Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sojourn Chapter 1 Preview Out Now!

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 My upcoming book, "Sojourn," is a sci-fi drama/romance series that is set in the far future. The story begins on a remote colony world called Oumi, a world very, very different from Earth. The planet orbits a red-dwarf star and is tidally-locked to its parent star, meaning that one side is always day, and the other always night. On the day side of the planet, there is a narrow strip of land where the climate is warm, tropical and a vast profusion of life exists. It is here that the human colonists live, including a mysterious order of high priests called the 'Lightbringers' and one of their most prominent members, a young man by the name of Munraito Hikari no Sukui. Already a high-ranking official within the Order and very wise beyond his years with the ability to perform truly remarkable feats through his Hyperspace Meditation, Munraito thinks he has seen everything...until one night on Sakura Matsuri, a huge colony ship arrives in orbit and delivers a young woman from Munraito's distant past that immediately becomes very fond of Munraito. Faced with the prospect of a romantic relationship for the first time, Munraito realizes that all of his wisdom and training cannot prepare him for this...and as Munraito digs deeper, he discovers the young woman's dark, mysterious past and a plot that could utterly destroy the human race forever. Preview out now on!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Cannot wait for Anime Next in Atlantic City the weekend of June 9-12! I'll be there promoting my upcoming science fiction story, handing out business cards to other people there.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Finished editing Chapter 1 of Book 1 for "Sojourn." Will probably have this done by summer. I am very excited about all this and am really looking forward to publishing this book.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The 'Dead or Alive: X3' Threats and the Implications on Creativity in America: A Special Report

As you all probably could have guessed, I'm an avid video gamer who enjoys playing all manner of electronic games. I'm also a science fiction writer and a huge proponent of free speech rights for everyone. So, when I saw what happened in response to the upcoming title 'Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball 3' I was deeply disturbed and honestly quite horrified. As some of you may know, 'Dead or Alive: Beach Volleyball' is a spin-off of a popular fighting game produced for the SONY PlayStation systems; the Japanese-made games are known for their highly sexualized, violent and edgy content, not unlike some of the characters I have created for my upcoming book, 'Sojourn.' Well, shortly after the game was announced by its creators, the studio received a series of threats directed at the lead game designer, threatening acts of terrorism against SONY Corporation and the murder of several high-ranking content producers at SONY, and their families. The police traced the threats to three young women in Northern California, who had written a 500-page manifesto online detailing a long list of 'horrors' committed against women throughout history, claiming that this "slaughter" must stop and that they were willing to go to "any extreme necessary" to ensure that women were 'liberated' from misogyny, outdated gender roles and male oppression, among other things. SONY Entertainment was targeted because they believed that the game, 'DOA X3,' was the 'ultimate evil' and represented everything that they despised. They planned to launch acts of terrorism in public places if the game was ever released in the United States. Terrified that people would die if the game was released in the West, today, SONY announced that DOA X3 would not be getting an English language release in America or Europe, for fear of 'outrage and terrorism.' Listen, I'm all for equal rights and progress, but this is just wrong on so many levels. It appears that, at least in this case, social justice is backsliding into the same fundamentalist radicalism that created ISIS and Al-Qaeda...and this is happening right here in the U.S.A. WAKE UP. This is NOT ok. If we are ever to truly live in a free society, people need to be ok with things that make them feel 'uncomfortable.' If you don't like something, don't buy it.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

'Sojourn' update.

Meeting with my editors tomorrow to discuss progress on Book 1. In the meantime, I've been working on Book 2 and preparing that to submit to editors once Book 1 is published. The screenplay is coming along well too.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Major Concepts in 'Sojourn:' Transhumanism

One of the biggest concepts explored in my upcoming book, 'Sojourn,' is the ability to upload one's mind to an artificial carrier; I.E., transhumanism, something that will be possible some time this century. Some of the technology needed for this already exists, and there are hundreds of very intelligent people that take this idea very seriously. Take, for example, the 2045 Initiative, founded by Russian mogul Dmitri Itskov. The majority of the characters in 'Sojourn' occupy avatar bodies very similar to the ones the 2045 Initiative is currently developing, and the only issue with creating these things is currently funding. This is going to cost more money that even Itskov has, and he is going to need generous funding from many other sources. So far, this has not gone over well. However, I think my book could change all that. The problem with this concept is that most people have no idea what it even is. Whenever I talk to anyone about 'transhumanism,' they think it has something to do with transgendered people, or something like that. I think that if people see it in movies, books and popular media, they will start to get more and more interested in the concept and therefore be more likely to support such a venture as the 2045 Initiative or Ray Kurzweil's plans for Google, both of which are aiming for a 'Singularity' by the mid 2040s.