of smaller states, but still, each country covered no fewer than 3 million square miles. The three superpowers have vast armies, navies and air forces, and have been fighting against a mysterious warrior species on Aurelia, a force of huge, bird-like bipeds called Tau’ung, living in communes much like the Native Americans did. They are still a Stone Age society, but maintain a valiant warrior tradition and are a constant threat to settlers in all 14 nations. However, as one leader of Wolfe consolidates her power, those opposed to her are considering the unthinkable…forming an alliance with the Tau’ung tribes, who, after 5 years of incessant war and decimation with the human colonists, are desperate for assistance.

My Journal-Entry 1.-Noelle Swann

Well, when I arrived in my new house in the lovely little town of Mammoth Lakes, California, I felt like a slave liberated from bondage. I had just graduated from UCLA and my family finally allowed me to live in one of their beautiful ski lodges; I lived a privileged life as a girl, getting whatever I wanted just for asking sweetly, and in college, just by giving a young man my “sexy” face, as those who had a crush on me called it, or promising to kiss them if they took me to dinner, I lived a good life, to say the least. I always did break a lot of hearts. Some may call me a spoiled, stunning rich girl; however, they’re just jealous of me. But then again, who wouldn’t be? My house is overlooking the ski slopes on a hill near the pine forests; I can see the ski lodge at Mammoth Mountain from the huge bay windows overlooking the valley below, which I’ll certainly enjoy sitting in the warmth of my house on cold, winter days, with a blanket over me and a cup of tea, while I watch my favorite T.V. shows, mostly dealing with the subject of social drama…ah, the pleasures of life. I remember moving in and seeing a 15-year old boy, a skier, looking at me and asking his mother if I was an angel. I waved and smiled at him, just to make him happy. Now, I’ve been here for about a month, and I’ve been skiing in the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area twice in the past 3 weeks, and the view of the vast Long Valley Caldera, and the resurgent dome from the still-active caldera, the five-dollar word for a volcanic crater, where many houses are built. Mammoth Mountain is on the western edge of the Caldera, and Glass Mountain is on the eastern edge, I knew these terms very well, as I studied geology at UCLA, which is why I chose to live here. Long Valley, despite its beauty, is the site of a magnitude 8 eruption 760,000 years ago, making the Caldera a super-volcano, and one of the most dangerous ones in the world, as the other three active super-calderas, Toba, Yellowstone and Taupo, appear to be rather benign at the moment. Then again, Long Valley is “green,” right now, given the color code used by geologists to measure volcanic activity. Green means no threat, yellow means “watch” orange means “eruption likely,” red means “eruption imminent.” Also used is a scale of 1-4. Well, that was work for me anyway; I started my new job at the Long Valley USGS Observatory two weeks ago. I like it there, and as of this entry, it is February 1, 2239, I have work again tomorrow, so I conclude this entry for tonight. It’s 10:00 P.M, and I need some sleep.

  1. Meeting

“Well, that was nice; I think I’ll turn on the news before work…” Noelle thought, upon seeing the 3-D television. She blinked her eyes twice, and the T.V. opened up…on her wall. Everything by 2239 was completely computerized, even clothing had smart-dust, or miniature computer chips inside of it. As soon as you woke up, you went online. The news headlines were gloomy as usual in American media, the top two economies, the U.S. and China were in a tense position, as, being the top two powers with global spheres of influence, most of the world, though intricately interlinked to such a degree that national borders, in some cases, were becoming meaningless, relied on the Two Tigers, as they were referred to, for almost everything, Most, if not all of the world’s technology was developed in China or the U.S., with inventions such as room-temperature superconductors, allowing robotic, GPS-guided cars to travel thousands of miles with little or no fuel and levitate, as well as pharmaceuticals that prolonged people’s lives to 150 years maximum, dominating headlines in these two countries. The position that the Two Tigers found themselves in that day was dealing with the possibility of a Russian Civil War, much like the one in the 1920s, between Whites and Reds. However, Russia was now divided along economic lines, those wanting traditional free-market capitalism, and those wanting a new breed of capitalism, called “intellectual capitalism;” with technology and science being as advanced as they were, in some industries, the true cost of a product now meant the cost of downloading the schematics. It was innovation and technology, not empire, which determined power now, giving China and the U.S. an insurmountable advantage. Russia, a very wealthy country as it was, though not a global power, could easily become one if intellectual capitalism were to become the dominant form of economic activity, as Russia had vast tracts of resources for a resource-starved world, as well as some of the best computer designers on Earth, though the cost to global security and the Russian people, as well as the CIS countries, independent for more than a century now, would be immense; if the Intellectualists won control of Russia, Russia’s borders would, within 5 years, look like the Russian borders in the 1930s, controlling all of Eurasia, from the Arctic to the Hindu Kush, from Klaipeda to Vladivostok. However, the age-old battle between liberal reform and conservatism was about to boil over into a Civil War in Russia. Already, British SAS commandos and U.S. Marine Force Recon troops were conducting clandestine operations in Rostov-on-Don, the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. “Well, the world’s in great shape…not.” Noelle thought. Civil war in Russia meant that the U.S. and China would get involved, and send troops into the Siberian winter hellhole to stop a total collapse of the Russian state, most likely supporting the Intellectualists, led by an unknown radical identified only as “Light.” U.S., Chinese and British carriers were already in various positions, the U.S.’ 95,000-ton carriers were in the Adriatic, China’s carriers of a similar size were in the Sea of Okhotsk, and Britain’s ships were near Vladivostok. However, Russia was not work. Noelle had to get going, and she had a day of filing seismograph reports and analysis of volcanic gas emissions from the field scientists collecting data around the Caldera itself. She was already dressed and ready, and stepped out the door into the cold mountain air; she typed a few keys on her door’s computer console, and the garage door opened automatically, with her hovering, robotic car, a German Mercedes-Benz M-300S Class, rolled out by itself, on its own power. The doors, sensing Noelle’s movements, opened by themselves. Even in the year 2239, Germany still produced the best and most luxurious cars, despite the European nations’ small individual economies, they were, together as the European Union, just as rich as the Two Tigers, and most European nations had AAA credit ratings, as well as America, whose debt crisis was finally resolved by the 2020s, and China. “Das Auto” was still the motto of the colossal German vehicle industry, they were still #3 in exports, behind China and India, which had not managed to become a superpower, but a considerable regional hegemony, #4 was the U.S. Noelle’s car was more than $65,000, her parents had spoiled her rotten; she was the only child of two California real-estate moguls; made rich by trade with Chinese and American property markets, which gave California a $6 trillion GDP, richer than any individual European nation by itself, even Germany. She sat down in the driver’s seat, pressed a few buttons on the GPS console, programmed the robotic autopilot and pressed the button that closed the doors, and she was off in her ritzy black Mercedes, with the Mercedes logo on the front of the car’s hood. In the self-driving car, she took the time to put her makeup on, making herself look as pretty as possible for work; as the car drove through Mammoth Lakes, she looked out the window at the ski lodges and houses, covered in fresh snow, reflecting sunlight blindingly. Noelle pressed a button automatically activating window tint. The car merged onto a short road, and in just 20 minutes, she was at work. Her car, because of its robotic and GPS guidance systems as well as emergency protocol systems, was nearly accident-proof. “Car crashes” were almost unheard of. If a car did get into an accident, it was usually the fault of a driver’s carelessness in not checking his systems regularly before getting in the car. Roads these days were bordered by guardrails that opposed cars via strong magnets, and the roads themselves had millions of tiny magnets in the pavement, maintaining the maglev features of the cars, powered by superconductors with little or no fuel. As Noelle activated her car’s anti-theft system, she walked into the office, wearing her new $600 business outfit purchased in San Francisco, this was sure to turn heads; it was a very pretty black suit with gold buttons, complementing her long brown hair and big, alluring blue eyes. As she turned and walked into the office; she took her nametag and placed it on her shirt, and walked past some of the younger employees who were also just out of college, or still in as interns; one complemented her on her outfit, and she smiled and waved at him, in a very polite sort of way. Noelle walked over to the main field scientist, Dr. Charles Noll, and asked about the reports of the previous night. “Any eruptions forecasted?” Noelle asked rhetorically, Surprisingly, Dr. Noll had a different answer. “Well, we’ve had more activity here than normal, that’s for sure.” “You’re kidding, right?” “Well, having several quakes along the eastern rim of the Caldera at magnitude 5.5-6.0 near Lake Crowley and an uplift of the central caldera by 10 feet overnight, in my humble opinion, is no joke. Check the seismic recordings.” Noelle sat down and looked at the data. It was astonishing. This was the most activity seen at Long Valley in recorded history. More than 300 earthquakes were recorded around the East Rim between Glass Mountain and Lake Crowley, not to mention the geothermal readings and hot springs were boiling much faster and more furiously than normal. Most of the hot springs were closed to swimming and the sulfur dioxide gas emerging from the ground was starting to kill trees. “Wow…you think that USGS in Washington will up-list the caldera to a 2?” “I can’t say, but pressure from Congress and the government to not incite panic, as well FEMA’s pressure to take this seriously against Congress is going to inhibit action, and a volcano waits for no one. With all due speed, it should, but I’m not in charge.” Noelle understood the issue. Issuing an up-list from a Level 1 (no threat) to a Level 2 (watch) on a volcano somewhere in the world was an everyday occurrence, but just by issuing a 2 to any volcano in the U.S. was enough to make the average American jumpy. Unless you lived in the Cascade Range or Hawaii, the average American didn’t worry about volcanoes, let alone Long Valley Caldera, a super-volcano, one of the four known active super-calderas, the other three being Toba in Sumatra, which erupted cataclysmically 74,000 years prior, almost wiping humanity off the face of the Earth, Yellowstone, which last erupted 630,000 years before, and Taupo in New Zealand, which last erupted in 181 A.D., though its last super-eruption was 22,600 years prior. Just a hint that something might be happening at Long Valley Caldera would be enough to trigger the USGS’ worst nightmare: a publicity storm that would be as big as the eruption itself. “By the way, we had a young man come in here saying he was looking for you this past weekend, I told him you weren’t working weekends yet.” “Oh…who?” “I don’t know, but he said to me to give you this.” Dr. Noll said, handing Noelle an envelope. She placed it in her pocket, unwilling to open it at work. She had a 7-hour shift, even though she was from a rich family, she wanted to work anyway; the last thing the world needed was another spoiled heiress that did nothing all day. However, Noelle’s work was not much except for data analysis. It was what she liked, however, not much stress, and a good starting pay. As Noelle logged onto her Internet terminal, she noticed a news article on her start page: “U.S. AND BRITAIN PREPARE THEIR HYPERSONIC AIRCRAFT FLEETS FOR POSSIBLE ENGAGEMENTS IN RUSSIA; CHINA STANDING BY.” Another aspect of 23nd century life was the fact that total war was a total anachronism. Over time, the development of hypersonic weaponry; missiles and unmanned aircraft that could travel at Mach 35, avoid anti-aircraft fire and strike a target on the other side of the world in less than 10 minutes with such precision that a missile fired from Maine could hit an individual tank in Moscow within an accuracy of 7 inches, had phased out the need for huge armies and millions of soldiers. The U.S. Army was only about 300,000 men strong, and the infantry that did exist were outfitted with exoskeleton armor that turned them into walking tanks, wielded incredibly complex weapon systems that could now fire for sweeps of dozens of miles, with just standard assault rifles; linked by computer systems and HUDs, they could call for hypersonic aircraft strikes on a whim as needed. China’s Army was very similar in structure. War was now a much cleaner affair; the U.S., and China no longer had to bomb a city to destroy one building…just then, books began falling off the shelves as the building shook violently, rattling everyone’s nerves, the earthquake was unusually strong, and long lasting. Cracks appeared in the walls of the building, and car alarms began blaring. After about a full minute, the quake ended, but the office was in shambles. “Magnitude 7!” Noelle yelled upon seeing the seismograph and computer data. The seismograph recorded the earthquake coming from the same area near Lake Crowley, but larger than the last two. Dr. Noll was shaken by this quake, quite literally, but also figuratively. “Let’s move to the securer building…this is getting serious.” “What the hell is going on?” Noelle thought. That was very unusual, to say the least. Mammoth Lakes was reporting damage to multiple structures, and the Ski Area was reporting snow slides that buried several skiers. As Noelle walked outside, she saw that her car was safe, just knocked around a bit. However, the problems the world faced were now twofold: One, the Russian Civil War, and now, a possible eruption at Long Valley Caldera; however, she had a letter to open once she got home. Noelle entered her office in what looked like a WWII-era bunker, built to survive a moderate pyroclastic flow. As soon as she sat down and booted up her computer, she saw another news development in the looming Russian Civil War: British drones had detected a possible hypersonic missile barrage aimed at St. Petersburg; and that conflict was imminent. Britain’s hypersonic unmanned aircraft fleet, which now made up most of the Royal Air Force, was being prepped for launch. If those missiles fired, Britain would launch an immediate hypersonic counterstrike, as would the U.S., in a quick attempt to place Russia under Intellectualist rule. “We’re going to war…” Noelle thought. The missiles were thought to be under the control of the Loyalists, not the radical Intellectualists, as St. Petersburg was primarily an Intellectualist-sympathetic city. As Noelle continued her analysis of the earthquake data coming in, her cell phone rang. “Hmm? Noelle thought, upon seeing the caller ID, it was her friend from college, Samantha Klimt, who lived in the same town, just on the other side. “Sam, I’m at work right now, I can’t answer.” “Well, I got a letter in the mail from some unknown address; I opened it and saw this really heartfelt message to me, saying how pretty I was and how the sender wants to see me.” Noelle thought to herself; was that letter she received stating the same thing? “What’s more, Elizabeth and Fern got one too.” At this point, Noelle had to open the letter. She took a letter opener and looked at the message.

“Dear Noelle Swann:

“Words cannot describe how much I care for you; you are the wind in my hair and the sun on my face. I’d like to meet you and your friends at the Winter Army Gala in Mammoth Mountain Ski Lodge Ballroom, look for a man in a blue suit and black tie; I’ll be there for you.”

“Wow…this is strange; I really don’t trust this guy, this sounds like a setup.” Sam said, being paranoid as always, but this time with a credible reason to be. However, the Winter Army Gala was filled with young men, handsome, brave young soldiers in handsome uniforms. “I don’t think so. If they’re soldiers, they’re probably on some code of conduct. I’m going to go, and I’d suggest you come too; I don’t think that they’re trying to harm us.” “Well…I guess. I think that Fern and Liz are going too, we all have new dresses, and I’m sure you’ll knock them dead, with how pretty you look all dolled up.” “Haha, you too Sam. See you tomorrow at the Lodge.” Noelle said, hanging up the phone. She had something to look forward to, for sure, apparently, they had all been invited by U.S. Army soldiers, one of the proudest fighting forces on Earth, along with China’s. The Army Gala this year was likely to be an emotional, tense one, with the impending civil war in Russia; many of these young men would likely be deployed in the coming months, the 82nd Airborne, based in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, was already preparing for action, with the advanced, full-body exoskeleton armor and ultra-precise rifle systems being checked and prepared. The armor contained an electric battery which could run for months on end, this powered the armor and allowed the soldier to punch through iron, move extremely heavy objects and link with his squad mates via a computer-displayed HUD, his communications suite would allow him to call in hypersonic air support as needed, to smash enemy fortifications while firing for effect at dozens of miles in range, thanks to the precision, speed and accuracy of the 23rd-century weaponry. He was a walking tank, only more lethal and imposing, especially when hovering, anti-gravity superconductor tanks, as well as the traditional tracked vehicles to avoid EMP grenades, accompanied the infantryman on the battlefield. China’s military was just as formidable, and its rise was just as spectacular as America’s was. America’s road from Roanoke in the 1590s saw colossal empire-building phases, along with brutal recessions and wars, but the end result was an acknowledged superpower. China’s road from the Yangtze River more than 8000 years ago was obviously much longer, but after many regime changes, wars and battles; China had become a global superpower as well. By the 2020s, China had stepped onto the world stage, and eventually reached a bi-lateral agreement with the United States, that the collaboration between the two superpowers, despite their differences, must work together to make Asia and the world a safer place. By 2239, China and the U.S. were so powerful that everything they did, no matter how small, affected someone somewhere. The matter of Korea, which was united in 2040, was settled by the mere appearance of Chinese and U.S. warships in the Yellow Sea. The North Korean regime, unable to fight against the joint Sino-American task force and without any significant allies, quickly capitulated, and absorbed the communist regime into South Korea; the United Korea now had a very high standard of living, as did Mexico, a major regional power and the dominant power in Latin America, along with Brazil. However, Noelle was now in a state of mind where she was anticipating a great night…and what a night it would be.

  1. Gilded Age

The earthquake of the previous day was now just a distant memory, at least to Noelle, Sam, Elizabeth and Fern, all four of them recent graduates from UCLA. The day at work had gone over well, as the activity at the Caldera was now backing down to normal levels again. They were in Noelle’s house, and could see the ski area from the enormous bay windows, and they were all dressed in gorgeous, expensive outfits; Noelle’s dress was crimson red with black buttons on the front of it, and she wore a set of hoop earrings and a diamond necklace. Sam’s dress was white with black stripes on either side of the lower part of it with lace dinner gloves; she had her hair up in a bun and sapphire earrings, Fern’s dress was emerald-green with black leggings and a headband, an Liz’s was jet-black with gold buttons. “We’re going to be the prettiest girls there, I guarantee it.” Noelle said, confidently. They all walked outside and piled into Noelle’s Mercedes, which suffered only minor, dings from the earthquake, which were quickly corrected. The car drove away, just 15 minutes to the Ski Area Lodge. “What do think it’s going to be like?” “Probably full of soldiers and their dates. We’ll find someone, for sure. I heard there’s going to be a dignitary from Europe there, too, as he’s meeting with the President about the allegiance in the Russian Civil War. “Europe? Really? Why do we care about them?” Fern remarked, snidely. “Europe has a greater financial and social mobility system than America or China, if you want to make a million; your best bet is the European Union.” “Wow…I thought the American Dream was still around.” “It is, it’s just that you have a better chance with a ‘European Dream’ than an American one, which is why more than a million people emigrated to London, Berlin and Paris last year or applied for dual U.S. an E.U. citizenship. It’s the exact opposite of the 19th century. The West is now centered on Europe and America on an equal measure again, and it’s been moving in that direction since the 2020s.” “Well, what about the volcano job, Noelle? How’s it like just monitoring Mammoth Mountain all day? Sounds really boring.” Sam joked, adjusting her bust. “Well, it’s actually become more interesting, as the swarm of earthquakes yesterday caused these dings in my car.” “Wow, predicting an explosion?” “No. Not now, but we have to take anything on this scale seriously. A Long Valley Caldera eruption could destroy the very fabric of the society we live in. We could see a billion people dead, massive climatic disruption, war and food shortages, as well as a new Dark Age. ” “Wow…that’s depressing.” Fern replied, while putting her lipstick on, expecting one of the soldiers to kiss her. “Well, the odds are that if there is an eruption, it’s likely going to be a small one, such as Mammoth Mountain going off, as that’s where the earthquakes appear to be centered around.” “Well, then, Noelle was always the nerd, so…” “Elizabeth, please shut your mouth…I got better grades than you.” Noelle said, seriously. “Relax, I was joking!” “Well, I guess…Oh, we’re here!” The fancy black Mercedes car pulled in on its maglev superconductor drives, and came to a stop, its black sheen shining in the lights of the resort ballroom building, standing out amongst the white limousines, which looked like 50-foot long elongated, wedge-shaped tracked tanks, just painted white and with windows, as well as no weapons, that carried the government officials and some of the soldiers, all wearing their blue formal uniforms, epaulets and nametags. Some of the more distinguished soldiers had medals. As the car’s engines slowly cooled, the young men watched with anticipation, like an audience at a baseball game anxiously awaiting the batter for the home team to hit a home run. The young men were not disappointed. They all cheered as Noelle, Sam, Elizabeth and Fern stepped out of the car, and the four stunning young women basked in it. The felt like celebrities, smiling as the single men cheered for their arrival and the men in relationships tried to ignore them. The soldiers yelled catcalls such as “Work it, babe!” and “America the Beautiful, right here!” as they walked past. Sam, being the attention hog that she was, blew a kiss to one of them and waved cutely. They walked into the door and presented their invitations, but saw something interesting: a British flag and an American flag crossed, with the words “Anglo-American Summit, held after the Gala.” “Interesting…” Noelle thought. The British and the Americans were negotiating an alliance in a possible intervention in the impending Russian Civil War. Britain was the only European nation that had continued to progress from its medieval origins without being invaded more than twice; first in 1066 by the Normans, then in 1688 by the Dutch Republic and William and Mary of Orange. Even then, Britain was not destroyed by war, ever. From the Golden Age of Elizabethan England to the present day in February of 2239, the British monarchy was a major power and the longest-lasting and most legendary monarchy in history, and Britain, a member of the European Union and the European Fiscal Alliance, the European United Bank, was a proud, sovereign United Kingdom with a global Royal Navy; though not as large as the Chinese PLA-N or the U.S. Navy, the “Senior Service” had global expeditionary capability and operated advanced destroyers, submarines, SSBNs, helicopter carriers, stealth boats, littoral warfare vessels, amphibious warfare vessels and 3 65,000-ton supercarriers, 117 ships in all. The Royal Air Force now consisted of a global hypersonic aircraft fleet, only China and the U.S. had more unmanned hypersonic aircraft, and the British Army was second to none in Europe. Britain, by far, had the most powerful military in Europe, after the total breakdown of order in Russia and the Turkish struggles with Iran. Britain had, with a deep, long standing and technological, political and economic alliance with the U.S., become a major force again, some Americans colloquially referred to Britain as “America Jr.,” although the British resented that name. However, a major figure in the UK was present at the Gala, but who? Just then, Noelle spotted a very pretty young woman, sitting alone, on the other side of the enormous Gala room, decorated with U.S. Military flags. She was wearing a pretty, seductive black dress and a huge mink-fur coat and a huge, fuzzy hat. Her hair was long, pretty, silky and black, and she had gorgeous green eyes, a seductive smile and beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes, in other words, she looked like a Russian angel; her body was almost perfect. “Who is that?!” Sam whined. “She looks Russian, probably one of the Intellectualists, the British and the Americans are allied with them.” “Well, she’s stealing our thunder!” Sam whispered. Just then, the woman’s head turned to face Sam, she looked rather annoyed. “How did she hear that? I was standing across the room! Well, I’m giving her a piece of my mind, that little Russian twit!” “Oh God…Sam does NOT like being upstaged…” Sam walked over to the Russian girl, and laid into her with a series of nasty, snooty remarks and how that this dance was HER opportunity to land a handsome guy in a military uniform. “Who the heck do you think you are? That charade might work in Russia, which, by the way is in no position to do anything now, but here in California, we don’t tolerate usurpers like you. You’re just a deviant, a traitor. The FBI should come and arrest you and deport your slutty ass back to Moscow!!!” The Russian woman endured the merciless, random attack, and stood up in front of Sam…she delivered a jabbing punch right into Sam’s gut, knocking the wind out of her and crumpling her to the ground. Everyone, both the men and women, looked on in shock. “Hold your tongue, or I will make you dead. My name is Svetlana; please refer to me as such.” Svetlana began to speak, in just as vicious a tone as Sam did to her; and it sounded, in a word, crazy.

I am an enlightened follower of Christ and Science, progress and faith. Some call me evil, others call me a fool wanting attention, some have called me a misled dullard, and some Christians have called me the Anti-Christ, a false prophet and a dark, sinister leader of a movement destined to destroy traditional Christianity. And while the lemmings of traditional Christian Eschatology may pick and choose names for me, I will not be preached to, except by an enlightened priest, pastor or clergyman, and until the day comes when all Mankind is an Enlightened Adventist, they will NEVER understand what I truly represent. Those leaders who hate me claim that Enlightened Adventists wish to bring about a New World Order of oppression and hate, but no, THEY are the misled buffoons. I do not wish to lead anyone. If I did, I would become no better than the lemmings that even non-religious individuals and the Jewish Race despise so much. No, I want a world without leaders, one where God is our only leader, and He allows us to develop commerce and science without any mortal morality guiding us, only God’s will and the Bible’s word will tell us what to do in its most literal form. The Chancellors, Presidents, Princes and Paupers of this world are subordinate to an as-yet unidentified Anti-Pope, the TRUE representative of God. This leader shall give hope to the hopeless, pride to the inferior, health to the sick, and wealth to the poor, but only God will be the actual authority, the Anti-Pope will exist only as a messenger of the Lord in Heaven, not a ruler. If you can survive in a world where your faith and your reasoning mind without any other human telling you what to do, you will have truly earned your place amongst the New Enlightenment. I understand that only lemmings, followers of leaders, will call upon mortal governments for strength; when asked if I believe in my country’s leaders, I say ‘To believe in one’s leaders is to believe in one’s own oppression,’ even though I serve my country’s Army, I believe only in the “democracy” of one’s own choice to follow a government-sponsored “democracy” or not. Power, far from being ‘easily abused’ IS abuse in itself. Though the move to the New Enlightenment was begun by German, Austro-Hungarian and British leaders more than 300 years ago, this is not their battle or their business to decide where the Enlightenment goes. This is no longer humanity’s battle. It is God’s versus the evil forces of the Jewish Nation, the black race, the gays, Gypsies, cripples, Muslims, Mexicans, Illuminati and Wiccans, and we are His soldiers. This is not our world, it is God’s. I do not wish to rule. I do not want to BE ruled, I hate power, I hate leaders, and I hate inferior races that try to rule the galaxy. I am a New Enlightenment Adventist, a follower of the Intellectualist movement and sworn defender of Mother Russia’s progress, and I will not tolerate a little whelp like you, who sees nothing but earthly, material lust and greed! I am on a higher plane that you ever will the melding of our Intellectualist Movement of the New Enlightenment Adventists into the global system, with intellectual capitalism, religious and scientific unity and rapid, supreme technological development; Russia will become a global power on par with that of China and the United States. Only our enemies, the Russian Loyalists, must fear the sounds of the war drums, for what began as a dream for scientific and religious collaboration in the 1870s in the wake of Darwin’s theories, will end with a New Enlightenment and the culmination of our journey. Russia’s borders will equal those of the Czar’s Russian Empire in 1903, only this time dominating all Slavic peoples in any land where they may live and creating a sense of Pan-Slavism globally. The destruction of the lesser, unenlightened races and the supremacy of our order is the will of God, and I am the pen that writes the execution warrant for God’s enemies, and science will take care of the dirty work. So, if I were you, whom I loathe to say, I’d stay on the ground here, gasping for air, because not even these American roaches are worthy of your tentacles corrupting their minds. Have a nice night, and no hard feelings, because you and every other non-Intellectualist deserved it and asked for it. Subject closed, good night.”

Sam staggered to feet as Svetlana walked away, towards a group of officials that did not look like U.S. military personnel. Sam staggered to her feet, and caught her breath. “Fucking Russians…” she stammered. “Well, that certainly soured the night…already. What a lunatic!” Fern said. “I’m Jewish, and that really disturbed me, the fact that the Intellectualists believe in superior races and anti-Semitism. Why the heck are we and China trying to put them in power?” “The only reason is that it’s good for the global economy, and both superpowers have a far more globally-oriented mind than they did in 2000, at the turn of the last century. In 2239, what any country does must benefit the whole planet economically; it’s about maintaining a balance of power, with China and the U.S. as its moderators.” Just then, however, things started to get better for Sam right away, as a soldier, with the name of “Miller” on his ID tag, came over to her and touched her hand. “I saw what that Russian girl did to you…I never liked them, they can’t be trusted.” Sam’s eyes lit up like shining diamonds, and she quickly forgot about her sucker punch to the gut, and walked away with the soldier, named Jack Miller, Private First Class. “Well, that was quick.” Fern said, walking over to the buffet table. Across the room, as Sam was chatting with her new companion over a few drinks, when a group of men in black shirts and trench coats, with black eye-goggles and German-style Stahlhelm helmets walked over to Sam and stood before her, menacingly. “Can I help you?” Sam responded, looking up at them awkwardly. “In the name of the British Crown and the Defense of the Realm, we place Samantha Klimt under arrest for assault of a VIP.” The men suddenly grabbed Sam out of her seat with such force that she screamed in pain, despite three other soldiers attempting to free her from her captors’ grip, the black-uniformed men knocked the three of them out with a single punch each. “What the?! FERN!! THEY’VE GOT SAM!!” Noelle yelled as the gala erupted into chaos. People screamed as the armored men drew highly advanced submachine guns and pointed them at the crowd of angry U.S. soldiers. “STAND THE FUCK BACK, OR WE’LL SHOOT YOU ALL LIKE BLOODY HOGS!!! MI5 BUSINESS, GET BACK TO YOUR DRINKS!” “MI5…that’s the British Secret Service!” Noelle whispered, trying not to make too much noise. “What do they want Sam for…THE RUSSIAN GIRL!” Noelle, Elizabeth and Fern said, almost simultaneously. “She’s working with the British, so she probably called the Secret Service on Sam as a form of revenge, but what can they do to her? They have no proof that she did anything to harm Svetlana, she attacked Sam!” “I don’t think it matters. I hope that they release her, though, I’ve heard about military interrogations…they’re not pretty.

  1. Plot

“I grow weary of asking this, so this will be the last time before we are forced to use more direct methods of coercion. What did you say to Svetlana?!” the British interrogator barked. Sam was tied to a chair, gagged and hooked up to an electrocution torture device, the MI5 were known for their ruthless interrogations, most of which would be considered illegal in the U.S. The demand for Sam to talk was rather irrational, as she was unable to speak; the demand was just a cruelly clever move to give the MI5 agent an excuse to legitimately and legally torture a 24-year old woman, under British law, though the term “torture” was strictly taboo. “Oh, what do you know? You can’t say anything. Spadge, activate the electric current, we’re going to need to motivate this whelp…” “STOP IT, YOU BUMS!!! What can this girl possibly know?!” Just then, a young man wearing an English royal outfit, the Uniform of the Blues and Royals with no cap, aiguillettes, a cross-belt and gold waist belt with a sword sling containing an English rapier, as well as the Royal Air Force Wings the Order of the Golden Jubilee, as well as the Knighthood of the Order of the Garter blue riband. On the riband rested his Royal Air Force wings and the Golden Jubilee Medal, as well as various campaign medals for his military service in Venezuela, after a coup overthrew the legitimate government, which followed a joint Anglo-American counterstrike, which the young man was a part of. He also had a white cape, brown hair, soft brown eyes and a pale, handsome smile, walked into the mobile compound set up in the woods near Mammoth Mountain Ski Area. “Release this woman, and present her to me, I need to issue a formal apology.” “Yes, Your Highness…” As the tape was removed from Sam’s mouth and her restraints untied, she took a few deep breaths to regain her composure. Just then, Sam overheard the man’s name that had ordered her release: “Prince Charles, Duke of Cambridge.” Just then, the prince came back into the chamber and helped Sam to her feet. “Are you all right, miss?” “Yeah…I’ll be fine.” Sam whimpered. “Come with me, there is something we must discuss.” Prince Charles said, taking Sam out of the compound and into his limousine, flying the British flags. “That woman you insulted was Svetlana Malenkova, one of the leaders of the Intellectualist movement. She’s quite the live-wire and doesn’t like being insulted, but I assure you, she’s not daft. We’re planning to support the Russian Intellectualists, because not only are they more modern in their beliefs about technology, religion and Intellectual Capitalism, but the loyalist Russian establishment is very corrupt. Because of this corruption, Russian power has always been hampered. If Russia became a truly global force again, as it would under Intellectualist rule, the neo-Russian Empire that would result would aim to include Slavs from every country that they are found in, and end the corruption and crime in government. It would extend as far south as northern Iran, absorb Outer Mongolia, and even might try to go into Manchuria…and that’s the plan. “What? Manchuria is part of China, they’d never allow that.” “Perhaps, in their current state. Keep in mind, though, that borders change throughout history, and the fact that many ethnic Russians live in, and resent Chinese rule in Manchuria, so perhaps inciting some insurrection in Manchuria, with assistance from the Japanese, would give Russia control of that territory again, for the first time since 1905. Russian borders would be where they were at the Czar’s greatest extent. Do you understand now?” Prince Charles asked. “Yes. Can I go back into the party?” Sam asked, politely. “Well, I’ll escort you back in. I don’t want any more of my Secret Service to shoot you.” Sam took the time to re-comb her hair in the limo, and after about 20 minutes, looked as if she was never held captive. “Let’s go.” Prince Charles said, as the two of them stepped out of the limo and took each other’s hands in a very formal way. The door to the ballroom swung open, and everyone fell silent at the sight of Sam walking with Prince Charles, Noelle, Fern and Elizabeth dropped their drinks onto the floor in awe. He knelt down and kissed her hand, after letting her sit back down with her friends, and then walked away. “Wow Sam…you sure know how to pick em’.” Noelle said, still in shock. “Well, I always did have the ability to charm anyone.” “But…that was the Duke of Cambridge, aka AN ENGLISH PRINCE!” “Yes, I know…I will be his princess.” “Ok, Sam, did those guards hit you over the head or something?!” Elizabeth teased. “Just you wait. I’ll lie, cry, fight, spy and cheat my way to popularity…and the title of Duchess of Cambridge. That’s how I always did it in high school and college. Besides, his kissed my hand.” “Well…I don’t know about this, but, you’ve got nothing to lose.” “Exactly…now, let’s just enjoy the party, shall we?” “Yeah, let’s have some fun.” As Sam turned her head, she saw Prince Charles talking to a young woman, she looked Japanese. “First target acquired, let’s listen in, shall we?” Sam whispered as she took out her phone and activated a noise filter, allowing her to hear the prince’s conversation… “Goodbye, Lady Mayumi…” “Bingo…I need nothing else. This is going to be fun…” Sam said, coyly. She saved the sound bite in her phone and walked towards her friends. The war began tonight, and the prize of victory was money, power, international recognition and essentially immortality. The world would soon know her as Duchess of Cambridge…and there was a little trick up her sleeve that she had pilfered from an ex-boyfriend…one that could change the world.

  1. Sabotage

That night, Sam, upon reaching her house in Mammoth Lakes, sat in front of her computer, and opened her lock box, which was a wood-carved chest with a heart on the front of it. “I knew this would come in handy eventually, but then again, what good are ex-boyfriends for? Nothing more than useful information.” Sam pulled the tiny SIM card from the box, opened up her smartphone and placed the new SIM card in place of the old one, activated the phone, and then accessed the Internet. Instead of the usual welcome screen, a huge line of IP signatures appeared. “Yes…now I can access…and use, any computer on Earth, from my phone, no matter how small it is…All I need to do now is enter the person’s name, and I know everything about them. Let’s change the world, shall we?” Sam typed the name “Lady Mayumi” into the search box, and sure enough, a list of every computer in Mayumi’s house appeared. Sam pressed three keys and accessed the power grid in Mayumi’s house, accessing the voltage meter. It was at that moment that Sam switched the power to “critical” level, causing a catastrophic explosion in Mayumi’s house, frying her like an egg. As the IP address disappeared from her phone screen, she smirked. “I am Prima…” Sam said to herself…from that point on, she’d be known as Prima, her second identity, the one with which she used to pass judgment on others, at least until she became Duchess of Cambridge and rightful heir to the British Crown. However, her real identity would remain the happy, satisfied young woman that her friends knew and loved. Sam powered down her phone and placed it in the lock box, safely from view. However, only one person probably had the resources to stop her or track her…Svetlana Malenkova. The Russians were known for their brilliance with computers, and even in a Russia on the brink of civil war, Svetlana was a huge problem for Sam, as Svetlana could probably track the IP address that was causing the electrocutions. Therefore, Sam had to vary her methods of killing; otherwise she’d be caught for sure. She was going to have to get creative, but, as an avid painter and a distant descendent of Gustav Klimt, that was no problem. However, the fallout from the electrocution murder was likely going to turn into a media storm on the scale of a hypothetical super-eruption, speaking of which, was getting more and more publicity; but not for what happened. The issue was what didn’t happen. According to the news, the USGS in Washington had issued a Level-2 Alert for Mammoth Mountain, not even the whole caldera, just like what happened back in the 1980s. As if to make fun of the geologists grappling to predict an eruption, the activity quickly ceased, even after just 2 days. People now began to question the USGS’ credibility, as Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort lost more than 50% attendance for 24 hours, causing a precipitous drop in income for that week at the height of the ski season. There were no other super eruptions known to be a threat anywhere else on Earth, Long Valley, Toba, Taupo and Yellowstone were quiet and tranquil. However, a very intriguing turn of events was taking place in the Afar Triangle on the Ethiopian coast of the Red Sea. Earthquakes had suddenly spiked in intensity in the Afar Depression, which hadn’t erupted in more than 200 years, since 2005; when four eruptions took place in the Depression at Erta Ale, Dabbahu, Teru and Aura. This, however, was slightly different. The earthquakes were far more intense; most of the usual quakes were too small to feel; however, the most recent earthquake swarm contained earthquakes as powerful as magnitude 7.0, all close to the ring of the Depression, not near the four volcanoes in the Depression itself. This was troublesome; most of the earthquakes here were caused by tectonic shifting in the Earth’s crust, why they would suddenly become so strong was quite intriguing. There were no indicators pointing to a normal tectonic origin of this event. However, in 2239, space travel was a common, everyday occurrence. Already, a new planet, called Aurelia, had been found, and a huge fleet of “space arks,” massive, antimatter-powered engine, 17-km long starships that could travel the distance from Earth to Aurelia in a year at most; Aurelia had, according to probe readouts, was home to at least 90,000 different species, all discovered within 3 months on the planet, most of these were unlike anything seen on Earth, some were lumbering herbivores, others vicious carnivores , in both land, sea and air. Species ranged in size from the size of an insect to massive, pliosaur-like predators the size of a blue whale, with yellow, bioluminescent eyes, presumably to aid in hunting somehow. If a super-volcano did erupt, humans would have another place to go, at least. 14 countries, America, China, Brazil, Poland, Russia, Britain, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Indonesia, Spain, Turkey and Japan, were each building a fleet of huge Space Arks for preparations for a doomsday event or an exploration mission to colonize Aurelia. “Well, that’s for Noelle to deal with…I just need to keep my wits, and my charms with me.” Sam stood up from her computer, let her long hair down to its full length and went to sleep, knowing that she was, in effect, sovereign of the Earth. Controlling every computer on the planet gave her more power than the Presidents of China and America combined, she could steal or destroy anyone’s house, money, family, food, water, and through brain-scan and computer chip implants, enter someone’s mind, dreams, sleep and destroy them, slowly and painfully from the inside out. She could legitimately end the world and knock society back to the Dark Ages by taking control of the new Global EMP Weapons’ Systems, which, launched by the Chinese and the American space programs and activating the World Code, which would permanently destroy all electricity-using technology in any given country…and rebuild it under her own image...but only as a last resort. In the grandiose halls of Buckingham Palace, she would plan not just a new English Golden Age, unseen since the days of Queen Elizabeth I, with The United Kingdom of Great Britain ruling a vast new Empire on Aurelia, with resources harvested from that planet through a mercantilist methodology, outstripping all other powers, and with her secret weapon, make absolutely sure that the New British Nation was supreme, and if the super-eruption made the Earth uninhabitable, these colossal colony ships, each capable of housing 15 million people in cryo-sleep, would establish a new home for humanity, building a hypothetical continental Empire of British settlers called “Wolfe.” This Empire would be the size of Russia at its absolute peak in 1905, and become the dominant power on the planet. Beautiful girls really could get away with anything. The other 13 powers would likely build Empires as well, but Wolfe would be the dominant, completely industrialized power, with Sam as the Supreme Leader of the monarchy, and the Parliament being her iron hand. Already, the 13 powers had, in the same way that the Great Powers of Europe had in the 1880s during the Scramble for Africa, divided up the four enormous continents on Aurelia into various territories to be settled in the event of a necessary relocation of humanity, and many of the major world powers were somewhat displeased that the treaty gave Britain control of an entire continent, with more than 30 million square miles of territory as one, resource-wealthy nation. Russia had the same amount of territory as it did in the year 2012, essentially a carbon-copy of the Russian Federation on Earth, but with much, much easier prospects and greater capacity. Russia would be the Wolfe Empire’s chief rival. Regardless, Britain was now set to have the greatest power ever seen; a colossal disaster could only help the UK. Sam actually hoped that a super-eruption would happen…so that she could eventually become Queen of the New British Empire of Wolfe, and nothing could stop her. She’d lie, cry, mooch, smooch, fight, suck up, and manipulate her way to the throne, just as she had done whenever she wanted to land the best date in her school or just become even more popular…only this time, she effectively ruled the world…it was now Samantha Klimt’s world…everyone else was just living in it. There were some, however, who would resist, but Sam knew better than to waste her efforts on them. They would see it her way soon enough. Sam turned out the lights and went to sleep; however, others were already plotting a counter-move, and some very familiar faces, at that.

“Did you track the IP signatures on that electrical explosion in San Francisco?” “No, I couldn’t, it was coming from a mobile device, and there’s no way to track an IP server from a mobile device, but there’s no doubt in my mind that the explosion was caused by a hack attack.” “Nonsense. Those grid computers are hack-proof, no one short of an utter and consummate genius could hack those codes. You’d have to go through the colossal nuclear fusion power plants’ mainframes, which have more firewalls than Hell itself. You couldn’t blow through those even with another supercomputer. Besides, we don’t even have the slightest way of knowing where it came from without the IP address.” “Correct, but we don’t know if it was one hacker, most likely not, I’m guessing this was a conspiracy, a group of hackers breaking into computers.” “Think, Roger, why would these hypothetical hackers you’re proposing attack the house of a rich, pretty, anemic and brilliant girl from Japan and not the White House or the Shanghai Composite Index building in America or China? This was no hack; it was probably a negligent repairman or electrician, a tragic accident. You really need to stop jumping to conclusions.” “Well, ok Your Highness, I don’t want to upset you…geez.” Roger Woodman, an ace computer slicer and tracer, complained sarcastically to Svetlana Malenkova, who was at Roger’s house…and perhaps the only beautiful girl ever to come into his bedroom, ever. He was not ugly or nerdy, as a matter of fact, he was very handsome, with black hair and green eyes, pale skin and a very handsome outfit, and he was a brilliant, truly genius young man. However, he harbored a dark secret. Roger was a slicer; a computer hacker that completely defied social standards and didn’t give a shit about who complained. He just did whatever he wanted, no matter what anyone said. If someone asked him to leave a party he wasn’t invited to, for instance, he wouldn’t and would give a long, convoluted speech about how they should be grateful that he was in their presence and how they were completely and utterly inferior to his judgment. If the party tried to force him out or “kick his ass,” he used his training to beat the entire party to a bloody pulp. He was a member of the Legion of Apathy, an elite crew of assassins that were so named for their rejection of all society, used by the Intellectualist Party of Russia that could use any weapon imaginable or anything as a weapon at all; even things like hair dryers or wrenches could be electrified with a clump of wires, turning the dryer into a 55,000-volt handgun or an electric shock stick in the case of the wrench. They did not believe in social or societal standards, they believed only in God, Mankind and Science’s superiority over all others, and that the Intellectualists had the sole rights to dictate who could do anything. In short, he believed that he was above the law. The last party he crashed was a girl’s 22nd birthday party on September 21, 2238. Dressed in his full battle attire, a red and white robe with a hood over his head, as well as daggers and a rifle slung over his back he simply walked into the party and killed everyone there with moves so quick that most of his victims didn’t even see it coming. He then shot the crying, panicking birthday girl with the aforementioned Electro-Dryer handgun, frying her like a sausage. He had used sharpened toilet brush handles as daggers, bottles of beer as Molotov cocktails, and even created exploding rounds for shotguns, pistols and even assault rifles. Such modifications to weapons were major violations of most countries’ gun laws, but, once again, the Intellectualists were above any mortal law. No two assassins used the same weapons, so each assassin’s tactics were different. He was also one of the selectees to travel on one of the 5 Russian Space Arks once they were ready for launch to Aurelia, as were the rest of the Legionnaires of Apathy, even though he wasn’t Russian. Svetlana was too, and she was very excited about the mission in just 3 years’ time. The Space Arks were essentially flying cities, complete with habitation modules, weapons’ armories, consumables modules; and absolutely everything that a society would need to survive and thrive. The International Convention for the Colonization of Space had divided the planet’s four continents up, since only 14 nations would exist on the planet, each one would cover more than 3 million square miles, with the British and Russian nations being the largest and most prosperous. This New World would be far, far more prosperous and powerful than anything Columbus encountered, and human society would be reborn on a new planet, made up of 14 vast Empires of people from the most prosperous Earth nations. Nations such as Spain, Britain, Germany, and Poland would be huge imperial powers again, and also maintain parity with America and China. Also, countries like Indonesia and Mexico would have Empires on Aurelia unlike anything possible on Earth. In the meantime, Roger and Svetlana were attempting to track the bizarre power surge that killed Lady Mayumi, a Japanese guest at the Mammoth Mountain Military Gala the night before; they believed that one of the guests was responsible, and Roger’s critical thought process, so much more advanced than most other people, was processing the information at the computer’s speed. His IQ exceeded 300. “I’ve found more data on Lady Mayumi. She was from Osaka, Japan, and had anemia, but was supposedly a lovely young woman with a brilliant mind but an airheaded, optimistic and downright dopey personality. It sounds like someone I would kill.” “Keep that trigger finger under control; we’ve got work to do, use common sense.” Svetlana said, rather seriously. Roger went into what he called “hunting mode;” putting his uniform’s hood over his head and adjusting his belt and gauntlets. “Sorry, I don’t use common sense. Someone told me to use common sense a very long time ago, and called me “nothing but a troll,” and a “misguided fool.” I killed him and his entire family as they slept; burned their house down and gibbeted their daughter alive, she died in mortal agony. No one questions me or my beliefs, the Intellectualists are above all; the traditional, conservative Christians are the misled ones, such lambs are being driven into extinction, the Russian Empire on Aurelia would only include Intellectualists. Once we win the Civil War in Russia, which could begin at any time, we will demonstrate our supremacy.” “Your devotion to the cause of the Intellectualists is admirable, but I really don’t know what to say to you and your lack of civility and couth. That kind of brutality is not necessary, but it is acceptable in purging threats to the Intellectualist cause, so I do not condemn it, but I don’t condone it either. However, I have nothing to do with the Legion of Apathy training program, so who am I to judge?” “Exactly. Some actions cannot and should not be questioned. I don’t care about society. I believe and do whatever I feel like believing and doing. That’s how I function. Society’s days are numbered here on Earth; I can feel it in my blood. I am waging war on law, society and social conduct…and I’m winning.” “Yes, thank you for the psychotic monologue, but can we please focus on tracking this electric shock? Lady Mayumi was critical to our Japanese connections, but I can’t see how this was a computer hack. There were too many obstacles, and if it was, there would be multiple hackers...” “Wait…I’ve got something.” Roger said, typing at 135 WPM, so fast that it sounded like a machine gun firing as his fingers hit the keys. “Holy Mary Mother of God…” Roger said, upon seeing the signature. There was a snippet of text in an anomalous code of 1s and 0s. “LOVE CONQUERS DEATH…REQUIEM…REQUIEM…REQUIEM…” “What happened?!” Svetlana snapped. “I knew it. It was a hacker that destroyed Mayumi’s house, one hacker, and if it is who I think it is, then we must move quickly if our society is to survive in a recognizable form.” “Who?” “I’m not at liberty to say. This battle is mine alone.” “Whatever…I’m getting a little tired of your chivalric mysticism. If you wish to face this enemy alone, expect no help from me.” “You just said you can’t judge the Legion of Apathy! Ask no questions, I will do what I must, while swearing loyalty to the cause of the Intellectualist Movement; I took an oath upon joining the Legion, that on my sworn honor I would defend the Movement and uphold the laws of God and Science, not any societal laws. All I can say is that if we don’t alert the rest of the Intellectualists by travelling to Russia itself, we will not survive here. “You say that if were return to the Motherland, we must alert the Glorious Light Oleg Molotov that our new society in under threat?” “Exactly.” “Then Moscow is where we must go. I will prepare the hypersonic transport. From California, we should arrive in Moscow within 3 hours.” “Good, things are only going to get worse. I fear for many people’s lives, especially mine.” “I thought you feared nothing…” Svetlana whined. “Fear is a human emotion…it indicates that you must use caution; fools rush in, survivors listen to their better judgment. This world is in tremendous peril…and no one knows it yet…but they soon will if nothing is done. “What are those consequences?” Svetlana asked. “The Last Judgment is the only thing I can equate it to. I truly believe that, in the name of Our Lord in Heaven, that this killer is the Anti-Christ…but I suspected it all along…Samantha Klimt…” “WHAT?!” Svetlana screeched. “I HAD TO PRACTICALLY KILL HER AT THE ARMY CORPS GALA! SHE DID THIS, AND IS LEGITIMATELY TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD THROUGH THE COMPUTER NETWORKS!!!? WE MUST LEAVE FOR MOSCOW AT ONCE! THE INTELLECTUALIST MOVEMENT MUST SOUND THE DRUMS OF WAR!!” Even Roger was shocked at Svetlana’s outburst. “Yes, she is probably in control of the entire global network now…she can access and use any computer on Earth, no matter how small; my guess is she hacked the power plant mainframe in San Francisco and destroyed Lady Mayumi’s house out of some narcissistic revenge complex, and probably over something very, very stupid. She is a disgrace to intellectual thought, and must be stopped by the Intellectualist Movement, by hook or by crook.” “I’m sure Molotov will have something up his sleeve.” “What if we have to leave the planet in the event of a super-eruption from the African Rift Valley? The USGS was saying that it’s possible.” “Then we’ll take the fight to Aurelia, in the new Russian Motherland, a greater nation than even Russia here; founded on Intellectualist principles, the Aurelian Russian Empire will find and crush this little usurper! S Nami Bog.

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